30th lunar day

30th lunar day

General description

This is the day of the “Golden Swan,” and it must be utilized. It’s a day for taking stock, forgiveness, and love. We should analyze what happened over the past month and repent to ourselves, shedding all sins. The thirtieth lunar day is like a small eclipse. On this day, we have the opportunity to rid ourselves of what we no longer need. It’s time to finish tasks and settle debts.

On the 30th lunar day, it’s very good to clean the house and bring talismans into the home. It’s especially beneficial to hang a horseshoe on the inside of the apartment near the entrance door. Stones are also placed under the threshold. They strengthen and fortify the house and family. It’s good to place dark granite with blue specks between the doors, but in a way that doesn’t attract attention. The threshold should not be cleansed. Protective signs in the form of a cross or star are placed on the threshold.

On the 30th lunar day, light food is recommended. There is no need to show aggression. It’s very bad to get burned on this day. Beware of bad omens.

The chakra of the day is Anahata, the organ is the heart. If on the 30th lunar day you feel sorrow and melancholy, it’s very bad. This means you’re not summing up, not getting rid of unnecessary things, not drawing conclusions.

Physically, such incorrect actions can manifest as allergies to smells. A dog barking on this day also indicates that you’ve made a mistake.

The 30th lunar day does not occur every month and can be very small. To be born on the 30th lunar day is a great reward for a person, for the family. Such people have already completed the cycle of reincarnation and have come here to bring love and forgiveness into the world. They carry within themselves what we should cultivate on this day.

Typically, such individuals are monogamous and follow their life’s ideal to the end. They possess the ability for higher cosmic love and spread this cosmic love to those around them. They bring joy to people. There are no bad people born on the 30th lunar day. We all on the 30th lunar day should share joy and cultivate a sense of joy and cosmic love within ourselves. It’s a day of love and forgiveness.


Dreams on the thirtieth lunar day can be considered conclusive. They seem to summarize the work of the subconscious mind throughout the entire lunar month. With the correct interpretation, you can determine what karmic tasks you need to resolve in the next lunar cycle.


On this day, it is beneficial to have a massage session or take an herbal bath, or simply sit in silence and relaxation. It is not recommended to exert yourself on the thirtieth lunar day. For workouts, it’s better to have a theoretical session or reduce the intensity of the workout to a minimum.


It’s better to abstain from sexual contacts on the thirtieth lunar day.


Give preference to light food. Anything heavy and coarse is contraindicated. The diet of the day should include more vegetables and sour-sweet fruits, and you can have a little sweets.


For business, the thirtieth lunar day is not productive due to its short duration. It’s better to dedicate it entirely to taking a break from work.


In the current period, you can consult an oracle on any topic. However, divination with vegetables or fruits is particularly successful because the thirtieth lunar day is associated with the earth and fertility. In a sense, it symbolizes the time of harvesting, where individuals gather what was sown in the first lunar days and cultivated throughout the month.

Divination for married life involves giving the newlyweds an apple and asking them to peel it. If:

  • the peel is cut in one strip without breaks – their life will be smooth, without ups and downs;
  • the peeling consists of a bunch of small scraps – life will be uncomplicated, filled with minor inconveniences.

Divination with apples in a hat for the betrothed: Select several apples, each different: one good and ripe, another with a wormhole, and a third one wilted. Place the apples in a hat and have the husband or wife pull out any of them with closed eyes. If they pull out:

  • a good one – their life will be good;
  • a wormy one – their life may not turn out as expected;
  • a wilted one – their life will be steady, without major disturbances.


This is the time to make offerings to your guru or teacher, to give alms, and to donate money for charity. It is also recommended to visit a church or temple.

Astrologers from Tibet advise performing rituals today aimed at achieving longevity and obtaining good health.