During the influence of the Moon in Aquarius, people become friendly with everyone. The energy of this sign makes people sensitive, sociable, and gifted with a rich imagination. With these qualities, we can assist others in life difficulties by providing them with moral support.

Most likely, you will now feel the idealistic influence of the Moon, and you will no longer want, as you did a few days ago, to distance yourself from others. You will feel the need to discuss your thoughts and feelings with anyone willing to listen. There may be some excessive straightforwardness on your part, which may startle your conversational partners. However, your shock effect from your own expressions will not scare them; on the contrary, the stronger your words shock them, the more entertaining it will be for you.

During this period, it is essential to focus on your attractiveness. You will be able to inspire others with your enthusiasm or the brightness of your imagination. However, the influence you will create on the public will only come from your external manifestation, as emotions will remain quite restrained.

Emotionally, people tend to seek solitude during this time. The distance between you and the outside world will prevent outsiders from entering your emotional life. This will strengthen the feeling in others that you do not allow them to get close to you or that you hide behind external sensitivity and spontaneity.

The desire for freedom in people in these few days may become paramount, which perfectly corresponds to the feeling of emotional detachment, distancing from everyone. And when someone tries to provoke us into closer relationships, we will feel as if we are being chained. It is necessary to transfer friendly initiative to friends and family during this time and jointly build common plans for leisure or work, and let everyone actively participate in them. With this approach, we will feel free and simultaneously satisfy the need for communication.

Avoid situations where you may come under someone else’s influence. During the period of the Moon in Aquarius, it will be very difficult for you to be under someone else’s influence or follow someone else’s instructions. Try to work on your own projects during this time. You will feel freer and happier if you take control of your life.