People whose moon sign is Taurus value comfort, stability, and reliability. Taurus is a feminine earth sign.

Under the influence of this lunar sign, our patience noticeably increases. We become more sensitive in our relationships with others, at least until we reach the limit of our endurance. However, if we cross that line, we may explode like a nova, and our primal instincts take over. The Moon in Taurus strengthens our willpower; this time favors the completion of previously initiated projects. Under certain phases of the Moon and other circumstances, the influence of the Moon in Taurus may be perceived as negative. Energy dips are possible. Taurus is the first earth sign the Moon passes through. It promotes grounding, allowing us to take root, much like an old tree. There may be a desire to withdraw from everything that is happening, not to interfere with anything; just take a nap for a while. But when we capture the positive influence of the Moon in Taurus, our energy significantly increases and becomes harmonious.

The energy of the Moon in Taurus has a very favorable effect on some people: it gives them cheerfulness and a surge of strength.

The time of the lunar influence in Taurus is not conducive to major changes. Changing a set course is risky; it is unlikely to be beneficial unless there are very serious motives behind it. It is better to choose stability and steadfastness, which will increase your inner strength and sense of happiness.

Such a lunar position does not predispose people to altruism. Both the lunar and solar signs of Taurus are characterized by materialistic qualities. And during the Moon’s stay in Taurus, we feel these qualities within ourselves. If we borrow something from others, we should handle these things very carefully. The period of the Moon in Taurus is very suitable for resolving financial issues.

Business qualities are enhanced during this time, and financial matters cease to seem complicated and unclear. When the Moon is in earth signs, especially in Taurus, learn to save, as the desire to collect money is enhanced during this time.

The materialistic influence of this sign will also manifest itself in the desire to buy things that you could easily do without at other times. Many people, especially women, feel tempted to make any purchase during this time, which can be difficult to overcome. The best compromise in this situation is to go shopping for groceries.

This lunar period increases the sense of security. But the Moon in Taurus not only enhances feelings of confidence and patience but also makes us more stubborn and persistent. Once you find what you need, you may be willing to pay any price for it without hesitation. Particularly, your perseverance will be evident concerning something you have long desired if it is attractive and appealing to you.

The inner strength and stubbornness of Taurus, combined with its practical nature, will help you achieve any goal, provided the process was initiated in advance. The Moon in Taurus usually allows for two options: just sit and wait for things to happen on their own, or finish what has already been started. New beginnings during this period will usually be simply impossible.

The Moon in Taurus will inspire you to provide support to others and care for them. You may even be described as a sensitive nature. The interaction of the transits of the Moon in Taurus with your planets in the opposite sign of Scorpio, as well as the interaction of the Moon in Taurus with your planets in the sign of Cancer, will reveal your romantic side. Starting new romantic or friendly relationships in this position of the Moon is not recommended, but the development of existing relationships promises to be successful.