This sign symbolizes balance, and the influence of the Moon during this period is aimed at balancing our emotions. Taurus is an earth sign, so moments of indecision can be expected, although it would be more accurate to say that there will only be occasional moments of certainty in a sea of indecision. During the influence of the Moon in Taurus, it can be very difficult for us to understand our state, despite feeling it on some level.

During the few days the Moon spends in Taurus, people often feel insecure and inattentive. Even the simplest decisions now require significant effort, such as whether to eat at home or elsewhere, which movie to rent, which music album to listen to, what to wear… During this time, people more often than ever forget to take their keys when going somewhere, forget where they’re heading, or even get confused about how to correctly fill out an address on an envelope.

Under the influence of the Moon in Taurus, we feel the need not only for our own emotional balance but also for others to create a similarly calm environment around us. Any disharmony in others’ behavior suppresses our sense of fairness and forces us to express our emotions openly.

In relationships with loved ones, we feel a resurgence of warmth in feelings. The influence of the Moon in Taurus strengthens the need for partnership, both in romantic relationships and in business relations. This need can border on a sense of one’s own danger or vulnerability. It may be wise to postpone making important decisions related to new partnerships or the development of other relationships for a few days until the feeling of unreliability caused by the Moon’s influence subsides. During this period, people often expect from others the same attitude toward them as they show toward others.

Believing in oneself during this period is very difficult at best. We have everything we need to hear our inner voice, but we are unlikely to want to heed its advice. An emotional vulnerability will be a side effect of the influence of the Moon in Taurus. Additionally, we may feel somewhat out of place. Relief should come from within. And most likely, during this time, we will want to seek it through relationships with people close to us.

Overall, this phase of the Moon is favorable for love. People feel a yearning for romance in their hearts and begin to appreciate beauty, which can now be seen in almost everything. Your charm and diplomacy will allow you to easily establish contacts with people. The inability to make decisions passes. However, it is necessary to try to avoid situations that require making decisions.

Under the influence of the Moon in Taurus, people become so indecisive that life seems like nothing more than a frivolous pastime. It’s understandable that such indecisiveness can irritate those around them.