24th lunar day

24th lunar day

General description

The symbols of the day are “Bear” and “Shiva”. This day is associated with male sexual energy, just as the 17th lunar day is associated with female energy. It represents the process of breaking down the old and creating the new. For those working on themselves, this day can bring awakening of tremendous forces and become a day of enlightenment.

One should fight against hopelessness. On the 24th lunar day, ancestral curses are often realized, so one must be very attentive to what is happening. One should not allow feelings of despair to take hold on this day. A person should see the thread they continue and which will be continued after them. There is always a way out; there is an opportunity to cleanse oneself, even at the very last moment. It is never too late to take a step towards liberation from sins.

The 24th lunar day is dangerous with its reverse process, meaning that affairs started on this day may backfire, and the result may turn out to be opposite. And it depends on what the person contains within themselves.

This energy needs to be realized, but since it is an energy of tremendous power, special practices are needed. On this day, physical exertion and special physical exercises are necessary. The 24th lunar day is very favorable for treating various diseases using different methods, including extrasensory ones. It is good to prepare medicines.

The main force of this day is the power of male sexual energy, it is a day of sex and conception, when male energy transforms into female. Ignoring the sexual energy of this day is not advisable. It can be sublimated into creativity.

On the 24th lunar day, it is beneficial to drink chamomile decoction and chew millet. It is very useful to recharge from pine, to stand with your back against it. The 24th lunar day is indicated for working with the forces of nature, very favorable for laying the foundation and building a house.

It is not recommended to be in large crowds of people. Sexual energy is associated with Pluto – collective energy, so it may be overwhelming. It is not advisable to attend rallies. It is dangerous to exhibit cruelty and sadism.

The 24th lunar day is associated with the anus and the “gates of death” chakra. This chakra is located between the anus and the genitals. It is a very important center, in Chinese medicine it is called Tui: it is located lower than Svadhisthana and is the entry point for earth energy. We must know and remember about this point. Unrealized sexual energy of this day can turn a person into an unconscious sexual vampire.

Sexual vampirism can manifest anywhere: in transport, at work, wherever resonant people gather.

A person does not realize what is happening, but you can notice: you are talking to someone and suddenly your legs give way, you feel that your whole lower part is discharged, quite a specific feeling.

Unrealized energy can block the entrance of earth energy, and a person will lose orientation in life. This is a separate case. But in any case, a person will receive only upper energies, and since this chakra is associated with Neptune, manifestations will depend on the quality of your Neptune.

This can also be expressed in involuntary rebellion. Unrealized energy can cause rectal diseases.

People born on the 24th lunar day carry this tremendous energy potential from birth, they can be extraordinary magicians, share energy with people at all levels. This happens unconsciously, but such people feel the need to share this energy with those around them.

If a person born on the 24th lunar day does not develop, then they do not live, but seem to sleep on the move, react inadequately to the world. The enormous energy in them is blocked, hence the stagnation. How to sublimate this energy? A simple way to sublimate energy is through natural changes in body position. The ideal is a headstand. If you cannot do it, then you need to do exercises to raise your thighs higher than your head: the same “birch”. Thus, the energy will flow into the upper centers. You will immediately feel the beneficial effect. The second way is strong physical exertion on this day. Then this energy will not stagnate.


The images of the dream that visited you during this period speak of potential creative forces that require realization. The dream of the twenty-fourth lunar day, if interpreted correctly, will guide you towards directions and paths to channel your creative energy for achieving harmony and well-being.

Some astrologers claim that the images of dreams today reveal to a person the secrets of their past lives. This is why one of the symbols of this lunar day is the bear, which symbolizes kin, tradition, and previous generations.


During this lunar day, you can engage in both active workouts with a variety of exercises involving the collaboration of all muscle groups, as well as meditative practices such as yoga. It all depends on how well you feel.

On the twenty-fourth lunar day, health problems rarely occur, and if they do, they are usually minor and quickly pass.

Harmful factors for your body on this day include smoking and alcohol.


Today, sex is definitely encouraged, and there are no restrictions on its frequency. The twenty-fourth lunar day is associated with fertility, so engaging in love-making is not only permissible but also advisable.

Good and prolonged sex on this day serves as an excellent preventive measure against many illnesses. Sex today is therapeutic!


The diet during this lunar day should be varied and nutritious. Fasting is strictly prohibited. You can consume a little dry wine. Grapes, milk, and dairy products are beneficial.


No matter what you do today, everything will be successful, except, of course, immoral actions. Any undertaking — whether it’s office repairs, signing a contract, or hiring a new employee — will go smoothly, but you need to maintain a cheerful spirit and not force the situation. If you suddenly feel that what you’re doing isn’t working out, it’s better to leave it be; now is not the time to push your idea through.

However, the most successful endeavors on the twenty-fourth lunar day are in the intellectual sphere — planning, calculations, accounting operations, working with archives, generating new ideas, creating projects, and so on. It’s useful to conduct training courses, educate staff on new techniques and methods of work.


Asking an oracle on the twenty-fifth lunar day is best done on topics related to the further fate and development of projects. Divination using fire or baking bread for newcomers is also a good method of prediction. Here’s the interpretation of the results of divination with bread for newcomers:

– If the bread turned out tasty, lush, and crumbly, without sharp peaks or depressions – you can expect strong health, prosperity, understanding, and support from loved ones. You’ll be able to achieve a lot in life, relying on the help and support of friends.
– Tasty, lush, but not very even in shape, composed of separate peaks – indicates a lack of agreement in the family, loss of contact with relatives and loved ones. The predicted period will be restless.
– Cracked but lush and tasty – unpleasant upcoming events, possible family rift or rupture with friends, but there will be enough health and strength to overcome the crisis; a good financial situation is expected.
– Cracked into several pieces during baking, with one noticeably smaller than the others, dried out, and slightly burnt – death or serious illness of a loved one.
– Cracked, and part of the bread baked in such a way as to form a small separate bun – expect an increase.
– Over-dried – indicates poor health and financial loss; learn to be economical and sometimes accept fate without wasting energy chasing the unattainable.
– Burnt – tears and sorrow will often visit the one who divines; however, if the bread is still tasty and lush, it won’t hinder achieving material success.
– Lush but tasteless – it’s time to focus on your appearance and health, solve your own problems without interfering in others’ lives. Take a deep breath and start a new life.


Some Shaivite schools observe Shiva Puja on this day and perform various religious practices associated with worshiping Shiva. Often, this day is used for acquisitions, learning, receiving initiations, and blessings from saints and gurus.