11th lunar day

11th lunar day

General description

It has names: “Crown”, “Ridge”, “Fire Sword”, “Labyrinth”.
On this day, the process of transformation and inclusion of Kundalini energy takes place. Kundalini is the energy that governs the evolutionary development of a person. And if a person is able to perceive the Kundalini energy with other centers, it means that he or she is at a very high level of development. Every month we are given the opportunity to touch this source of energy and transform it for ourselves.
On this day, it is necessary to carry out cleansing procedures not only for the physical body, but also for the astral and mental ones. Astral cleansing means energy exercises, mental cleansing means reading prayers and mantras. The prerequisite is that everything that one starts doing on the 11th day must be completed, it cannot be interrupted halfway.
Any practice goes at the level of Kundalini. And since on this day there is a transformation of energy, you, carrying out any cleansing procedure, are included in this wave, and it cannot be interrupted. Otherwise, a person can get epilepsy – this is precisely the spontaneous activation of Kundalini, when a person does not control its energy and faints.
On the 11th lunar day, it is useful to start a fasting cycle, as it helps to purify. It is also good to fast on this day, to refrain from eating.
The 11th lunar day is difficult. Anything that is not done on this day should be done consciously and try not to take any chances if you don’t know how it might end. Do only what you know if you know the whole process to the end. On this day, you need to be careful with cutting tools, up to the point where it is better to break bread rather than cut it.
If you drop any cutting tools on this day, it is a sign that the energy of the 11th lunar day is being misused. Anything you do on this day can reach the Kundalini level, and you may not be able to cope with these energies. Therefore, you should not plan heavy loads for this day. You can’t kill insects, not even bedbugs and cockroaches. No need to abandon what you have started. This can also lead to improper switching of Kundalini energy.
With the 11th lunar day is associated with the spine (“Spine” – the name of the day) and the Kundalini chakra. It needs attention, and you should remember this chakra at least once a day and focus on it. You can imagine it as a heavy, leaden sinker that hangs at the bottom of your spine. Every person has Kundalini energy in a coiled form. Only in spiritually developed people it rises up and nourishes the chakras of a higher level, stimulating further development. Those who practice Yoga know that in order to raise Kundalini, one has to practice for a very long time, even for several years.
If its energy is not used properly, there may be pain in the spine. If the spine gets sick on the 11th day, you must cleanse yourself.
People born on the 11th lunar day are powerful magicians, they know the secret of Kundalini, they carry it within themselves. If these people use the Kundalini energy correctly, they are strong in whatever they do and can achieve everything in life, provided, of course, that they do not spray themselves. If they live incorrectly, they are most often bitten by insects and dogs.


Dreams of the eleventh lunar day can tell you how harmoniously you exist in the space around you, both in society and in the entire universe.
For example, if you take an active position in a dream, move a lot, change situations yourself, it means that your affairs are in order, you are in tune with the rhythms of nature. But if you make few movements in a dream, fall victim to circumstances, dream that you are being killed, raped, and tortured, it means that your life position could use some improvement. You need to be more proactive and not just go with the flow of the waves like a weak-willed cod. Be the masters of your own happiness.
However, there is another possibility: in a dream, you yourself become a torturer, a rapist, a murderer, or the initiator of some destructive activities. This means that you have begun to take on too many unnecessary responsibilities, have stopped paying attention to your spiritual world, are mired in materiality and are trying to achieve success in society at any cost. Your life position is overactive, and this can soon lead to the most banal result – you will simply “burn out at work”.


A period of active exercise. It is useful to make long walks, run marathons, kayak, swim across ponds and lakes, ride a bicycle, and so on.
It is very good to practice martial arts now, but only without the use of cold steel. During training, you can increase the load, learn new movements and exercises. This is an ideal time for sports competitions, festivals, health and physical education days.
On the eleventh lunar day, it is good to move to a new level in those health programs that were started at the beginning of the lunar month.
If you spend this time lying on the couch, indulging in laziness and melancholy, then your body will not actually rest, but rather will not receive the new energy it needs. If you spend the eleventh lunar day in passivity, chronic diseases will worsen.


On the eleventh lunar day, people experience increased sexuality. You shouldn’t hold it back – make love wherever you find it! This is a time of extravagant, unrestrained and unbridled sex, but only if there is a mutual desire.
But sex during this period should be based on a spiritual foundation, love, and not remain at the level of animal lust. Otherwise, back pain or headaches may occur.
The eleventh lunar day is the time of mutual active sexual role. Both partners should take the initiative in lovemaking. No passive relationships – only an active position, in some ways even aggressive.
The more good sex you have, the better. You can do it all day long – it won’t hurt on this lunar day, because powerful energy flows pass through a person, and sex allows them to be transformed into vital energy.


Astrological schools of thought have two different opinions about the diet for this period. Some believe that food during this period should be high-calorie, as the body loses a lot of energy due to active activities. Others insist that the diet should contain more whole grain dishes, and ideally, you can go hungry, because on the eleventh lunar day, purification occurs, as a powerful energy flow is “pumped” through a person.
But those who adhere to the golden mean are right. You need to listen to your body and follow its wishes. If you feel that you don’t have enough energy for active action, eat more high-calorie foods, but if you feel heavy and somewhat “fat” inside, then eat a little bit, drink more juices and eat fruit.


This is a good period for financial transactions, for active business activities, and if you have decided to solve a difficult task once and for all, then the eleventh lunar day is the most appropriate time. Be assertive and persistent, and you will succeed in the best possible way.
Today is a good time to enter into contracts, sign agreements, in short, to take any action that has a positive outcome. But as mentioned above – no doubts, otherwise nothing will work out. In addition, this is a very favorable time to start a new position.
Be active, give your best. Figuratively speaking, on the eleventh lunar day, you need to follow the principle: “It’s either win or lose!” Don’t be afraid to take risks, but when you do, be sure to believe in your success.


This is one of the few lunar days when you can ask the oracle any question you want. The most successful divinations will be those related to fire.
Divination by fire and resin
Make a wish, and then throw powdered resin into the fire and watch it burn.
If the resin
– catches fire instantly – the wish will come true very soon;
– first smokes and then catches fire – the wish will not come true for a very long time;
– burns with an even flame – the wish will come true, but gradually;
– burns unevenly – the wish will never come true.


Representatives of tantric schools perform their mystical rites on this day and conduct sadhanas aimed at awakening the kundalini energy dormant at the base of the spine.
Medieval magicians believed that the eleventh lunar day was a period of magical astral battles. On this day, all kinds of protective rites and ceremonies were usually performed, as well as purifying practices aimed at cleansing the aura of negative vibrations and energies.
Schools of black magic started magical battles today, performed rites of bloody human sacrifice, practiced necromancy, and so on.
It is good to practice qigong and martial arts on the eleventh lunar day.