16th lunar day

16th lunar day

General description

It is called “Butterfly” or “Dove”. It is a day of balance between the physical and astral bodies.
On this day, it is useful to do physical exercises that promote harmony. The easiest way is to swing from right to left on semi-bent legs, spread wider than shoulders. This way you balance your central energy axis. The leg that has the greater load will receive the excess energy. Thus, by moving the body from one leg to the other with a straight back and a relaxed spine, we establish a state of balance.
On the 16th lunar day, one should engage in peacemaking and perform ritual ablutions, especially if the Moon is in Aquarius.
Ritual ablutions.
Ritual ablutions are performed with consecrated water, i.e., you should not wash in the shower, but from a basin. It is necessary to pour water into a basin and bless it with a cross, or in clockwise circles (with your open right palm, make circles over the water 3-10 times, you can do more). The water temperature is room temperature. Then you begin the ritual ablution. Usually, one washes from top to bottom. The ritual ablution is performed on the contrary. We wash ourselves from the feet and run a washcloth from the bottom up, starting with the leg (a woman with the left leg, and a man with the right leg). The movements are made constantly from the bottom up. Then we wash the second leg, then the front and back. We wash our hands in the same way, starting from the fingertips.
After that, you can wash cleanly, hygienically, as usual. This process requires attention, and, as a rule, is a bit annoying, because these are unnatural movements for us. But we have to remember that every movement seems to remove a layer of dirt and negativity from us, and the physical and astral bodies are being purified. If the water is dirty, you can change it.
Then we wash our heads in different water and in a different basin, because our body belongs to the earthly world, and our head belongs to the divine world. After that, if you want, you can take a shower, and then you need to do a ritual rinse. You pour water into a basin again, bless it, and pour it over your head. After that, you can pour the holy water you took in the church on your head.
This is an amazing ritual, you will immediately feel the result. If you pour the holy water before the ritual ablution, your problems will be exchanged for many small problems.
On this day, you cannot shout and behave unceremoniously. You have to be calm and not disturb the harmony, no matter what happens to you on this day. That is, you should try your best to be in a state of harmony and balance, even if someone has offended you.
Violation of the harmony of this day (envy, aggression, anger) leads to a fall, even if you have been purified in the previous month. This can negate all previous practices. Sex on this day is contraindicated, but not as strictly as on the 15th lunar day.
You can’t eat mushrooms and animal food. You shouldn’t negotiate anything on this day, eat foods that bear phallic symbols, such as carrots. It is unfavorable to feed birds on this day, although it is the day of the pigeon.
A butterfly undergoes a very strong transformation. First it is a caterpillar, then a pupa, and then a butterfly. The life of a butterfly lasts only 9 days.
This day for us should be the final of the previous 15 days, the practice of renewal, purification. It is good to meditate on the symbols that name the days. This will help to concentrate and reach the level of the processes that take place every lunar day. Therefore, on this day, it is favorable to look at a butterfly, read about butterflies, pigeons.
There is a zodiac, each degree of which corresponds to an animal. The planets in this degree will manifest themselves through the specific behavior of this animal. If you were born on the day of Rahu (23″ Taurus) and read about Rahu, you will be able to understand your problems one day. Likewise, if we think about the symbols associated with the lunar day, our problems will appear in a different light, and we will see what was previously hidden.
The spleen is associated with the 16th lunar day. It needs to be cleaned. The Manipura chakra corresponds to this day.
Improper use of the energy of this day, shouting, anger will lead to blood diseases. If clothes are soiled on this day, it is also a sign of spiritual impurity. A butterfly is like the result of a temporary process. Therefore, people born on this day can work with time and can unconsciously correct the past. People who are not developing have a feeling that they are being limited. And often their lives are spent fighting against these limitations. Such people need to realize that all these restrictions are illusory and that they are actually the freest people. Such people are given the opportunity to achieve a very high goal, because their soul is free – they were born on a full moon in opposition, the Moon to the Sun. They usually have problems between the spirit and the soul, but they are given enormous energy to use this freedom. People of a high spiritual level who realize these spiritual heights in themselves are usually very merciful and do not judge others. Those born on the 16th lunar day should strive for this. We do not have the right to judge other people, but can only draw our own conclusions in terms of how we react to our own lives. High-level people born on this day like to dress in light-colored clothes and have one unique ability – they can unconsciously build a phantom, their mental models often live independently. For example, if they see someone as a strong defender, their thought thus charges this person, and will act on the astral-mental plane. But we get what we deserve for everything, including the phantom we create – reward or punishment. Therefore, people on the 16th lunar day should watch their thoughts and remember that they may not be able to cope with their patterns. If you catch yourself thinking a bad thought, you should immediately get rid of it. How? It all depends on the element that prevails in you. But you should always try not to develop a bad thought.


By and large, the images of dreams on a given lunar day do not carry any important information, but if you have a disturbing dream, this is a signal that you have not relaxed. You definitely need to learn how to relax your muscles and mind. Inside you are very tense and constantly worried about trifles. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately engage in some sedative practices.
The ideal way to do this is to perform one of the yoga poses – shavasana. As a rule, the dreams of this lunar period contain simply chaotic layers of different impressions, so do not attach much importance to them and try to interpret them. This is due to the fact that in a sense, in the sixteenth lunar day, not only the physical body of a person is cleansed, but also his subconscious, that is, “psychological” toxins are brought out. So don’t worry about the events or images you dream about, take it easy. You should not focus on them so much, because, as a rule, on the sixteenth lunar day, a person has strange dreams, which usually cause surprise or even fear, which is why a person begins to feverishly interpret what he or she has seen, to look for the meaning of dreams in various kinds of interpreters and dream books. Do not turn into thoughtless fatalists. It’s just a process of purification and nothing more, and if you dwell on it, your fears will really come true. So, sleep well, no matter what you dream.


The sixteenth lunar day is very favorable for cleansing procedures, ablutions, herbal baths, aromatherapy sessions, and similar procedures.
It should be remembered that this time is not intended for active but passive rest. The best way to spend the sixteenth lunar day is not in a kayaking trip, but in quiet communication with nature.
Of course, this does not mean that you have to sit around and watch TV all day. No, it doesn’t. But you shouldn’t overexert yourself either. You need to give your body time to rest and gain new strength after the previous active lunar days.
All kinds of cleansing practices will be very useful and successful. They will help the body get rid of accumulated toxins and stress, thereby making it possible to enter the new lunar phase refreshed and ready for new achievements.
Bleeding procedures are especially useful on the sixteenth lunar day. Therefore, it is highly recommended to eat more turmeric.
Workouts that require the participation of a partner, as well as couples yoga or massage will be successful.


On the sixteenth lunar day, it is advisable to completely abstain from sexual intercourse. This is a day of rest in all areas. It is best to give each other a good, relaxing massage with oils.
Casual sexual intercourse is very undesirable during this period, no matter how tempted you are – do not give in. All such encounters end in serious health problems. In general, any adventurous ventures in sexual terms are unacceptable in this leriod. Remember, on the sixteenth lunar day – no sex, no eroticism, only rest.


On the sixteenth lunar day, it is not recommended to fast, because in the previous days the body has lost a lot of strength, which must be restored with all possible efforts. The food should be nourishing, but you should not overeat. Overeating doesn’t give your body more calories, but rather, it takes more energy to digest the food itself. That is, you will achieve the exact opposite effect.
It is best to give up fish and meat at this time to give the body the opportunity to regain its strength and not interfere with its self-cleaning. Any rough food will only interfere with the cleansing process, thereby creating new problems.
Moreover, at this time, meat simply cannot be properly digested by the body, because all the body’s forces are aimed at getting rid of toxins. Only food saturated with positive vibrations is digested. And meat, as you know, does not carry positive energy.
As mentioned above, the sixteenth lunar day is the time of blood renewal, so it is very useful to eat dishes flavored with turmeric or drink milk infused with turmeric and fennel. Try to make a large part of your menu fruits and vegetables, as well as simple soups and whole grain cereals.
Alcoholic beverages and products of synthetic origin, unnatural sweets are strictly prohibited on this day. It is also advisable to refrain from eating mushrooms, as they can cause undesirable effects.


Astrological schools of thought differ in their views on the sixteenth lunar day from a business perspective. Some argue that fuss and noise should be avoided during this period, and it is better to devote it to establishing comfort in the work team.
Other astrologers say that on this lunar day, everything is successful in terms of business, especially what is related to partnership. It’s good for exchanges, contracts, and the creation of alliances and companies. It is difficult to establish who is right, but both agree that on the sixteenth lunar day, in any situation, you need to be calm and balanced, never shout or show aggressive emotions, as all this can disrupt harmony and lead to undesirable consequences.


At this time, you can ask questions regarding career advancement, career, and political forecasts.
The most accurate predictions on this lunar day will be those related to social activities, while inaccuracies may arise in the spiritual and inner world.
By the way, it should be said that some astrological schools advise to refrain from any kind of divination on the sixteenth lunar day, explaining that the day is intended exclusively for rest.
Divination by fire about career
You need to divine in the evening in a pine forest or oak grove, in complete silence. In an open space, fold the material for the fire so that there are pine cones in the center and oak bark around it.
Gently light the fire, concentrate, formulate and say your deepest wish out loud three times, then bide your time and watch the fire.
– the flame flares up quickly, broadly and cheerfully – your career will be rapid, bright, and most importantly, stable, neither gossip nor envy can change anything;
– the flame burns slowly, with a thin wick – the path to the top will be thorny, but do not despair, show perseverance, and fortune will turn to you;
– oak bark burns slowly, with a weak fire, but as the flame approaches the pine cones, the fire becomes stronger and stronger – you will reach certain heights in your career in adulthood, and the beginning of your career will not be marked by any special events;
– the oak bark will catch fire with a strong flame, but as you approach the cones, the fire will begin to fade – the peak of your career will be in the earlier stages of your career, and closer to old age, career growth will stop.


Almost all mystical schools conduct purification procedures during this lunar period. In general, the whole day is intended for meditation. Rituals or magical ceremonies are not recommended, and in some traditions are even strictly prohibited.
The esoteric school of Tibet suggests that on the sixteenth lunar day, perform paired spiritual exercises associated with the harmonization of female and male energy. For example, doing couple’s yoga or joint tantric meditation. On this day, choral recitation of mantras or reading of sacred texts are very welcome.