28th lunar day

28th lunar day

General description

Symbols — “Karma” and “Lotus”. This day gives us the opportunity to discover and find the purpose of life. It’s a process of soul alchemy and spiritual insight. On the 28th lunar day, you can work with chakras, as they open on this day. But before working with them, we must be cleansed, so all practices for cleansing the body, emotions, and thoughts are recommended.

The 28th lunar day is a day for working with dreams. It is in dreams that a person can gain spiritual insight and understand the meaning of life. This process occurs every lunar month regardless of whether we understand it or not. To work with dreams, we need to be aware that we are dreaming. However, consciously acting in a dream, we usually cannot do. When we try to do something, we usually wake up. To be conscious in a dream, you need to try to see your hands in a dream at the first stage. Look at both of your hands before sleep, then close your eyes and fall asleep with the confidence that there will be awareness in the dream.
As a result, you should see your hands clearly in the dream and not wake up after that. You also need to have contact with your right hand’s index finger because through it, we can always return to our body. If you get too carried away with the life of your energy dream body, you can stay there and physically appear absent, dead.
But there should be no fear: if you don’t want to go, no one will let you go there in advance. There should only be interest in this. When you fly in a dream, it solves many problems on the physical plane. Usually, a person in this case is at a high energy level. This is an indicator of how well a person masters subtle planes.
The process that takes place on this day can be strengthened by our inspiration, so we need to try to be in a uplifted mood and await this insight. There are also special chakra practices for this day.
On the 28th lunar day, it is not recommended to look at bright light sources and strain your eyes too much, not to tear and give flowers, as well as to cut trees. It is favorable to buy land, property, do some repairs, and plant.
The Muladhara, eyes, and brain are associated with the 28th lunar day. It is very favorable to perform cleansing procedures for the eyes. A good exercise is to stand on one leg and try to hit yourself on the Muladhara, the bottom of the spine, with your heel. Even doing this exercise once is beneficial on this day, especially during Pluto or Saturn. You should kick with the lucky foot: a woman with her left foot and a man with his right foot. Failure to use the energies of the day leads to disturbances in blood pressure.
People of a sufficiently high level who are born on this day carry goodness and light, which they know from birth. People born on the 28th lunar day who do not develop are characterized by a lack of emotions and attachments.


Dream images on the twenty-eighth lunar day are associated with a person’s emotional attachments, with the sphere of the subconscious that corresponds to physical, sensory, and emotional experiences.

When interpreting dreams during this period, it is important to remember that what a person truly desires is simply one thing — love, in the broadest sense of the word. Dream images indicate ways to fulfill this need.


During this period, the human body is positively charged and capable of achieving much, but it is important to remember that internal work takes precedence over external work. Therefore, pay more attention to meditative, breathing, and energy exercises rather than physical ones. While significant exertion is permissible, it is not recommended.

On the twenty-eighth lunar day, various cleansing complexes can be conducted. Water procedures are beneficial, ranging from swimming to bathing in a plunge pool. It is also beneficial to take herbal baths.


Sex on the twenty-eighth lunar day should be, if I may put it this way, “lacy” — very gentle, refined, and romantic. Today, it is not recommended to “engage in lovemaking”; rather, there should simply be love in all its manifestations, both spiritual and physical. Avoid any brutality, tactlessness, and rudeness.

Express as much tender feelings as possible, allowing the woman to feel feminine and the man to feel masculine.

Sex devoid of spiritual connections and love can lead to serious venereal diseases and problems with the genitourinary system.


On the twenty-eighth lunar day, you can include practically everything in your diet, but only within reasonable limits. There’s no need to overeat.

Many astrological schools advise sanctifying each meal with a prayer of gratitude during this period.

During this time, it’s recommended to consume as many vegetables and fruits, nuts, and greens as possible (celery, parsnips, basil, parsley, dill, leafy salads, etc.).


Today, earlier made contracts may bring the first results. What’s needed from you is to accept them correctly, which, in reality, might not be as simple as it seems at first glance. Avoid instantly presenting your successes; instead, keep the initial achievements secret and entrust them only to your closest and most trusted people. Otherwise, adhere to the three rules mentioned above.

It’s highly commendable on the twenty-eighth lunar day to show generosity towards spiritual individuals and organizations — donating a certain amount to the account of a church, temple, or spiritual center. Naturally, such an act should not be done with a mercenary motive, expecting everything to “come back to you tenfold” later on. Only sincerity and a genuine impulse of the soul will give such an action the necessary coloration.


Asking the oracle on the twenty-eighth lunar day should focus on topics related to journeys, travels, trips, pilgrimages, and so on. Other questions might result in vague and imprecise answers.

Fortune-telling for the future path:

Take three pineapples and place them in front of you on the table. Then close your eyes. Standing with your eyes closed, take a knife in your left hand and feel the pineapples with your right hand. After that, quickly cut slices of equal size from each pineapple. It is important to note which pineapple was cut first, second, and third.

– all three slices of pineapple are of equal size, and the cut line is neat and smooth — the journey will be successful;
– the first slice of pineapple is significantly larger than the other two — the first third of the journey will be full of events, encounters, and pleasant moments, but overall, the journey may not be very successful. The same can be said if the second or third slice of pineapple is significantly larger;
– two slices of pineapple are larger, and one noticeably differs from them — most of the journey will be filled with setbacks and difficulties, but then everything will turn out well;
– the second slice of pineapple is smaller than the others — you have a chance to succeed and emerge as a winner from the situation that has arisen, the main thing is not to lose your composure;
– the smallest slice was cut from the third pineapple, be extremely cautious — most likely, all your hopes will not come true, and the journey will bring only disappointment;
– the cut is even, and the knife leaves no traces or cuts — it’s a good sign: the positive forecast strengthens, and the negative one softens slightly;
– the cut line is uneven, with steps, or there are many cuts and scratches on it — this indicates the presence of secret enemies and obstacles that will be difficult to overcome. The more scratches and steps, the more enemies and unpleasant adventures await the person who is fortune-telling for the future path;
– there is a wormhole on one of the slices — be prepared for a blow from which you cannot protect yourself, you can only soften it.


Many mystical schools consider it preferable to conduct initiations into certain secret teachings today. This day is very good for performing large prayer practices, performing pujas, reading mantras, chanting zikrs, and so on.

It is beneficial to study sacred texts and seek their interpretation from knowledgeable individuals. Astrologers of all schools recommend dedicating this day exclusively to meditation and spiritual practices.