15th lunar day

15th lunar day

General description

This is the day of the full moon, when the soul is most free and susceptible to temptation. The spirit is not responsible for mental manifestations, so people born on the full moon have the freest soul. People born on the 14th lunar day are oriented towards a call, people on the 16th lunar day are very harmonious, and people on the 15th lunar day are subject to various temptations.
The names of this day are “Fire Serpent” and “Jackal with Wings”. Read the book “A Spell for the Chameleon” by Benketi Anthony, which describes what a fire serpent and a jackal with wings are. The free soul is tested in astral battles and carnal temptations.
On this day, one should practice all kinds of austerities, conquer one’s flesh, eat lean food, but it should be hot and spicy. You can eat red pepper, beans, barley, and beans. On this day, viburnum is very good for you: it helps to fight carnal temptations and improves memory. Viburnum is a magical plant that has a beneficial effect on memory. On this day, it is good to eat cranberries, red rowan and nettles. These products cleanse the organ associated with the 15th lunar day – the pancreas.
You can drink a decoction, or eat a brew, nettle soup. On this day, you should not eat cabbage, garlic, apples, and you should refrain from sexual relations and not quarrel. This is one of the days of the prohibition of sex. There are two such forbidden days in total. On this day we have to be above carnal urges. It is like a fast, which shows which is stronger in us – the spirit or the flesh.
The 15th lunar day is associated with the pancreas and diaphragm, the Anahata chakra. Violations of this day can lead to stomach pains, in the worst case – to gastritis, ulcers.
One of the remedies for any disease associated with a lunar day is to perform the practices of this day. You should pay attention to the lunar days by the antiphase, by the cross, by the newts. Suppose you have a pain in some organ – it means that you have used the energy of a certain day incorrectly. If you work with this day for several months, with its counterphase, trigonal days, and the stone of the day, you will be able to fix your organ in this way-this is treatment. That is, you restore the circulation of energy associated with this lunar day.
Since this organ receives an inflow of this energy every month, the cells are restored. In addition, you will mentally focus on this organ, tell it that it is being restored, and then it will become healthy. A person changes completely physically in seven years, not a single old cell remains. You can’t do the things of the day, the counter-phase. This is one of the methods of working with lunar days. Of course, we also need to work with the plants of this organ, the stones that the lunar days allow us to include in this process. We still do not use the process of renewal well, which can be directed to a diseased organ. You don’t have to tell a sick organ that it is sick, but, on the contrary, say that young strong blood washes it and makes it stronger and stronger, and helps to renew it.
People born on the 15th lunar day carry very heavy karma. They are very difficult to learn and are not influenced at all, especially if the Moon is in opposition to Jupiter. Often such people have a snake-like nature, from birth they carry this fiery serpent that tempts people on the 15th lunar day. They usually cannot fight themselves and give in to all temptations. They need to realize this and refuse temptations. Such people should constantly cleanse themselves. They may have a disordered pancreas, and as a result, diabetes.
Dreams on the 15th lunar day will be prophetic for the entire month. Sometimes the full moon occurs on the 16th day. So, if the full moon falls on the 15th lunar day, then we should be more attentive to the waning moon. If the full moon occurs on the 16th lunar day, then we can assume that there will be half a month of rest. This happens once or twice a year.


Dreams of the fifteenth lunar day bring up all our positive and negative qualities from the depths of the subconscious. Figuratively speaking, in dreams of this period an angel and a demon come to a person: the angel tries to guide him on the righteous path, and the demon tempts him to sinful deeds.
If your dreams contain more bright images, bright colors, and pleasant events, it means that you need to take even more actions to strengthen your positive qualities. You are on the path to the Light, you cannot stop. If the images are gloomy, they contain dark, dull colors, and the events are disturbing, evoking sadness and fear, then the dark side of your personality has prevailed. You should go to church or spend a day reading prayers.


Due to the fact that the Moon is at the peak of its activity, this is a very dangerous period for the body. Many diseases can suddenly worsen, especially chronic ones. So, for example, if you suffer from frequent headaches, do not overexert yourself and get more rest. If you have a problem with your legs, don’t go on long and strenuous walks.
Much attention should be paid to the pancreas and diaphragm on the fifteenth lunar day. Astrologers recommend doing more meditative exercises during this period, especially hatha yoga.
It will be very useful to get a Reiki session or massage, any kind of massage – Thai, Ayurvedic, Chinese, and so on.
In addition, this is a favorable period for cranio-sacral or tanato therapy.


Sex on the fifteenth lunar day should be vigorous, assertive, active, but without excesses. Any kind of perversion during this period can lead to serious gynecological problems. Casual sex is also highly undesirable, as it can lead to sexually transmitted diseases. It is best to devote this night to love games with the person you really love. The only restriction: no sex between 1 am and 3 am! This is a very dangerous time, it’s better to just sleep through it.


On the fifteenth lunar day, special attention should be paid to the food you eat, as lunar energies will be added to their energetic properties. For this reason, it is strictly forbidden to eat stale foods, as their harmful quality will be amplified by the Moon several times over.
You should refrain from eating very hot spices, overcooked food or very hot food. The menu should include more dishes made from fresh vegetables and fruits, various cereals.
Herbal tea is very useful, while strong tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages are best avoided to avoid unwanted excesses.
Meat can be eaten on this lunar day, but only of good quality and in small quantities.
Some astrological schools strongly recommend eating some viburnum on the fifteenth lunar day.


In terms of business, this is a day of increased activity. Astrologers advise you to finally decide to do something that you could not do before (of course, this does not apply to risky criminal transactions).
But you need to be careful with any actions, as the nature of this lunar day is such that you can either win the jackpot or lose everything you had. Risk shouldn’t be like a whim, it should be the natural outcome of thoughtful and carefully analyzed actions.
Figuratively speaking, such a powerful energy flow of lunar energy should be used only for peaceful purposes.
Be careful, but don’t hold back, trust your intuition and professional skills.


Today, you can ask an oracle about any topic. The only condition that must be fulfilled is to turn only to traditional divination, such as runes, the I Ching, Tarot, Kupala, Christmas, holiday divination, and so on.
All non-traditional divinations on the fifteenth lunar day do not clarify, but only obscure the future, leading the questioner astray.
Divination by fire on the night of Ivan Kupala
Make a large pile of dry oak branches and start a fire. When the flame of the fire rises high into the sky, pull a burning branch out of the fire, say the name of the person you are looking for and, stretching your hand up, wave it from left to right.
If the flame
– does not go out – wait for matchmakers in the fall;
– goes out – you will not get married this year.


Tibetan astrologers consider the day of the full moon to be a special day intended exclusively for meditation and spiritual exercises.
Usually, this time is spent in worship of various deities, keeping silence throughout the day, combined with performing complex meditative exercises. In the Indian esoteric tradition, mantras are recited on the fifteenth lunar day, rituals are performed, sacrificial offerings are made to the fire, and so on.
According to popular belief, witches gather for a coven on the full moon. Indeed, witch schools perform various magical rituals and ceremonies during this period.