25th lunar day

25th lunar day

General description

The 25th lunar day is associated with the symbols “Turtle,” “Shell,” “Urn with ashes,” and “Two vessels with living and dead water.” This day is also connected with the zodiac sign Aquarius. There is a translation of the astral into the physical plane, and astral images can become visible. This day is considered magical, similar to the 22nd lunar day. Siddhis (superabilities) are activated in humans. It’s a day when wisdom comes, and everyone to some extent becomes a prophet. If we work with the energies of this day, the 25th lunar day will give us the opportunity to gain this wisdom. But to avoid harm from this, a person must be pure. And the first practice of this day is purification. Fasting also contributes to spiritual cleansing.
On this day, it is necessary to get rid of various slag: physical, astral, mental. It is useful to cleanse the organs depending on the Moon’s position. Each month there will be different cleansings. It is necessary to rid oneself of negative emotions by breathing exercises, letting them go into Manipura, where they burn naturally. Mental cleansing through prayers is also beneficial.
Everyone has their inner voice. This is how our guardian angel speaks to us. On the 25th lunar day, one should listen to their inner voice. It is necessary to test oneself, check one’s level. This day requires special attention to information. Today, any seemingly insignificant information may bring wisdom to you. Everything can be a sign.
One should not rush on this day. It is not recommended to drink a lot of fluids or eat coarse food. Cheese is the best food for this day. It is better not to take any medication.
On the 25th lunar day, one should protect their ears; they should not be pierced because this day is associated with the earlobes and the goat. The earlobe and the goat are energy centers. By the shape of the goat, you can determine whether a person receives energy from space or from other people. This does not mean that a person is a vampire; it is just one of the signs of how a person receives energy.
Telepathy, clairvoyance, and other superabilities may be activated on the 25th lunar day, so one should be prepared, but these abilities should not be stimulated since they are the result of your previous work.
If you haven’t done cleanings or conscious work before, the 25th lunar day is a day of caution to avoid doing things you don’t know or aren’t capable of. Spontaneous activation of these energies can end badly (“the roof will go off”).
Improper use of these energies can cause ear diseases. Even a pimple on the earlobe is a sign.
People born on the 25th lunar day are wise. They are not hasty, and their dreams are usually prophetic. Since there is a visual astral image on this day, this can happen unconsciously for everyone. However, people born on the 25th lunar day can consciously be in the astral, receiving information in their dreams and transferring it to the physical plane. In childhood, they think maturely and have a correct understanding of everything.
On this day, everyone should be very careful and cautious with their emotions and thoughts because thoughts generated on this day can live independently, charged with its energy. And with your negative emotions, you can create some monster.


Due to the fact that the twenty-fifth lunar day is associated with water, it is also linked to the depths of the subconscious. For this reason, virtually all astrological schools agree that dreams during this period tend to be prophetic in nature, meaning that visionary dreams are usually experienced by individuals during this time.

A large part of the dreams on the twenty-fifth lunar day do not even require allegorical interpretation; all symbols have a quite defined and specific character. If the images remain unclear, then listen to your intuition—it will guide you to the correct interpretation. Do not attempt to dissect dreams logically or force them into a specific framework; today, true understanding comes solely from intuition, so trust it.


On the twenty-fifth lunar day, there are no significant health changes. If you were ill, your condition will likely remain the same—pain will not intensify but will also not subside.

However, it should be noted that this is the most favorable time for unconventional healing practices, especially those that actively involve water, such as hydrotherapy.

For healthy individuals, bathing in a river, lake, sea, or pond is highly beneficial during this lunar period. If this is not possible, taking a bath with herbs is recommended.

Some astrological schools advise against starting new medication on this day.


Sex on the twenty-fifth lunar day should be leisurely. Positions should be chosen that do not require significant tension from both partners.

Sex in water, such as in a lake or under a shower, is highly beneficial today.

Some astrological schools recommend drinking a small amount of red wine before engaging in lovemaking during this period.

The only prohibition is for people suffering from urogenital diseases; sex is strictly prohibited for them today, as it may exacerbate their condition.


On the twenty-fifth lunar day, any coarse food is contraindicated, as well as melons and mushrooms.

It is very beneficial today to drink as much water as possible, while it is advisable to consume slightly less juice. The more water you drink, the better. Water will help your body rid itself of toxins naturally and without unpleasant consequences.

Today, you can also perform Shankha Prakshalana, a yogic practice for cleansing the digestive system.

In the menu for the twenty-fifth lunar day, it is worth including milk, but in small quantities.


The twenty-fifth lunar day is favorable for conducting business transactions, in any area—from selling cars to buying colored pencils for the office.

Problems that arise on this lunar day should be solved not so much with reason and logical thinking as by trusting your intuition. This is especially true for matters involving money since, according to esoteric teachings, money is associated with the water element.

If you encounter any setbacks during this period, such as a failed transaction or financial loss, don’t worry. It simply means that your sphere is naturally clearing itself of “material impurities,” making room for new income. Typically, what goes today comes back doubly or even triply. However, this only happens if you remain calm about it.


The most successful and accurate divinations on the twenty-fifth lunar day involve using water—whether it’s water poured into a glass, rainwater, or the flow of a river.

Many astrological schools agree that the most effective and infallible divinations during this period involve shells.

Divination with a large seashell:

Heat sand in a frying pan for 1-2 minutes. Spread white paper on the table and sprinkle the sand on it. Then take the shell with two fingers (index and thumb), bring it to your lips, and whisper your wish into the shell’s cavity. Then throw the shell onto the sand. Carefully pick it up and see what traces the shell has left.
– If there are straight lines on the sand where the shell landed, your wish will come true very easily and quickly.
– If there are various irregularities and broken lines, your wish will come true only if you exert a lot of effort, work, and time. The number of broken lines corresponds to the difficulties you will need to overcome before you are rewarded.
– If there are circles, your wish will most likely come true, but be prepared for significant life changes they will bring.
– If there are various animal shapes, your wish will come true with the help of relatives or friends.
– If there are crosses, your wish will not come true, no matter how hard you try.


In esoteric Christian tradition, the twenty-fifth lunar day is typically associated with Baptism. In other schools, new initiates are often initiated into various mysteries using water on this day as well. In some schools of Sugen-do, practices involving standing under a waterfall were conducted on the twenty-fifth lunar day, while yogis performed various cleansing procedures both with water and in water.

According to the astrological school of Tibet, during this time, feminine energy (known as Shakti in Indian tradition) reaches its peak. Therefore, in Tibet, this day is celebrated as Dakini Day (Guardian of Teachings Day). It is believed that on this day, she extends her blessings to all living beings.