Lunar calendar for April 22, 2024

  • Events of the lunar calendar for 04/22/2024
  • 00:00 - the 14th lunar day, which started yesterday, continues
  • 00:00 - as yesterday, the moon is in the sign Libra
  • 18:35 - the beginning of the 15th lunar day

The influence of the 14th lunar day on human activity - a classical interpretation

The sphere of life Action of the month
monetary transactionsperfectly
communication with superiors, taxesgood
change of place of workperfectly
real estate (purchase, sale, exchange)good
studies (exams)good
a feastbadly
disputes, clarification of relationsbadly
personal relationshipsnorm
physical activitygood
household chores (repair, cleaning)good
haircut, hair coloringnorm

14th lunar day

The fourteenth lunar day is a day of searching for high truths, fighting against manifestations of evil in oneself, manifestations that hinder and impede spiritual growth and self-improvement. It’s a great time to improve your skills and take up various hobbies.
It is favourable to start new business.

Your eyes are very vulnerable. It is necessary to work at the computer as little as possible, refrain from reading and watching TV.

Food on this day should be of high quality, fresh, and only what you like.

It is advisable to smoke as little as possible and try not to look in the mirror!

A haircut on this day will lead to an improvement in your business, a better financial situation, increased property and favour from your bosses.

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Moon in the sign Libra

This sign symbolizes balance, and the influence of the Moon during this period is aimed at balancing our emotions. Taurus is an earth sign, so moments of indecision can be expected, although it would be more accurate to say that there will only be occasional moments of certainty in a sea of indecision. During the influence of the Moon in Taurus, it can be very difficult for us to understand our state, despite feeling it on some level.

During the few days the Moon spends in Taurus, people often feel insecure and inattentive. Even the simplest decisions now require significant effort, such as whether to eat at home or elsewhere, which movie to rent, which music album to listen to, what to wear… During this time, people more often than ever forget to take their keys when going somewhere, forget where they’re heading, or even get confused about how to correctly fill out an address on an envelope.

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