6th lunar day

6th lunar day

General description

The symbol is the Crane. On this day, the process of absorbing and assimilating cosmic energy with the word is underway. It is recommended to do mental cleansing, meditate and do breathing exercises.
It is favorable to enjoy smells, to burn incense. If you hear ringing or tinnitus in your ears, this is a very good sign, it means that you are coping with the flow of energy. On such a day, it is good to do rejuvenation procedures. Especially if it coincides with the position of the Moon in Pisces or Virgo, it will be an ideal day. It is good to do sound therapy, as it cleanses and energizes the organs. On the 6th lunar day, cosmic energy comes with the word, so it is beneficial to pronounce sounds that are good for you. To lose weight, you need to coincide with the position of the Moon in Libra.
There are no special contraindications, you just need to be careful.
The 6th lunar day is associated with another unconventional energy center – the emotional one. It is located between the chest and throat, where a cross usually hangs.
The upper respiratory tract and blood plasma are associated with this day. Airway cleansing procedures are favorable. If the energy of the 6th lunar day is used incorrectly, it can lead to a violation of the blood formula and asthma.
People born on the 6th lunar day are usually the original conductors of cosmic energy in the word. They also need to be careful about what they say.


Dreams on the sixth lunar day are called “a dream in the hand”. Everything that you dream during this period, even the most abstract or meaningless images, should be considered as a direct forecast or revelation sent from above.
The most important thing is to interpret the images of dreams of the sixth lunar day correctly. But do not try to unambiguously interpret the symbols of your dreams, listen more to the feeling you have after sleeping, rather than to your mind.
If during this lunar period you ask the Higher Powers a question before going to bed, you will definitely receive symbolic answers. But remember, the question should be specific and not vague, implying an exact answer, and secondly, after waking up, be sure to write down the dream, because prophetic dreams are very quickly forgotten, and a person subconsciously replaces the forgotten with an imaginary or desired one, which, of course, takes him far from the truth.


The organs associated with the elements of water and air require special attention now. It is dangerous to overstrain the vocal cords on the sixth lunar day, that is, to “break” the voice. Therefore, anyone who has to speak a lot in the line of duty should refrain from speaking for long periods of time at this time. You should try to keep silent as much as possible, because astrologers warn that if the vocal cords are overstretched or coughing, inflammatory processes in the upper respiratory tract can begin.
Naturally, at this time, you should refrain from drinking cold drinks, even if it is summer – the respiratory tract and throat are very weak and need to be protected.
Close attention should be paid to such a “water” organ as the kidneys. Keep them warm and avoid drafts.
Those who are actively engaged in pranayama or some kind of breathing exercises, on the sixth lunar day, are recommended to reduce the load somewhat or at least not to increase it in order to avoid the occurrence of unwanted complications that can end very poorly, up to a chronic disease.
During this period, it is good to follow programs designed to rejuvenate the body. Massage will be very useful, and you should not limit yourself to choosing a massage method, you can use both traditional European and exotic, for example, Thai, Vedic or acupressure.
If you can’t get a massage from a professional masseur, try at least one self-massage session. It will bring you significant benefits. Massages with the use of aromatic oils, as well as aromatherapy sessions, will be very useful.


On the sixth lunar day, sexual relations should be calm, reverent, and tender. If at least one of the partners is nervous or experiencing muscle tension, it is better to refuse sex altogether, because it will not be able to heal you, as, for example, on the previous lunar day, but on the contrary, will only cause internal discomfort. Be sure to refrain from extreme positions and sexual techniques that require active action during this period. The sixth lunar day is the time for “classic” sex with traditional positions. It is better to have less sex, but more tenderness, kisses, warm words and caresses.
If you feel tired, but still want to be intimate, then a mutual erotic massage, maybe even with elements of petting, would be ideal. In addition, the sixth lunar day is favorable for having sex with older people with poor health.


Now you should exclude milk and dairy products from your menu, as the water element is active on this day and they can lead to excessive mucus production.
It is strongly recommended to refrain from drinking beer, as the kidneys are very weak on this lunar day, and drinking beer can cause negative reactions that usually lead to serious kidney disease.
During this period, you should not overdo it with liquids, but you should not reduce your water intake either, as there is plenty of it in the body now. Excessive amounts of water on the sixth lunar day can cause severe swelling. Food during this period should be as light as possible.
It is advisable to refuse cleansing procedures on this day.


In business, you should be somewhat passive during this lunar period. It is very dangerous to overextend yourself and stay late at work. This will only harm both your health and your business.
On the sixth lunar day, it is undesirable to “put pressure” on the events taking place in the financial sector; on the contrary, it is better to slow them down and freeze them.
It should be understood that the sixth lunar day is a calm, transparent mountain lake, and if you stir up its waters, the consequences will be very sad: because of the water ripples, you will not notice what is meant for you personally, as Carlos Castaneda said: “You will miss your cubic centimeter of success.” Stay as calm as possible.
The ideal solution now would be to relax and reflect on what is happening, to try to look into the future by analyzing the current circumstances. And since on the sixth lunar day, all people develop the ability to foresee, you can learn a lot from this.
If you have to conduct financial transactions on the sixth lunar day, keep in mind that during this period it is undesirable to sell anything, it is better to buy. It is believed that selling today leads to significant losses, the money, as they say, will “float away” and you may find yourself at the very “bottom”, that is, bankrupt. It is also undesirable to pay off debts, return collateral, etc.


This time is ideal for performing magical rituals, especially those related to the active use of the magical properties of plants.
Some eastern astrological traditions performed rituals on the sixth lunar day aimed at achieving immortality or prolonging life.
Almost all magical schools agree that during this period a channel of direct communication with the Higher Forces of the Cosmos opens. A person gets the opportunity to perceive subtle flows of cosmic energy, information from other dimensions. For this reason, it is believed that the sixth lunar day is the time of receiving revelations and teachings from spiritual mentors from other planes of existence.
In some spiritual schools, it was customary to go to a teacher on the sixth lunar day for special instructions, to receive special guidance in spiritual practice.
In the witchcraft tradition, special magical extracts were made on this lunar day, and in the Druidic school, a mysterious ceremony of cutting a mistletoe branch was performed.