13th lunar day

13th lunar day

General description

The day is called “Wheel” and “Spinning Wheel”. On this day the mind is transmuted. On the 12th lunar day, a person has acquired it, and now he has the opportunity to receive revelations. Alchemy of the spirit takes place and the process of astral energy flowing through the channels intensifies. This energy is called prana or chi.
On the 13th day, it is necessary to engage in channel cleansing, breathing exercises, and mental cleansing in order to facilitate the process of alchemy of thought, transmutation of the mind and spirit. The 13th lunar day is conducive to the accumulation of information. Therefore, it is good to set up learning cycles, especially if it falls on a Wednesday and on a higher week.
This day is also associated with karma, because the wheel is our life, and the spinning wheel is the thread of life. We have to think about our karma, what we are doing at this stage of life, what karma we are winding on the spinning wheel of our life, and what we have loaded on this wheel over the past years. This will be facilitated by working with threads – any unwinding, unwinding, etc.
It is favorable to be in contact, in a group. The thirteenth day is a day of food, like the fifth day. It will be good to load the stomach, especially since it is the second quarter. In the second quarter of the moon, it is good to eat a lot, and especially on the 13th lunar day, because the transformation of the spirit goes through the food we eat. The thirteenth day is the day to start rejuvenation practices. And an excellent remedy for rejuvenation is a mask of mashed beets with sour cream. Medicines are well absorbed on this day. It is favorable to bake bread, pies, cheesecakes. Bread scares away evil spirits. We must not starve or fast, because then we lose the opportunity for transformation. We must not take aggressive actions.
This information is approximate. Everyone has their own experience of karma, and everyone should take into account that for them the 13th lunar day will depend on their lunar birthday. For people born on the 15th lunar day, the 13th day will be the 29th. Therefore, treat this information creatively. The 13th lunar day is associated with the pancreas and the Hara chakra, which is located two fingers below the navel. This is a very important chakra, it is our astral navel. Two threads of our life come out of it: one clockwise, the other counterclockwise. These are two energies that we receive from the Cosmos and the Earth and pass through ourselves. Therefore, the Hara chakra is connected with the spinning wheel, with our karma. One has to focus on Hara this day. If you do something wrong on this day, it will be signified by hand cramps.
People born on the 13th lunar day are potential contactors: they can get in touch with other worlds and can also work with time. Spinning through threads is connected with other worlds. On this day, ideal students are born, they easily master information and learn with pleasure.
Cosmic energy enters us through the back of the head, and earthly energy through the legs. Depending on the type of energy, our subtle planes rotate in different directions. From the navel comes a double helix, the same as the DNA molecule. The cosmic one is clockwise, the earthly one is counterclockwise. People born on the 13th day, if they don’t develop and use the potential that is inherent in them, will be very fussy. As a rule, they spin in the whirlpool of business like a squirrel in a wheel, unable to escape from it and not belonging to themselves.


The images of dreams of the thirteenth lunar day, when correctly interpreted, show a person the path by which he or she can finally escape from the cycle of problems, as they say, stop stepping on the same rake. The symbols of dreams of this period carry the key to the deep subconscious processes associated with the ability to be open to the new. And if this ability is blocked, if there is any obstacle at the subconscious level, a person is doomed to gradual extinction.
For example, all esoteric schools claim that a person will live as long as he or she is interested in something, as long as he or she is eager to acquire and realize new knowledge. If a person decides that he or she has had enough of learning, that he or she is not interested in this and that, he or she thus instructs his or her body to shut down all vital processes and prepare for death. This is largely responsible for the early mortality of modern man. The older a person gets, the more he or she needs to learn, the more actively he or she needs to strive to meet new discoveries. It is not for nothing that the famous philosopher and psychologist Eric Fromm noted that people who constantly recall the past and live only in its realities are nothing more than necrophiles.
Dreams of the thirteenth lunar day bring up images from the depths of the subconscious, and based on them, a person can discover the reason why he or she stopped developing, why he or she limited his or her capabilities and worldview to the narrow confines of everyday life, what made him or her abandon the knowledge of the world and turned back the life processes, i.e. what event triggered the self-destruction program in the body.


In terms of health, the thirteenth lunar day is a period of correction. You can improve and customize the wellness programs you started on the second lunar day. You can make changes, replace some exercises with others, increase or decrease the time for performing the entire complex, and so on.
This period is favorable for the treatment, prevention and prosthetics of teeth, as well as for cosmetic and plastic surgery and cellulite treatment.
Massages and water procedures are very useful on the thirteenth lunar day. In the warm season, it is good to spend the whole day outdoors in the lap of nature.


Sex on the thirteenth lunar day should be “innovative”. More new, unusual, bright, in some ways even exotic. This is the most suitable time to fully master new sexual techniques and positions, new love games and techniques.
Sex today should be active, abundant and full of the strongest feelings, long, until exhaustion and pleasant fatigue. But if you feel tired or unwell, intimate relationships are out of the question, you will only harm yourself.
The absence of sexual desire on the thirteenth lunar day or fatigue is a sure sign that you have exhausted all your resources, taken on too much and failed to calculate your strength. It is best to replace sexual intercourse with a light erotic massage.


A large proportion of the diet for this month should be light foods – fruits, vegetables, juices, whole grain cereals, etc. Seafood is also good for you.
The thirteenth lunar day is the most ideal time to try previously unknown foods and dishes. This is a time of culinary exploration and discovery. You can try everything, but a little bit. Cleanses are strictly prohibited.


This is the best time to make adjustments to your work and business, open up new activities, new spheres of influence and application of strength, sign contracts with new partners, sign agreements to expand business boundaries, and so on.
The thirteenth lunar day is favorable for hiring new employees, moving to a new position, introducing new rhythms into work, implementing new concepts and projects in business, implementing rationalization proposals into production, and so on.
If you do not introduce something new into the business now, but leave everything as it is, the astral matrix of the enterprise or organization will not receive an influx of fresh energy, and if it does, it will begin to use the remaining energy. Thus, the effect of “standing water” is created, i.e. an energy “swamp”. And as a result, the astral matrix will begin to work in a self-destructive mode, and therefore you will soon face an inevitable collapse or bankruptcy.


It’s almost pointless to tell fortunes now, because the future is only being outlined as a result of the transition to a new level of energy and human consciousness.


It is a Hindu esoteric tradition to perform Shiva puja on the thirteenth lunar day.
European mystical schools believe that this is the most favorable period for making amulets and talismans, especially those that are round in shape.
During this period, it is customary to give initiation, initiate students into various sacraments, transmit mystical knowledge and transfer adherents to a new level of development.