It is now the 14th lunar day
07-19-2024 20:13:00 - the beginning of the 15th lunar day
07-20-2024 21:02:00 - the beginning of the 16th lunar day
07-21-2024 21:37:00 - the beginning of the 17th lunar day
07-22-2024 22:03:00 - the beginning of the 18th lunar day
07-23-2024 22:21:00 - the beginning of the 19th lunar day

14th lunar day

The influence of the 14th lunar day

The sphere of life Action of the month

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  • Events of the lunar calendar for July 19, 2024
  • 00:00 - the 14th lunar day, which started yesterday, continues
  • 00:00 - as yesterday, the moon is in the sign Archer
  • 12:13 - the moon moves into a sign Capricorn
  • 20:13 - the beginning of the 15th lunar day

More about July 19, 2024

The fourteenth lunar day is a day of searching for high truths, fighting against manifestations of evil in oneself, manifestations that hinder and impede spiritual growth and self-improvement. It’s a great time to improve your skills and take up various hobbies.
It is favourable to start new business.

Your eyes are very vulnerable. It is necessary to work at the computer as little as possible, refrain from reading and watching TV.

Food on this day should be of high quality, fresh, and only what you like.

It is advisable to smoke as little as possible and try not to look in the mirror!

A haircut on this day will lead to an improvement in your business, a better financial situation, increased property and favour from your bosses.

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Moon in the sign "Archer"

It’s time to work. The month enters the zone of influence of the earth sign, so we will become more grounded and practical. We will feel a drive to achieve our goals and concrete results. Our ambitions will assist in this. Under the influence of the Moon in Capricorn, we may also feel some inclination towards emotional solitude and introversion.

During this period, some may compromise their approach to life. Although people will largely adhere to materialistic interests now, intuition will not leave us, although it may be suppressed by the emotionally grounding qualities of the Moon in Capricorn. There is a risk of deeply burying our emotions. Some may experience feelings of alienation, emotional restraint, which may be noticed by close ones. It will be beneficial to engage in cleaning during this time: sort out things in the closet or garage. You have a huge reserve of energy now, and you will manage any task. Without unnecessary sentimentality, get rid of unnecessary clutter that you would regret throwing away another time. This period may be very useful for budget planning or bill payment. The influence of the Moon in this sign is so grounding that people can calmly perceive bad news.

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