When the Moon is in the sign of Pisces, it heightens our sensitivity, empathy, and extrasensory abilities. The Moon in Pisces enhances self-expression and intuition more than any other sign. Difficulties may arise due to our suspicion of others’ thoughts; yielding to external influence, we may disrupt our own feelings and thoughts.

During the influence of the Moon in Pisces, our capacity for empathy can be very strong and even pathological. We will sympathize with absolutely everyone except ourselves, eagerly offering help to anyone in need. Avoid bringing too many stray dogs and cats into your home. Excessive emotional expenditure is dangerous because we may lack emotional energy for those who genuinely need our support. Helping the failures is noble, but it’s essential to listen to our own inner voice, which will indicate when to stop.

When the Moon is in water signs, people’s intuitive abilities significantly increase, especially when the Moon is in Pisces.

At this time, our imagination grows unusually. If you are engaged in creativity, it is the right time for active work in this direction. In fact, the Moon in Pisces is best suited for self-expression, and projects requiring a creative approach become most successful.

Our attention during this period is focused on spiritual topics. This is not surprising, as our self-expression and supernatural abilities are now at their peak. Any efforts in the religious sphere during this time will not be in vain but will bear spiritual fruit. The support that comes to us from above these days will help compensate for the expenditure of emotional energy on those around us.

In romantic matters, it is worth exercising increased caution. During the period of the Moon in Pisces, we view everything through rose-colored glasses. Our feelings may be overly sharpened. Right now, our hearts are open, and we may mistakenly perceive someone else’s feelings as our own.

The time of the Moon in Pisces is a wonderful period. However, it is necessary to be careful and not ignore our inner voice. It is essential to rely on intuition, as it is especially clear now. Attentiveness to the voice of our subconscious serves us well during these days.