7th lunar day

7th lunar day

General description

The symbols of the day are the Wand, the Wind Rose, the Sraoshi, and the Keys. It is difficult for us to consider and comprehend all 4 levels at once. Let us consider the process of the day, and through meditation we can come to the concept of all the symbols of the day. On this day, the elements and spirits of nature are revealed and unleashed. On the 7th lunar day, you need to learn and say living prayers. You can work on speech correction, correct stuttering, and get rid of parasitic words. You should not talk a lot on this day, nor burden yourself with unnecessary worries. On the 7th lunar day, anxiety and worry are an independent and voluntary yoke on oneself. On this day, you can not lie, eat chicken and eggs, because the day is associated with the rooster (Sraoshi). It is unfavorable to break dishes, tear paper, letters and pull teeth.
The lungs and the Vishudha chakra are associated with this day. If a person does not properly use the energy of the 7th lunar day, he may get a sore throat, pneumonia.
Vishudha and the lungs are also connected with Mercury, that is, with the hands, so it is recommended to load the hands on this day. If you see a fighting rooster in a dream on this day, it is a warning of an impending disaster.
People born on the 7th lunar day are also of different levels. Some are superficial people like “weathercocks” – spinning around and having no direction, gossip gatherers. Those who have found their direction in life can become natural magicians because they have an innate ability to communicate with the spirits of nature. And if such a person takes the path of light, he can be an evangelist.


You should pay close attention to the words you hear in your dreams – they contain the message addressed to you. Anyone who can correctly interpret the meaning of words heard in a dream will discover a lot of useful things, because they reflect the subconscious mind, which expresses itself in a dream through words on the seventh lunar day.
It is advisable to write down the words spoken in a dream after waking up and compare them with what you hear again on the next seventh lunar day. A stunning discovery awaits you. If in a dream you see an image that is significant for you, that is, that personifies the highest authority, high wisdom, and so on, then everything that will be said is a direct revelation to you. For example, if a believer sees Jesus Christ, the Mother of God, or John the Theologian in a dream during this period, then everything said should be taken into account.


The most vulnerable organs on the seventh lunar day are the throat and chest, so treat them with special attention. The best preventive measure is to perform various breathing exercises.
Smoking is very dangerous on this day, it can lead to serious chest diseases, even cancer. For this reason, if possible, refrain from cigarettes or at least reduce their number as much as possible
On the seventh lunar day, all organs related to breathing are very vulnerable, even the nostrils can be affected. For this reason, the Indian astrological tradition recommends performing jala-neti or other cleansing practices of the nasal cavity, throat, and lungs during this period.
It will be very useful to spend a short period of silence, at least half a day. This will give your nervous system a good rest, help restore mental strength and give your vocal cords a long-awaited rest.
If you experience a severe cough, hoarseness, or back pain at the level of the lungs on the seventh lunar day, this is an important signal that you should think about whether something in your life is going wrong. First of all, pay attention to the way you communicate, to your vocabulary – is there too much parasitic words, expressions of aggression, hatred and destructive phrases? Remember that “speech diseases” always lead to diseases of the body and mind. That is why any pain, malaise or uncomfortable sensations in the above-mentioned organs are very disturbing signals, figuratively speaking, an SOS from your body. It’s time to change something, otherwise the chance to improve your health will be missed, and who knows, maybe later it will be possible to change something only surgically.
Many astrological schools advise to refrain from dental treatment on this lunar day.


Sex on the seventh lunar day, if possible, should be unhurried, with a long love prelude with various love games, lots of gentle words, unusual compliments and reading poetry (naturally, about love).
During this period, reading erotic literature together is highly encouraged, but erotic literature, not pornographic.
The main thing is more words about love, do not skimp on mutual compliments. Remember that on the seventh lunar day, all words eventually become reality, and if you tell your husband, wife, lover or mistress that they are charming and sexy, they will be.
The moon is calling you to romantic, passionate, hot sex, so don’t refuse it!


It is very important to avoid eating meat and eggs during this time. They can contribute to the “overload” of the body, since a very powerful flow of lunar energy is already passing through it.
A variety of herbal teas are very useful on the seventh lunar day. If you don’t have any, you can drink green tea, but it’s better to give up black tea.
The rest of the diet can be any, the main thing is to eat a little less roughage, more fruits and aromatic herbs.
Fruits that do not grow in the ground are very useful for the body now, mainly fruits – apples, dates, cherries, apricots, grapes, and so on.


Since the seventh lunar day is associated with the magic of words, it is best to devote them to negotiations, convincing partners and investors, establishing new personal connections, interviews, campaigns, conferences, and similar events where the basis is the word spoken aloud. For example, if you need to convince someone to become your sponsor, do it on the seventh lunar day. Just remember, a dispute during this period will lead to very serious consequences – the severance of business relations or sad results.
Also, expressing concerns or doubts aloud on the seventh lunar day is fraught with trouble. All of them tend to come true. It is better to stay calm, conduct financial affairs with dignity and do not be afraid of anything. Bosses are now encouraged to express verbal gratitude and compliments to their subordinates. This will help to establish friendlier relations in the team, and thus increase productivity. Subordinates, on the seventh lunar day, can address their bosses with various requests. Only your speech should be well thought out and planned, because you have every chance of both succeeding and failing because of rash words.
It is very useful for those involved in the business world to help, sponsor and support people of creativity – writers, poets, singers and artists – in every way possible. Such acts of patronage will definitely pay off and bring considerable benefits over time.


Fortune telling during this lunar period is highly accurate, but it is advisable to turn to the oracle with questions concerning your inner world, spiritual problems, and relationships with people, that is, those related to communication.
Divination on a friend
Take coconut flakes and blind human figures from them with sweet water or brew. There should be as many figures as you have friends. Put the figures on the table, under each one you need to put a leaf with the name of a friend.
Wait twelve hours. Figures that fall apart by twelve hours are not real friends.
Divination “Who is my enemy?”
Take a cup of water and throw pumpkin seeds into it one by one, repeating the names out loud. Whichever name the seeds come into contact with each other is your enemy.


Due to the fact that everything spoken aloud at this time has great power, all esoteric traditions advise devoting the seventh lunar day to prayer practices, reading sacred texts, reciting mantras, chanting zikra, reciting dharana or performing other spiritual exercises, and working with words.
Often, mystics advise to spend the seventh lunar day in strict silence. This contributes to a deeper knowledge of one’s true nature. Some esoteric schools offer their adherents to take vows of silence for the entire lunar month, combined with the reading of silent prayers or other religious texts.
It is believed that this also contributes to the acquisition of extraordinary abilities.
Tibetan astrologers say that it is good to start pilgrimages during this period, which, of course, are preceded by the utterance of the sacred word.