When the Moon enters the constellation of Leo, you may feel a pleasant sense of relief. This fiery sign is characterized by qualities such as pride, generosity, and nobility alongside a desire for dominance, extravagance, and theatrics. Under the influence of this sign, our actions have a slightly theatrical tone, as we desire to be actively respected, praised, and encouraged by those around us.

Leo is the king of beasts. When the Moon passes through this sign, we feel the urge to reign over our territory. Ruled by the Sun, Leo has a masculine nature. The Moon in Leo will help you express your feelings to others. Your bright charm will attract attention, while your soft and noble manners will win the favor of those around you. Be careful not to show excessive stubbornness and arrogance. Pride and the desire for dominance can undermine or even ruin the approval and recognition you crave.

Perhaps now is the best time for you to head to the beach and simply bask in the sun. The energy of the Moon in Leo has a fiery nature, but its influence is more directed towards a person’s personal qualities than their activities. Tell great stories, share useful advice, but don’t do anything that requires more effort than applying sunscreen to your body.

Don’t plan to use Leo’s energy for anything constructive. It’s best to use it to replenish the energy spent on emotional strain associated with the previous lunar phase. Relax and enjoy life, avoiding unnecessary tension both internally and externally.

Your intuition will be directed more towards the social sphere than the emotional one. Your charm will help you find the right approach to people, as you will intuitively feel what they need. And while the general attention is focused around you, you will be generous and magnanimous. As you strive to become renowned among those who succumb to your charm, focus on the worthy and proud.