5th lunar day

5th lunar day

General description

The symbol is a unicorn. On this day, the alchemy of the soul and food takes place – the transmutation of food into astral energy. This is the day of rejection of temptations, when we are made to understand what is in line with our development and what hinders it. We need to follow the information we receive. It will show us what is useful and what is harmful. It is very favorable to consume fresh milk and cheese, the sacred foods of this day. By eating the right foods, you can store up energy for the whole month. On this day, it’s good to buy whatever you feel like buying at the market. On the 5th lunar day, you don’t have to eat too much, but it’s not recommended to go hungry either. This day is given to fill up what we need in the astral plane.
There is a saying: “He who chews long lives long.” Thorough chewing of food destroys the energy shells of the product, and we directly receive energy in its ‘pure’ form. When we swallow food, a chemical reaction occurs inside. Therefore, the main condition is slow and thorough chewing of food. On this day, it is not recommended to eat “dead” food, seeds and nuts, sauerkraut and mushrooms, that is, everything that gives life or is dead. On this day, it is favorable to work with herbs, to collect them well, to make infusions, to prepare medicines. It’s good to protect and guard someone on this day, to defend your principles – this will strengthen your foundation. It is favorable to go on a trip. On this day, it is interesting to select people who are needed for development and who are in the way. This happens differently for everyone, but if you are brought to tears, then this person is useful to you, because tears on this day have a cleansing effect. You need to find out the reason for the tears and be sure to work on this problem.
The Ajna chakra, located in the center of the forehead, as well as the esophagus, are associated with the 5th lunar day. Concentrating on Ajna gives us a strengthening of our own foundation. Nausea and vomiting on this day means that the energy of the lunar day has been misused. This is a sign that astral poisoning has occurred, which can lead to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
People born on the 5th lunar day are usually heroes and magicians. They don’t need a lot of food to live, because any amount of it goes into their power and is transformed into astral energy. Such people appreciate quality food. If a person born on the 5th lunar day does not develop but “leavens” the energy he or she receives, he or she becomes fussy and wastes his or her potential on trifles. They no longer have enough energy for big things.


Dreams during this period symbolically show a person the processes of their internal changes. A close look at dream images reveals those internal blocks that interfere with the passage of transformational energies, that is, those obstacles that turn your life into a circle, a series of the same events.


During this lunar period, complex alchemical processes take place in the body, so physical exercises should be more focused on internal work.
It is good to work out the tendons on the fifth lunar day, work with energy channels, and muscle stretching exercises are also very useful.
Such a selection of exercises will help the body go through a period of internal transformation faster and without complications, because on the fifth lunar day, changes occur even at the cellular level – the vibrational characteristic of the aura completely changes. Moreover, even those who do nothing on this day are subject to changes, although such changes naturally occur with a minus sign, i.e., there is a global destruction of the body. No wonder there is a saying: “If you don’t go forward, you go backward.”


Sex on the fifth lunar day should be seen as a kind of healing and even alchemical process. It transforms the accumulated tension, stress, painful, painful symptoms into the pure energy of joy, love and affection. Therefore, you should choose sexual positions that are as simple and comfortable as possible for both partners. It is better to refrain from extravagant body plexuses and acrobatic tricks, since very important changes are taking place in the human energy structure, and you should not interfere with them.
Sex on the fifth lunar day should be relaxing and soothing. It should contain, as musicians say, “fewer notes and more music.”


This is the only day in the entire lunar cycle when any food is burned without residue, completely transforming into tissue. But this does not mean that you should indulge in excesses and eat only “rough” food. Quite the contrary, you should refrain from “rough” food, meat and alcohol so as not to interfere with the alchemical processes taking place inside your body.
Changes take place at the subtlest level, and if you interfere with these processes by eating heavy foods, your body’s energies will primarily be spent not on the transformation itself, but on processing food and eliminating toxins, which, of course, can cause a malfunction of your immune and energy systems and lead to very serious diseases.
If the transformation does not take place, the cells will not be able to respond flexibly to changes in the situation, and the body will not be able to resist stress, which may result in a painful condition that, due to disruption of internal changes, the body will not be able to cope with, and then, exhausted, it will simply begin to work to exhaustion, and this usually leads to serious diseases, which usually become chronic.
Given the above, on this lunar day, you should eat to your heart’s content, but preferably light food, and drink plenty of water.
Milk and cottage cheese are very useful.
It should be remembered that the food consumed on the fifth lunar day becomes a part of us, so before you try this or any other dish, think about whether you want a piece of factory pizza to become a part of your body, or whether your cells are made up of beer.
Here, it is appropriate to recall the famous words: “We are what we eat”. Carefully and carefully choose the food you eat on this lunar day. We should not eat anything rough or that we do not like. Food of poor quality or not suitable for you can cause vomiting.
It is best to eat vegetarian food on this day, and it is advisable to avoid canned foods, salted and pickled vegetables.
During this period, any type of fasting and cleansing is strictly contraindicated. Fasting on the fifth lunar day can negatively affect bone structure.


On the fifth lunar day, people in business are advised to make some drastic changes within their company, for example, rearrange the furniture in the office, change the concept of their business, change the office, and so on. All activities aimed at improvement and transformation will be especially successful during this period.
The fifth lunar day is also good for making repairs, restoring equipment, for example, upgrading (updating) a computer, changing the style of management and the general approach: the material and economic base of the entire business. Don’t be afraid to make some new attempts, but remember: this is not a day to open new horizons by breaking through, but a day to gain deeper insight into existing situations and circumstances by transforming your consciousness and changing the way you do business.


On the fifth lunar day, divinations aimed at finding out global changes in fate will be most accurate, and the longer the time period of the period you are interested in, the more accurate the answer will be. Naturally, it is best to ask the oracles about your inner spiritual changes, about what is happening in your soul, because the outer world is only a reflection of the spiritual world.
Some schools of divination recommend that after divination on the fifth lunar day, it is imperative to turn to divination again the next day for the same question. This is justified by the fact that the fifth lunar day is a period of transformation and change, and the pendulum of fate can swing in one direction or the other, that is, the future is not yet fully determined, it all depends on what choice a person makes, in which direction he or she will change. Therefore, by repeating the divination, you can see whether changes have really taken place or whether everything has remained the same.
Divination by rice grains
Throw a handful of rice into a bowl of water, shake it gently, and see how the grains of rice lie on the bottom. If:
– the grains form a circle – all your ideas and plans will finally come to fruition;
– the grains form a triangle – you are likely to be offered a good and well-paid job;
– the grains have formed a square – your life will enter a calm, reliable course, everything will settle down and reach a period of long-term stability;
– a star – you may be torn between your plans, rushing between the realization of different ideas;
– the grains are lying in a mess – you shouldn’t do any serious business, don’t try to deal with the problems that have come up on your own.


Some Christian mystical sects perform baptisms on the fifth lunar day, since any initiation into a particular tradition is an act of changing the personality of the initiate. And since the fifth lunar day itself changes a person, it is ideal for the rite of baptism, that is, initiation into the Christian tradition. During this period, it is very good to do exercises related to working with several types of energies. For example, this is an ideal time to learn the Fusion of the Five Elements, Diamond Qigong, and so on.
Many healers prefer to conduct global healing sessions on the fifth lunar day. For example, Reiki practitioners can change both the patient’s energy body and consciousness at a very deep level at this time.
By helping Reiki energy to undergo transformational processes, it is possible to achieve a very significant, cardinal change in the human personality, since on the fifth lunar day the human energy structure is open and especially susceptible to change.