29th lunar day

29th lunar day

General description

The symbols are Maya, Sprout, and Hydra. This is a satanic day. The “darkness” of the entire lunar month gathers here before being burned at the time of the new moon. On this day, protection against Satanism is also created. The day of the fight against evil. When evil is gathered in a pile, it can be easily destroyed. You have to be very careful and keep track of what is happening. If the day is good, successful, it means that you are being rewarded for some not-so-good deeds. Difficulties on the 29th lunar day should be considered a blessing, as it is a sign that you are not a slave to darkness, as our problems that need to be worked on show. Humility and repentance are recommended. We should humbly accept punishments because they are the result of what we have done.
On the 29th lunar day, it is necessary to drive away negative thoughts. It is good to give yourself an attitude in the morning not to think about anything bad: no doubts, no anxiety, no torment. Fasting and abstinence are recommended on this day.
There is a practice for cleansing from the negativity of this day. If the Moon is not in a water sign, then water procedures in salted cold water are recommended for the feet. You should stand in the basin for no more than 10 minutes. In 10 minutes, all the “black” energy will come off you. If you stand longer, the good, kind energy will start to come out as well. In this way, we also cleanse ourselves of the evil eye. Make the water temperature so that you do not feel uncomfortable. When you stand there, you should always imagine all the bad things going into the water. If you feel very bad that day, you can take a candle in your left hand. This candle should not be extinguished. It must burn all the way through. You can cut off as much as you need to keep it burning. Do not blow on the fire. It is better to put out the candle with the fingers of your right hand. It is better to cover the fire with earth. You can’t fan the fire.
On this day, it is recommended to cleanse the house, smoke incense, mud or juniper. The dirt should smolder, not burn, so that smoke comes out. You can also smoke incense. Chaga cleanses well, it smolders well. The smoke purifies and expels the evil of this day.
On the 29th lunar day, you need to be attentive to what you are offered. If on the 15th day we are tempted, then on the 29th lunar day we receive full compensation for everything. That is, gifts on the 29th lunar day are an indication that you have been rewarded for something bad.
You should avoid muddy water and not let in any fog that can be used by evil. The dark ones love borderline states. In this regard, the moment when a person falls asleep and wakes up is dangerous, and it is very dangerous to rush to eat. Many household rituals are associated with the table, because this is the place where our integrity is most often violated. When we eat, we disturb the state of harmony, and with food we bring something new into the body. That is why people say prayers before eating. They also say: “When I eat, I am deaf and dumb.” You can’t say anything bad while eating, you have to try to make the process of eating conscious. The food has to be clean. We can make magical circles over it 3-7 times clockwise with the idea that we are purifying it or cross it.
On the 29th lunar day, all food needs to be purified. Water is purified in the same way, all this requires conscious attention, especially on the 9th, 15th, 29th lunar days. It must be remembered that a person is what he eats. All the products that we take into ourselves change our structure. It is not only a chemical process of digestion, but it is also energy. In the same way, any glass of water can become a source of energy if you clean it with your hand and then drink it in slow sips with the idea that each sip gives you energy. Just as we do before an eclipse, when we first, before the eclipse, introduce a purifying liquid into ourselves, and then, after the eclipse, strengthen us in the new state we have gained after the eclipse.
If you do anything meaningfully, it will have completely different consequences for you than the mechanical actions we perform.
On the 29th lunar day, you can’t have injections in the buttocks, no procedures with the rectum. You cannot expose the buttocks to the east, that is, standing with the “shooter” to the east is unfavorable. When you get dressed in the morning, it is better to turn around and face east.

The rectum and anus, the Muladhara chakra, are associated with the 29th lunar day. The exacerbation of hemorrhoids on this day also shows that you have poor protection, and the negative will go to the rectum.
People born on the 29th lunar day have heavy karma. They carry a dark force within them, but they also have the inner strength to fight it, so they behave as if they are constantly fighting this force.
Every person born on the 29th lunar day cannot explain to themselves their reactions to life. This can be expressed in small and large ways. In a way, they are like the scapegoats of the entire zodiac.
As a rule, they are given a long life to work off their karma. It is especially difficult if a person was born during an eclipse. His life is difficult, but he should not avoid difficulties and should overcome evil in himself. He has the energy to win. You need to realize the spirit of contradiction in yourself, get over the bumps and go your own way.
On this day, you cannot avoid doing things; everything must be completed. As a rule, people born on the 29th lunar day have karmic coincidences with their family members. Often they are not working off their own karma, but the karma of their relatives. Most often grandparents. Fathers and mothers are rare. Such people appear in a family not by chance. They are very uncomfortable for cohabitation. It is difficult to live with them. They need help, but you can help them only with love. This person should meet your attention and help. Often this life can be their last.


The dreams of the twenty-ninth lunar day speak to a person about the processes occurring in their subconscious. This is what is known as the “shadow” side of our being, which also demands attention. The dream images during this period should be carefully analyzed and thoroughly worked through. These images point to issues from which you may be trying to avert your gaze. Unacknowledged, they accumulate and create a constant tension within your subconscious. For this reason, approach them with due respect. Consider working on the dream images with a psychoanalyst or a skilled dream interpreter. 🌙✨


During this period, the entire human body is influenced by negative energies. Therefore, it is recommended to minimize your exertion. Avoid drafts and damp spaces. Be cautious during workouts—this day is risky for injuries, which often lead to serious complications. On the twenty-ninth lunar day, previously forgotten illnesses may resurface. This serves as a clear signal that you have addressed symptoms rather than the root cause of the ailment. The “matrix” of the illness still resides within your body and should be promptly removed; otherwise, the condition will persist, eventually becoming chronic and pathological.


Today it’s better to refrain from any kind of sex, forget that it even exists. Intimate relations over the twenty-nine day period will only lead to arguments, offense, and possibly venereal diseases.


During this lunar phase, it is strongly recommended to abstain from meat, alcoholic beverages, and cigarettes. Refrain from any questionable products and avoid trying new exotic dishes. The day poses a risk of poisoning.

More vegetarian dishes are advised today. Fasting is an option.


Businessmen today need to be extremely cautious as their business could be “hit” by anyone, from tax authorities to extortionists, using modern language. Therefore, if possible, it is preferable to close your establishment, firm, or enterprise during this period altogether. Of course, the tax inspection could come on another day, but today their arrival is almost certain to end tragically for you.

All trading activities should cease during the twenty-ninth lunar day. Neither buying nor selling goods is advisable. Signing contracts, entering into agreements, establishing new business relationships, conducting transactions, and similar actions are also doomed to failure, or the affairs will unfold in such a way that you will regret ever initiating them.

Convening meetings, briefings, and assemblies is not recommended today, as they will only result in scandals, conflicts, arguments, and mutual animosity. Any collaborative actions today are destructive.

Managers should remember that preserving peace and order within the team is crucial at this time, but not at the cost of aggressive or expansionist actions.

Anything resembling dictatorship or authoritarianism will only provoke a negative reaction, resistance, and rejection. Therefore, it is not advisable to issue statements, give new orders, issue directives, introduce new rules, and so on at this time.

However, remember that giving out bonuses and rewards on the twenty-ninth lunar day will also not yield the desired result. People will still be dissatisfied, as they say, “neither here nor there”.

It’s best to declare a day off during this period, thus providing your staff with rest and insulating yourself from troubles.


Divination is strictly prohibited on the twenty-ninth lunar day. Not only will all answers given by the oracle be incorrect and, typically, precisely the opposite, but also by resorting to divination, you will attract unwanted “astral guests” into your life, which you will not be able to get rid of on your own. You will have to seek help from professionals.

Today, black magic practitioners are casting spells through divination practices. Many astrological schools warn that spiritual sessions on the twenty-ninth lunar day are literally deadly dangerous.


In esoteric tradition, particularly in Tibet, rituals were typically performed during this period to appease local angry spirits. Similarly, in other mystical schools, the twenty-ninth lunar day was dedicated to various purification practices, both for individuals and specific locations.

In pagan traditions, bonfires or candles were lit during this period, burning until the end of the lunar day. After extinguishing the fire, its ashes were buried deep into the ground, as it was believed that many evil spirits and harmful beings were burned in the flames, and their ashes needed to be buried to prevent their return.