17th lunar day

17th lunar day

General description

The symbols are a bunch of grapes, a chime, and bells. This day is also called the Day of Shakti. Shakti is a female goddess. It is the day of female energies. On the 17th lunar day, all people go through the process of gaining inner freedom. You can allow yourself to laugh, set yourself up to see the funny and what brings you joy. It is recommended to do whatever works. This will also bring us joy and satisfaction. It’s good to organize holidays, drink warmed wine, and organize weddings favorably. Marriage on the 17th lunar day will be based on sexual harmony between the spouses. It is also good to register marriages on the 16th and 12th lunar days. On the 12th lunar day, the marriage will be based on the highest cosmic love, and on the 16th lunar day, on harmony.
On the 17th lunar day, one should not be complex and swear. We need to cultivate a sense of inner freedom. We have special days for “dealing” with ourselves. It is better to try to avoid difficulties on this day and not create them artificially. You should refuse all offers that come to you, that is, do not create debts, obligations and do not make promises, because this is a day of inner freedom. You should avoid conflicts, anything that would destroy the feeling of inner freedom.
You should try to spend the day in harmony. This is a day of pair contacts. Both women and men are energized, so sexual intercourse is very favorable.
The endocrine system, pituitary gland, kidneys and adrenal glands, and the Hara chakra are associated with the 17th lunar day. It is useful to take diuretics.
If we use the energy of the 17th day incorrectly, create restrictions for ourselves, including sexual ones, this can lead to a rage and spontaneous release of energy, as a result of which a person can take uncontrolled actions.
People born on the 17th lunar day need a source of paired energy in their spouse, and, as a rule, all their life aspirations are conditioned by these needs.
Such people cannot live alone, they have an irresistible need for a spouse or lover – a source of paired energy. Such a person cannot harmonize by himself. If they do not have this source, they become miserable, weak, and rarely achieve anything in life. Often people do not realize this, and as soon as they do, their lives change immediately. Couple contact is necessary in order to gain inner freedom.
Unfortunately, what happens in our marriages now is different: there is mutual enslavement, and people consider their partner to be their property. This is the wrong position. We need to approach marriage from a different position and understand that your partner is as free as you are, and, in fact, should be the androgynous half. People used to be one androgyne. As a result of the War of the Gods, after the Phaeton split, people were divided into genders: male and female.
Our energy and all actions in life, as well as the division by sexes, when for a man the right side is happy, and for a woman – the left side, are conditioned at the level of the androgen. The task of a man and a woman is to unite the two halves in order to restore their androgyny. Two free individuals form another level of freedom, a fuller one. In marriage, a person has to liberate himself, to reveal what he carries inside him, to give it to another Person and to receive compensation for what he does not have, at the same time gaining freedom.


Dreams of the seventeenth lunar day are associated with sexuality. Once suppressed sexual desires and unfulfilled erotic fantasies “float” out of the subconscious. All of them require realization.
It is no secret that a proper and harmonious sexual life is the basis of not only physical, but even more so of mental health. But remember that it is not about satisfying animal passions, not about rough physical sex, but about full-fledged sexual communication, which includes not only physiology, but also subtler levels of human consciousness. An overreach in either direction turns sex into either physical cold sexual intimacy or weak romantic efforts.
Sex is both physical and platonic love combined; separately, they are only a pale shadow of true sexual communication. It is not for nothing that almost all mystical teachings say that the universe was created at the moment of orgasm of certain gods, at the moment of merging of the masculine and feminine.
One should treat the dream images of the seventeenth lunar day with all care and attention – they can reveal those areas of our being that we did not even suspect and bring out sexual problems that require immediate resolution.


This is a very favorable period for health, when even chronic diseases recede for a while.
For example, a persistent headache may disappear as if it had never existed. You should consider this phenomenon as a favor of the Moon Goddess, but you should remember that it is only temporary, and if you do not change anything, the pain will return again.
It is very dangerous to drink too much on the seventeenth lunar day, both in terms of alcohol intake and overeating. In the end, the joy is not in getting drunk and stuffing your stomach with food, so if possible, observe moderation in everything.
During this month-long period, you can take a break from training and wellness programs. Such a rest will not bring negative consequences, in some cases, on the contrary, it will be useful.
Procedures aimed at treating infertility and impotence will be very successful on this day.


The seventeenth lunar day is a celebration of sex and love. The more of it you have, the better! Make love wherever your passion strikes you. Sex during this period is very useful in the bosom of nature, in the forest, in the field (especially in the grain field), on the river, lake, sea, in a cave and on a mountain peak, and, of course, the most useful health and romantic sex will be in the vineyard.
It is highly undesirable to restrain your erotic fantasies on this lunar day, relax and surrender to the will of sex. Your love should be reckless, festive, extravagant (in some ways even extreme) and exotic. Don’t hold back! Drown in orgasm!
Some astrologers claim that this is the only day in the entire lunar cycle when group sex is allowed.
But at the same time, you need to be very careful, especially for women, because such a period of sexual activity in unbalanced individuals with a distorted perception of reality can give inadequate reactions. Therefore, there is a high probability of being raped.
Be careful not to walk through dark streets at a late hour, and be extremely careful with strange men. It is better to fulfill all your sexual desires with a loved one, not with the first person you meet.


The seventeenth lunar day is the best time for a festive meal. Today, you should eat the most non-trivial dishes, that is, those that you do not cook every day.
In general, many astrologers recommend cooking a dish only on the seventeenth lunar day and never again.
In this case, it will become a kind of ritual sacrifice, like, for example, Easter cake, which is a cake that is prepared exclusively for Easter. This “seventeen-month” treat can be any of the dishes of world cuisine, the main thing is that it should be to your taste and symbolize for you a holiday, joy and inner peace.
You can eat everything during this lunar period – meat, fish, exotic foods – everything! This is the only day in the entire lunar month when drinking wine is only good for you. But it is advisable to drink red wine. It is better to refuse all kinds of surrogates.
Try to include oysters and as much fruit as possible, especially grapes, in your menu.
With all the culinary diversity, remember that this is not a time of continuous gluttony, but of gourmetism, sophistication and delicacy of taste. Therefore, observe the measure, appreciate not the quantity of food, but its taste.


This is the most favorable day of the lunar cycle for all kinds of presentations and advertising campaigns. Projects submitted on this day to your superiors will definitely be accepted. The seventeenth lunar day is an ideal time for teamwork, for meetings in a relaxed and informal setting.
Although, if possible, it is better not to work at all during this period, but to have fun with your colleagues. If you decide to give bonuses or award someone with a certificate of appreciation, do it today. Whatever you have planned for this time, it must be fun, easy, so that only the most cheerful memories remain of what is happening. If you ignore this advice and stick to a strict official tone, your productivity will decrease by several orders of magnitude, and you will not achieve what you want.
Anything that goes against the holiday on the seventeenth lunar day will go against the flow of natural rhythms, that is, it will come into conflict with the entire universe. And this, of course, will not give positive results. So, show ease, even some carelessness in your work. Now any kind of tension is extremely contraindicated.


On the seventeenth lunar day, it is necessary to ask questions concerning the sexual, carnal and emotional spheres of human life.
You can ask the oracle about love relationships between a man and a woman (it is especially recommended at this time for girls to tell fortunes for a betrothed). Answers to all other questions will give an inaccurate answer, and with very large distortions.
The astral essence – the “chroniclers” who are responsible for the accuracy of the forecast – also have fun at this time and often joke about those who ask questions about politics or finance on a day of love and fun.
Pie fortune telling for marital happiness
A piece of pie should be divided into two parts, one piece should be bitten off by the husband, the other by the wife. Put these two pieces on a plate and put them outside the window overnight.
– both pieces of the pie remain untouched on the plate – the husband and wife will live in harmony and prosperity this year;
– both pieces of the pie disappear – the whole year will be spent in quarrels, mutual claims and insults;
– a piece of the pie that the husband took a bite out of disappears – the man will be successful all year long, and he will be the conciliator in family quarrels;
– a piece of pie bitten off by the wife disappears – the wife will be successful throughout the year, and she will act as a mediator in family quarrels.
Divination on papers of the groom’s choice
Take as many pieces of paper as there are candidates for your hand and heart. On each one, write the name of one of them. Fold all the pieces of paper in four, shuffle them and put them under your pillow. In the morning, take out the first piece of paper that your hand touches. Whose name is written on it, with that person you are destined to maintain a long relationship.
Divination about the right time to get married
Take several pieces of paper, write on them the dates that are suitable for getting married. Put the pieces of paper under your pillow, mixing them up beforehand. Then go to bed and imagine your wedding in detail. Try to imagine as much as possible: the groom, wedding dress, hairstyle, shoes, bouquet, guests, and so on. Imagine all this until you fall asleep. In the morning, take out a piece of paper from under your pillow that your hand touches first. The date written on it is the best for marriage.


Almost all esoteric traditions use the seventeenth lunar day for a powerful spiritual breakthrough. For example, left-handed tantric schools perform the maithuna ritual on this day, which allows their adherents to ascend to the spiritual heights beyond and return from there renewed and enlightened.
Enlightenment is nothing more than the realization of universal joy and love with one’s whole being.
Many witchcraft, witchcraft, and pagan European schools organized sexual rituals and ceremonies on this day, many of which were associated with the cult of fertility.
The original Christian mystical school celebrated this day as the day of Love and Joy. After all, Christianity was originally a religion of love and joy, not a religion of suffering.
It is not recommended to cultivate abstinence and conduct any ascetic practices during this period. Freedom of spirit and enlightenment is achieved not by setting more and more restrictions, but just the opposite, by destroying any obstacles and boundaries. Just as Love knows no barriers and God is infinite, so a person should strive for the same in his spiritual quest.
On this day, you have the opportunity to get out of another prison of your unnecessary principles and limitations and feel that everything is a part of everything, and all beings and phenomena in the Universe are connected by only one thread – Love. And as soon as you set a rule for yourself, for example, refusing to communicate with representatives of other religions, etc., you simply break the Thread of Love and remain alone, cut off from the life of the entire Universe. Therefore, the seventeenth lunar day is the day of returning to Freedom!