27th lunar day

27th lunar day

General description

The symbols of the day are “Trident,” “Staff,” and “Ship.” Neptune is associated with the trident. The number 27, when summed, gives 9 – Neptune. This day involves the process of obtaining hidden, secret knowledge along Neptune’s line. The 27th lunar day is a day of trust and searching. The task before a person is to find oneself and transmit what they have to others. The result of inner work will be the improvement of the world. Awareness of this on the 27th lunar day will help engage in hidden, secret knowledge. Everything we do in life is not for ourselves alone. Many spiritual practices are based on this.

When a person asks for help only for themselves, they will receive little, but when they ask for others, a flow of energy will come to them. Christian prayers also include requests for the whole world. A pure person with a pure field contributes to the purification of others.

On the 27th lunar day, we must rid ourselves of illusions and realize responsibility for every action, especially if this day falls on a Sunday. This is a wonderful day for meditation, where there is an opportunity to gain hidden, secret knowledge and practices. However, one should not consciously subject oneself to hypnotic influence. One common way of unconscious action is turning on the radio or television while doing other things. At this moment, anything can be suggested to us since everything heard remains in the head without critical evaluation. Therefore, on the 27th lunar day, it is not recommended to do anything with the information source turned on, but if you have turned it on, listen carefully. It is unfavorable to immerse oneself in a trance from alcoholic and narcotic substances. Since hidden knowledge is active on this day, we should not sleep in the full sense of the word. It is not recommended to sleep for a long time to avoid missing revelations. One should not listen to music that affects the lower centers, especially heavy rock. It is better to listen to music that puts you into finer states. Music affects the energy centers very strongly. Spasms from modern music are usually felt in the lower chakras, in Muladhara. Spiritual music cleanses and opens the Anahata and Vishuddha chakras.

It is very unfavorable to look at oneself in the mirror this day: you can identify with your double and go into another world. Days containing the digit nine (9, 18, 27) are dangerous in this regard. Blood should not be donated this day. It is better to avoid fire.

On the 27th lunar day, overeating is not advisable. Potatoes and citrus fruits should not be eaten. It is not advisable to start new tasks: they usually do not bring results. If you want to ruin a task, you can start it on the 27th day.

The 27th lunar day is associated with the Vishuddha and Muladhara chakras. Diseases – thrombophlebitis and leukemia.

People born on the 27th lunar day carry hidden, secret knowledge, but they use it differently. They often experience oscillation and unrest, so they speak little and often do not realize their potential. People who have embarked on the higher path of development can become healers and experience higher love since “9” is the higher manifestation of Venus and represents higher love and harmony. People born on this day can become verbal magicians, meaning they act in the world and on other people through words, prayers. People who do not develop, born on this day, can become alcoholics, drug addicts.


Сновидения двадцать седьмого месячного дня говорят о том, насколько человек способен существовать в гармонии с окружающей средой, насколько он способен сохранять баланс между духовным и материальным мирами.

Толковать сновидения в этот период должен только тот, кто хорошо знаком с основами глубинной психологии, иначе все интерпретации окажутся неточными, потому что в этот день очень легко поддаться либо крайнему мистицизму (все воспринимать как проявление какой-то судьбы), либо крайнему практицизму и утилитаризму (воспринимать сон как набор хаотических элементов подсознания).

Некоторые школы считают, что сегодня человеку во сне дается откровение.


Астрологи предупреждают: употребление химических препаратов в двадцать седьмой месячный день может вызвать непредсказуемую реакцию организма, различные осложнения. Поэтому от употребления лекарств в данный период желательно воздержаться (конечно, если это не вопрос жизни и смерти).

Особенно уязвима сейчас лимфатическая система. Нужно немного меньше находиться на протяжении и, главное, избегать влаги. Стояние у воды в этот месячный период может легко привести к респираторным заболеваниям. Держитесь подальше от водоемов и бассейнов.

Холодная вода в двадцать седьмой месячный день очень опасна. Постарайтесь сегодня не купаться, особенно это касается больших водных масс — морей, океанов, озер.


Today’s twenty-seventh lunar day implies that the basis of sex should be spiritual rather than purely physiological.

This is an ideal time for conceiving a child or engaging in the first sexual contact. It is highly dangerous to have sex in or near water today. This can lead to health problems and diseases of the genitourinary system.


On the twenty-seventh lunar day, eating meat is only permissible if it has been prepared as a ritual dish and blessed with a prayer. A small amount of red wine can be consumed, but it’s advisable to refrain from other alcoholic beverages. A significant portion of today’s diet should consist of food with plenty of spices and seasonings. Turmeric, cardamom, cloves, and pepper are highly beneficial. For lunch today, a light soup should definitely be prepared.


In terms of business, this period is favorable only for acts of charity; all other operations involving monetary transactions are doomed to fail. Therefore, it is advisable to dedicate the twenty-seventh day exclusively to sponsorship. It is believed that investments made for charitable purposes create good karma and eventually bring wealth, both spiritual and material.


In the twenty-seventh lunar day, it is best to perform divination using water or milk. You can ask the oracle about anything, but it is essential that you genuinely need the answer. The twenty-seventh lunar day is closely associated with water, as one of its symbols is the god of the sea, Neptune. According to scientific and mythological beliefs, water is the primary source of life. Many legends tell of the first clump of earth being retrieved from the bottom of the World Ocean.

Water and milk are the most common ritual offerings, and sprinkling with water is an integral part of many sacred rites, from Orthodox services to pagan rituals, including divination.

Divination with water is considered one of the oldest methods. By carefully observing the mirrored surface of the water, seers learned the secrets of the future. It can be argued that the vessel of water was the first magical mirror used long before the appearance of mirrors made of polished metals.

Performing divination out of curiosity is not recommended during this lunar day. Astral entities responsible for forecasts may feel offended by such disrespectful treatment, and you may never receive a correct and accurate answer to your question, no matter how important it is to you.

Divination in the lunar night:
Place a cup of pure spring water on the table to reflect the moon in it. Without looking away, observe the image in the water.
– If the moon’s reflection is positioned near the handle of the cup, a new romance awaits you, which may develop into deep feelings.
– If the reflection is on the opposite side of the cup from the handle, a separation from a beloved person threatens you this year.
– If it appears at the bottom of the cup, a profitable trip awaits you.
– If it’s covered by clouds or waves, problems may arise.
– If it’s very blurry, expect a lot of problems, minor quarrels, and offenses.
– If it’s clear, success and good luck will accompany you in the near future, no matter what you undertake.

Divination with milk for the future:
For this divination, you will need milk freshly milked after calving.
In the evening on Wednesday, boil the milk and let it cool until a foam appears.

Place the pot with the cooled milk on the table and blow on the foam. Depending on the foam’s behavior:
– If the foam disperses only on the third attempt, there will always be plenty in your house.
– If it lingers near the edge for a long time, your children will not leave the family home soon.
– If the foam separates into several parts, a business trip will take place soon.
– If it’s dense and has wide edges, the patronage of a wealthy friend will come to you in a difficult moment.


The twenty-seventh lunar day is one of the most favorable periods for undertaking pilgrimages. European esoteric schools dedicated this day to magical rituals and ceremonies, especially those summoning the mighty spirits of the Light Forces.