19th lunar day

19th lunar day

General description

The symbols of this day are “Grid”, “Web”, “Spider”. The process of astral purification, ethical cleansing of the soul and conscience is underway. On this day, one has to repent, think about their actions and get rid of excessive pride. People who are engaged in their spiritual development on the 19th lunar day have the opportunity to distinguish their thoughts from those of others. Very often, we think with thoughts that are not our own and about things that are not our own. For example, a friend needs to send her child somewhere for the summer, and you ask her: “Where are you sending your child?”. This is not your problem, you have caught her thought, she has just been thinking about it. On the 19th lunar day, you should try to think only about your own problems.
On this day, you should clean your apartment or house. It is favorable to cleanse the house with fire, light a lamp, candle, sit next to a candle, but you must take into account the position of the Moon in the sign. If the Moon is in a fire sign, then you need to cleanse your house or apartment in another way, for example, with incense, surround the room with sacred objects, and say prayers. In any case, on this day we have to cleanse ourselves and the place where we live.
On the 19th lunar day, it is necessary to cleanse the intestines and rectum. The process of astral purification is underway, and it should begin with the physical body, then do the cleansing procedures of the astral body. One has to get rid of negative emotions, anger, envy, irritation. If a person is pure, then the people around him or her on that day will also be purified.
On the 19th lunar day, it is favorable to eat round vegetables, cabbage, and potatoes. On this day, you cannot eat anything long, i.e. carrots, zucchini, cucumbers.
You shouldn’t swear, show pride, and avoid blood-sucking bites. It’s better to put on some kind of lubricant so that no one bites.
You should not pay debts or borrow money, as the symbol of this day is a spider, a net, a web. On this day, a net is thrown over a dirty person, and the process of catching souls is underway. If a person does not purify himself, he will react to the resonant dirt and may be caught.
On this day, you cannot enter into contracts, you cannot allow yourself to be entangled. As a rule, there are often many offers on this day. You have to try not to do this yourself, so as not to cast a net over another person. If you do not work on yourself, you may get stuck in the astral mud on this day, and it will be very difficult to get out of it.
The navel is associated with the 19th lunar day. Through the navel, all evil spirits enter our subtle bodies. If on this day you feel pain or heaviness in the navel, it means that you are caught in the astral web.
Release the navel.
On the 19th lunar day, one should make chopping movements around the navel with the edge of the palm of the right hand. Then, in your mind’s eye, tie your navel again, placing it inside yourself, not outside. In this way, you cut off unnecessary contacts, this will be the cutting of the nets that were thrown before. If you do this every month, you will not have any heavy temptations.
The rectum, appendix, and sigmoid colon are associated with the 19th lunar day. An attack of appendicitis on this day is also a bad sign. If you have constipation or an attack of appendicitis, it means that you carry a lot of harmful thoughts in you, and you are not in good health. Thus, we are made to understand that we need to deal with these issues.
There are two types of people born on the 19th lunar day. The first, those who follow the higher path, are lonely fighters with a pure soul. Often they are not accepted in life, they behave differently from other people, and are not understood by them. They bring light and goodness to the world, which can be seen only by similarly pure souls. A dirty person usually imagines the world as a cluster of impurities. The best people of the 19th day are carriers of the ideals of light and goodness. And this should be taken into account when communicating.
People who follow the low path are very insidious, like to build intrigues, enjoy intrigues, and always try to drag others into their networks.


Dreams of this lunar period reveal the “darkest”, deepest sides of the subconscious. But you should not be afraid of this. If you dream that you are a sexual predator, it does not mean that deep down inside you are one.
The main thing when interpreting dreams of the nineteenth lunar day is not to fall into fatalism and extremes. Such a dream can mean that some part of your sexual nature does not find a way out. For example, if you are a woman, it is quite possible that you play a passive role during sex, while your nature is to be active. Try to show more enthusiasm in your intimate relationships, surprise your lover with assertiveness and imagination.
In general, astrologers advise not to try to interpret dreams of this lunar period on your own, as erroneous conclusions will lead you down the wrong path. It is better to turn to professional interpreters or psychologists working at the intersection of traditional psychology and the occult sciences.


While outdoors, be careful to avoid any insects. Their bites today can cause a non-standard reaction.
The nineteenth lunar day is good for performing Shank Praksha Lana, but not for the first time.
It is advisable to cancel all workouts and classes so as not to get bruises, sprains, and other injuries. At this time, you may feel strong, but this is only an appearance.


The recommendations of all astrological schools for this period are no sex! It is advisable to give up even erotic massage. At most, you can limit yourself to a bath, but in no case a herbal one. Just a bath with warm water, that’s all.
Today it’s better to rest, because, according to astrologers, any sex now will become rape, even if you started it with the most noble feelings and intentions.
Women on the nineteenth lunar day should be very careful – this is the period when sexual predators are most active.


The nineteenth lunar day is very dangerous for health, there is a very high degree of getting various food poisoning, even with foods that have never caused you a negative reaction. So the simpler the diet, the better.


This is a difficult time for businessmen, with various setbacks, unforeseen complications, unpleasant surprises, or nothing happening at all, when you need something to move forward.
Be careful with any news, especially rumors. Check every piece of information carefully, as there is a high probability of either direct deception or the effect of a damaged phone. You should be cautious about accepting new offers. No matter what benefits they promise, it is better to wait two days, and only then, after carefully analyzing and checking everything, agree.
On the nineteenth lunar day, there is a great danger of falling into a trap, under someone else’s influence, and starting to serve someone else’s interests to the detriment of your own. It is very easy to become a slave to other people’s low instincts on this day, and there is a high probability of being involved in some kind of adventure that has a criminal basis. If you are easily influenced by others, then limit your contacts with strangers on this day, and spend more time with your family than at work. You should also be very cautious about people who appear in your life out of nowhere on this day – nine out of ten will bring you more trouble than benefit. And if you are offered to do something that you have never done before and instead of doing something that has been proven by life experience, go for some risky operation, it is better to refuse.
Remember: abandoning a stable system on the nineteenth lunar day will lead to serious destruction in your life and, as a rule, to serious trouble with law enforcement agencies. In short, the shortest road to prison for money fraud opens up before you.
In business at this time, it is useful not to expand the sphere of influence, but, on the contrary, to get rid of unnecessary, barren areas, leaving only the most important and necessary ones, those that really bring profit and further development. For example, in a large network of a large enterprise, there will always be a small branch that has been idle for a long time. It makes sense to close it down and redirect the funds to another, more promising direction.
Astrologers warn that a person who boasts of money on the nineteenth lunar day dooms himself to bankruptcy or risks being robbed soon. People with a lot of money now need to be “quieter than water, lower than grass”.


Divination is strictly forbidden, because during this period the negative astral essence is very active, which penetrates our world during divination. During real divination, the veil between the worlds is lifted, and a person who does not have the appropriate training can “bear” all kinds of evil spirits and harmful entities from the lower layers of the astral world.


The Christian esoteric tradition strongly advises to visit a church on the nineteenth lunar day to spend the day in prayer and penance.
Some magical schools at this time organized magical trials similar to the Celtic “Night of the Wild Hunt”.
The law of the magical test states that if you defeat your opponent, all his power passes to you. But for this to happen, he must match your level, or better yet, surpass it. If the opponent is obviously weaker than you, then if you win, you will not only not gain his magical power, but will lose half of yours.
To protect yourself and your home, try to keep a lighted candle in the house during the entire lunar day, and stay close to the fire yourself – it will drive away evil spirits and astral entities.