12th lunar day

12th lunar day

General description

The symbols are “Chalice” and “Heart”. On this day, after the transformation of the main vital force has taken place, the energy of cosmic love is turned on. And Man can recognize what cosmic love is. On the 12th lunar day, the process of wisdom’s victory over the mind and feelings takes place, and as a result, the spirit is calmed and strengthened. It is necessary to consciously engage in the process and purify thoughts by concentrating on water. This is a day of solitude, prayers and attention to oneself. You need to plan it so that you can be alone for a while and turn to the appropriate energies, concentrating on the center of the 12th day – Anahata.
Immersing yourself in this center of love, you should try to see your flower. Some people have it open, some have it wrinkled, some have it with thorns, some have it with a light – as if the stamens are glowing. Everyone has to open the Flower of Wisdom.
This is the day of gifts, of mercy. On the 12th lunar day, you have to give gifts, and you have to fulfill all the requests that are addressed to you. Then your requests to the guardian angel will also be fulfilled. The twelfth day is also a day of prayers, just like the seventh. You can address the angel with your request, but your request should not harm others. You need to restore relationships with people. This is the most favorable day for a reciprocal reaction to your counter-step, because all people unconsciously feel these energies.
As a rule, a good deed is not repelled. You should also go for reconciliation if the other person has taken a step in your direction. This day is called “Heart”. Heart relationships are based on mutual understanding and maturity. This day is also called “The Chalice”, in association with the Grail, that is, the wisdom that a person draws from it.
What should not be done on this day? You should not relax, cry, or get angry. You should not overload your heart with physical exercises. The organ associated with the lunar day always needs protection. There are practices to cleanse the heart muscle, which should be performed on this day.
The danger that awaits us on this day is pity. Pity must be effective. Yes, this is a day of mercy, but we must not allow ourselves to be parasitized. Often people do not want to change anything in their situation, but wait to be pitied, so they feed on the energy of the person who listens to them. That’s why you need to be careful on this day.
If a person tells you about his negative situation on the 12th lunar day, you should definitely offer him something to change this situation and see how the person reacts to your advice. If he does not listen to you, you should break contact and leave. Of course, you need to help a person in a critical situation, but then he or she has to work on his or her own.
It should be remembered that pity does not lead to anything good, because we cannot evaluate the path of another person. There is a parable: “A man was walking along the road and saw a snail. He thought that someone else might crush it. The man took the snail and threw it to the side of the road.” But the snail crawled all day to the place where it was thrown, and the snail needed to go in the opposite direction. Thus, the compassionate person did not allow the snail to move in its own direction. This is what you need to learn to distinguish. In general, you should help only when you are asked to. Everyone has to work on their own destiny.
The 12th day gives wisdom in order to rise above feelings, above pity, and to become stronger spiritually. You should deal with other people’s problems only if you really need to show them the way, but you should not do anything for them. Otherwise, you take on a share of that person’s karma, because it is your choice.
If your heart hurts that day after communicating with a person, you should leave them to solve their problems on their own. Pain can also be in the skull. The skull is the cup of anger.
If you cry, get angry, and get angry that day, you will get a headache. The cup can be filled with anger or mercy. If you get sick at all on the 12th lunar day, it is a sign that you are squandering wisdom and misusing it.
It is recommended to take a decoction of goldenseal, which helps to assimilate these energies. It is useful to eat nuts and grains, but not before the eclipse. You should do cleansing procedures for the heart and lungs. It is good to drink expectorant herbs for prevention: marshmallow, coltsfoot, sage, tricolor violet. This will help clear the upper respiratory tract. The chakra of the day is Anahata.
People born on the 12th day are rarely bad. They live consciously, develop spiritually, and can be Healers.
On the 12th day, there are often revelatory dreams.


Dreams of the twelfth lunar day should be interpreted only from the point of view of spirituality. The images of your dreams during this period show what is most valuable to you. If in your dreams during this period you see more material values of this world, you are too much involved in social life to the detriment of spiritual life. And vice versa, if you dream only about spiritual images – lotuses, gods, temples – this is also an alarming sign: it means that you are too detached from the sinful earth and are simply “floating in the clouds.”
True spirituality is to realize that absolutely everything in the world is spiritual, whether it is an icon or an ordinary dishwasher. There must be a golden mean in everything. The essence of spiritual development lies in the ability to live in this world, but to be “not of this world,” that is, to spiritualize materiality. Salvation can be achieved only in the world, not somewhere high in the mountains or in a monastery. Those who have completely devoted themselves to spiritual practices receive revelations in dreams today.


It is very useful at this time to practice hatha yoga and other psychophysical practices of Eastern esoteric systems.
Much attention should be paid to the work of the heart. On the twelfth lunar day, it should not be overloaded with heavy training, but should be protected from stress and nervous breakdowns. It is best to hold a meditation session. During this period, it is advisable to have a gentle massage.


Sex on the twelfth lunar day should be as spiritual as possible. It is not so much the technical skills that are important as love, tenderness, caresses, and mutual understanding. Figuratively speaking, sex should become a prayer, a chanting of your divine essence.


Meat, nicotine and alcohol are strictly contraindicated on the twelfth lunar day. At this time, they are almost fatal and cause irreparable harm to your body. For example, the following fact can be cited: one hundred grams of vodka completely destroys the results of a month of meditation. That is, all the information received by the cells during spiritual exercises will be completely erased and you will have to start all over again. On the same lunar day, this phenomenon only intensifies.
For this short time, you should refrain from roughage, as well as eggs and fish. Nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, oils and fruit juices will be very useful. Fasting on the twelfth lunar day is not recommended.


Financial transactions on this day can only be successful if a certain part of the income goes to charity, to sponsoring spiritual events – temple offerings, church construction, support for a spiritual movement, and so on.
All “left-wing” money transactions, all “black PR” activities are now doomed to failure.
Money today should be used only for spirituality, charity and nothing else.
Sponsoring hospitals, nursing homes, boarding schools, and so on will be very useful for business. The more money you donate to charity, the more successful your business will be. But only if the money is donated from the bottom of your heart, and not just in the hope of a future windfall. Insincerity will not bring the expected result.


Divination on this lunar day is possible, but not recommended. It should be understood that a person who turns to an oracle is actually showing his distrust of the Lord. This means that he does not trust Him, thinking that the Lord could prepare something for him that would be evil for him. In other words, the person who is divining is not ready to accept what God gives him. He is simply afraid, and as we know from all the scriptures, only those who are strong in the Spirit will enter the Kingdom of God! For this reason, it is better for all believers to refrain from divination.
If you still want to turn to an oracle, then you should ask only questions of a high degree of importance. They should be clearly formulated and free of ambiguity.
Divination on the outcome of a planned business
Throw a coconut into a bucket of cold water. If the coconut
– remains at the bottom – the planned will not materialize or will bring big troubles. It is better to warn and not rush into action. Think it over thoroughly, weigh the pros and cons, and only then act;
– it comes to the surface – you made the right decision and will definitely achieve your goals. The main thing is not to hesitate and not to be afraid to take risks. More pressure and enthusiasm. Don’t stop halfway through, finish what you’ve started, otherwise your fulfilled desire will turn against you.


The twelfth lunar day is an ideal time for solitude practices, vows of silence, and deep meditation. It is an auspicious day for prayer practices, for performing purascharan or chanting zikra.