26th lunar day

26th lunar day

General description

The twenty-sixth lunar day is named “Frog” or “Swamp.” This day involves a process of attraction through one’s achievements. It is a very dangerous day for us. One must be very attentive to contacts and only communicate based on inner sympathy. On this day, energy is usually lost in conversations, so it is not recommended to talk too much.

The 26th lunar day calls for restraint, fasting, and relaxation. One should avoid dental work. Starting any new endeavors on this day is futile; everything becomes bogged down, like in a swamp. Beneficial activities include baths and massage, as sweating leads to significant purification. It’s essential to avoid smoke, which can distort our self-perception, and illusions hinder a proper self-assessment.

The 26th lunar day is dangerous for robberies, not only on a physical level but also in terms of thoughts and emotions. Therefore, it’s best not to rush, exhibit pride, or arrogance.

It’s advised not to eat round vegetables (such as cabbage, turnips, etc.) on the 26th lunar day. The best foods for this day are potatoes, fish, and herbs.

This day provides access to a Teacher, so one must be selective in contacts. This person will say what is needed at the right moment. Be attentive to those who praise you and those who lead you astray. It’s better to accept someone who scolds and tells you that you are wrong.

Seeing a person with full buckets or bags on this day, especially when leaving the house for the first time, is very favorable. There are special practices for leaving the house. While inside, you are under protection, but when leaving, you must consciously close the door behind you. Crossing the threshold, mentally understand that you have protection in another world. Any protective words will do when crossing the threshold. The threshold is a purifying place. If it’s worked on, it won’t let enemies through.

But often we leave our homes just like that. It’s essential to look in the mirror and take your doppelganger with you. If a person forgets something and returns, they should look in the mirror again when leaving for the second time. You can look at your nails. Fingers and nails are the exits of energetic channels. If you connect all four fingers, attach the thumb to them, look at both hands, and say, “Bare nails, bare eyes to evil people,” this will protect you from curses for the whole day, then spit three times over your left shoulder. You can repeat this three times. On our left side is a demon, and on the right is a guardian angel. Whenever you hear something bad, don’t take it personally; many people want to curse us. It’s better to say, “Away from me.”

The 26th day is associated with the Kundalini chakra. We can track incorrect self-esteem by how people treat us on this day. If a person is strongly tempted by their ego, they will be ridiculed and teased, both in trivial matters and genuinely. A good practice is not to identify with anything, that is, accept everything and perceive everything as transient, especially if the 26th lunar day falls on a Monday. Imagine yourself as a stone on the road, around which events take place. This is the practice of Monday, and it’s very useful to practice it on the 26th lunar day. You shouldn’t identify with anything but accept what’s happening as a spectacle.

People born on the 26th lunar day lead very complex, difficult lives because they undergo a constant process of self-assessment. It’s better for them to remain silent since they lose energy in conversations. Typically, such individuals intuitively sense this and remain silent. One way to raise their spiritual level is to fulfill their promises. This will contribute to the realization of the energy they possess. It’s difficult but necessary. In general, people born in the fourth phase of the Moon have extensive experience. They’ve been tempted by many things and understand how to live correctly.


The dream images of this period reflect the “shadow” side of the human personality, particularly the subconscious realm associated with harmful habits and addictions. Dreams show individuals who they will become if they cannot transform their negative traits into positive ones.


Those engaged in sports are advised to take a break today or at least reduce their training load by half. Health is currently very vulnerable, and even minor triggers can exacerbate existing conditions or lead to injuries.

Today, massages and cosmetic procedures are beneficial, as well as working with acupuncture points.


It is better to refrain from sexual relations during the twenty-sixth lunar day because they will not lead to the expected satisfaction. All casual sexual encounters and sex with strangers are equally contraindicated today.

Women are advised not to go out in the evening as there is a high risk of being assaulted.

It is quite harmful for women to consume alcohol on the twenty-sixth lunar day. Starting with a glass of wine, you are likely to end up in bed with a stranger by the end of the evening.


On the twenty-sixth lunar day, meat, fish, eggs, seafood, and mushrooms are strictly prohibited. The simpler the dish on this day, the better. Those who practice periodic fasting can fast or perform cleansing rituals.


On the twenty-sixth lunar day, it is considered a dangerous period for business. If possible, it’s better to postpone any financial transactions, refrain from signing contracts, operations, and any trading activities. It is believed that all business matters on this day are doomed to failure, even if initially everything seems to be going well. Serious and significant scandals, quarrels, and conflicts may arise within the working team during this time. It is recommended to arrange leisure time for all employees or organize work in such a way that it is easy and does not require extra effort.
Ambitions may be stirred up on the twenty-sixth lunar day, leading to disputes over authority that may escalate into relationship issues. Be cautious and avoid arrogance, as it could lead to significant losses.


It is advisable to refrain from any form of divination during this lunar period because, according to many astrological and mystical schools, engaging in divination during this period may allow harmful astral influences to enter our world, leading to trouble.


The twenty-sixth lunar day is considered favorable by the Tibetan astrological school for visiting one’s spiritual teacher, guru, or for attending a church or temple. It’s a good period for making offerings, sacrifices, performing guru pujas (worship of the teacher), and so on.