The most fitting word to describe the influence of this lunar sign is “intensity.” Intensity will increase in everything, but especially in interactions with people. When the Moon enters Scorpio, a person’s psychic and intuitive abilities significantly increase. It will be much easier for us to perceive the state of other people now.

The Moon in Scorpio is a Moon in a water sign. Therefore, our emotional reaction is heightened, and emotional needs increase significantly. It’s better if we refrain from explosive displays of emotions, especially those that may have negative implications, as all feelings are heightened during this period, and even slight irritation can lead to anger.

The common sense that usually governs emotions will be weakened during this period, and people may show impatience. This impatience, in turn, can lead to long-term tensions in relationships. The Moon in Scorpio greatly increases sexual desire. We become simply irresistible and very sensitive. Understanding the reason for our increased sexual desire in these few days will help us restrain our ardor and make informed decisions.

During the Moon’s stay in Scorpio, our mental processes will also intensify due to the increase in intuitive abilities. When it comes to solving a problem or conducting research, we will be more insightful. This sign doesn’t endow us with analytical abilities like Virgo, but we will be able to “just know” the answer or at least understand where to look for it.

Mental discipline will reach its peak. Determinedly and purposefully, we will pursue any goal and achieve it. But it must be a desired goal since our interests are driven by our feelings right now.

The problem of this period may be increased secrecy. It’s possible that we won’t want to disclose any information about ourselves unless our sexual interests or something else deeply affecting our feelings require it. At the same time, we will ask very specific and purposeful questions about any subject, even about sex, to many people, especially close friends. But even when discussing intimate relationship topics, we won’t be entirely open. After all, the Moon in Scorpio cannot reveal all of its secrets.