14th lunar day

14th lunar day

General description

It has two names: “Call” and “Trumpet”. There is a process of using different sources of information, which can result in the opening of the third eye, sometimes it opens spontaneously. The third eye is the Tri-kutta chakra. On this day, one should read and study sacred texts.
It is necessary to be attentive and watch what happens to you on this day, what you are called to do, what you are provoked to do. By this call, you will evaluate the level at which you are. Since the process of opening sources of information is underway, the affairs started on the 14th lunar day already initially carry complete information that will contribute to their implementation. The 14th lunar day is the day to start new business. You should try to lay down as many cycles as possible (calls, draft contracts, etc.). The business started today will go on by itself, as if by itself, due to the fact that it immediately covered enough information. New sources of information will also constantly be included and adjust your case, contributing to its success.
Do not eat very bitter and sweet foods. It is good to eat almonds. On this day, you need to drink less, because with the liquid of this day comes “dirt”. You should do cleansing practices, but without water. It is good to use “dry” fasting. It is useful to do physical work on this day, which also realizes this energy.
You should not overload your eyesight, although you should study sacred texts, but not to the point of exhaustion. You should not do any magical practices. On the 14th lunar day, it is not recommended to inhale odors; it is better not to use perfume, deodorants, etc. You should not look in the mirror, especially in full length.
In a mirror, we see the reflected world, so we often don’t look like ourselves. If we look for a long time, we can go to the world of the Looking Glass on the day of the invocation. This is very serious, so it is better not to practice it.
The intestines are associated with this day. It is favorable to cleanse the intestines, but it is better to use laxatives than enemas.
The center associated with the 14th lunar day is Manipura, and it is located just above the navel, where negative emotions burn.
Violations of the recommendations of the day lead to intestinal upset. And this means that you are too slagged off, and you don’t hear what you are being called to do.
People born on the 14th lunar day are bound to have a vocation in life. As a rule, they feel it very early. And if they find it, it determines their whole life. Such people are ready for a feat, they are always waiting for a call, they have a greater adaptability to life, they are able to call others to follow them. If they do not develop, they become very cunning, can disguise themselves, are very squeamish and excessive in their eating. People born on the 14th day have prophetic dreams. And other people can have prophetic dreams on the 14th lunar day.


The dream symbols of this period do not carry any important information, their only purpose is to draw your attention to some aspect of your personality that you do not constantly notice. Therefore, everything you see in your dreams on the fourteenth lunar day is the key to that part of yourself that has not yet been realized. Why don’t you finally try to activate it, realize its potential, and turn it from a liability into an asset. Try it!


Very vulnerable eyes. It is necessary to work at the computer as little as possible, refrain from reading and watching TV. Contemplation of water, sky or just the horizon line will be useful. Watching the sunrise and sunset is especially healing. It restores eye strength, cures many eye diseases (of course, if done daily) and relieves eye fatigue. It is undesirable to smoke or be near smokers at this time.


This is a special day for the Dongzhuang. The girl or woman you’ve been courting for a long time can finally be won over today. But you need to remember that if the attempt fails, you can already put an end to your relationship. In short, if today does not end with a romantic evening, then you will not succeed with the object of your desires. The fourteenth lunar day is the last chance.
This day is very favorable for starting a new sexual relationship in couples. You can try some new technique or methodology or simply indulge in sex, especially since there is not much of it on the fourteenth lunar day. Try having sex where you have never had it before and in a way you have never done it before.


The food on this day can be anything, as long as you like it and it is fresh. Remember: yesterday’s borscht or reheated porridge is poison.
Eating some almonds is helpful. Try to drink as much juice as possible, especially fruit juices.
You shouldn’t go hungry; during this lunar period, you should have enough strength to accomplish your tasks.


The fourteenth lunar day is a difficult time for business, as a decision made now cannot be corrected until the beginning of the next lunar month. So before you do anything, think carefully, weigh the pros and cons, review everything carefully – have you taken everything into account? And only then say: “Let’s go!” Regarding the decisions you made earlier, you still have a chance to reconsider them, fix something in them and change them before the process gets out of your control. Do not be lazy to review your decisions once again to be able to take advantage of the chance offered by this lunar day in case you find any shortcomings and miscalculations.
Organizational issues are very good during this period. If you have any administrative problems, this is the time to solve them. All operations to organize business documents are also successful on the fourteenth lunar day.


During this period, you should ask the oracle only about the main issues of vital importance. This is the most favorable time to divine on topics related to divine destiny.
The diviner has the opportunity to somehow change the future, to make another attempt to influence the course of events. But if he misses this chance, then by the beginning of the next lunar month, his fate will turn into a fate that he will not be able to change. For this reason, astrologers recommend that only those who do not perceive their fate passively but take an active part in its creation should tell fortunes now. If you do not change anything today by turning to the oracle, events will go even worse. So you need to remember, if you are not going to change anything in your life, it is better to refuse to divine on this day.
Divination “Apple pendulum”
Take a live apple and hang it by a string, that is, make a pendulum out of it. Now you can ask the apple any questions.
If the apple moves from one side to the other in response to the question:
– moves from one side to the other – the answer is “no”;
– moves from you to you – the answer is “yes”.


Some esoteric schools suggest starting new spiritual practices and contemplative exercises during this period.
Often, on the fourteenth lunar day, preparations were made for a ritual to be performed on the next lunar day. Energy cleansing was performed, and the day was spent in prayer or mantra recitation. Magical tools were prepared, medicinal preparations were made, and so on.
In special cases, this time was spent in complete silence, secluded in the forest or mountains. This practice contributed to rapid spiritual growth.
On the fourteenth lunar day, purification rituals are performed to expel evil spirits. It is believed that if you have not been able to remove an insidious entity from an area before, you can try again on this lunar day. And if this time the attempt was unsuccessful, it was said that this place should be sacrificed to the local spirits. No more attempts were made to exorcise the spirits. Sacrifices were made to them and special spells were read to keep them from leaving the area.