Fasten your seat belts, as this lunar sign promises quite an intense ride. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and when the Moon passes through the constellation of Cancer, its influence is profoundly deep and strong. Cancer is a water sign with feminine energy, and under the influence of its lunar ruler, it amplifies the full spectrum of your emotions – from the highest highs to the lowest lows.

The Moon in Cancer will allow you to understand your inner essence through exploring your own emotions. It’s time to release feelings that have long been suppressed by our consciousness and pay attention to them. It is believed that the Moon gives energy to heartfelt states. In this case, the Moon in Cancer is simply a deep and strong “veinous” connection to your heart.

During this period, people tend to give in to their emotions. We are deeply affected by any strong experiences, even those that do not directly concern us but penetrate from the TV screen or from books.

The Moon in Cancer will not allow you to manipulate its influence for your own purposes. On the contrary, it will draw you into the whirlpool of events. The only way to befriend this Moon is to be truly honest with yourself, not only during its influence but constantly. It is our self-deception that lures emotional monsters into our souls. And the Moon in Cancer sets them free in all their terrifying power.

To minimize the influence of the Moon in Cancer, you simply need to open up to it. Be prepared to listen to your inner voice. Your willingness to listen is crucial now, as it will help you grasp the essence of the situation and deal with it more successfully.

Listen to your soul and learn from it. Your inner essence is trying to show you what you have hidden deep inside yourself and refuse to acknowledge. Perhaps you will be able to see the difference between who you really are and the image you project to the outside world. As you become more and more open and honest with yourself, you will increasingly manifest your true essence. And the more you open up to the world and to yourself, the more your outward expression will merge with your inner essence and display your true traits. Otherwise, your emotions – hidden and suppressed in the depths of your psyche – will hang over you like the sword of Damocles, threatening to fall on your head at the most inappropriate moment. You may also find that people much prefer your true essence to the mask behind which you have hidden from them.

Honest self-analysis during the period of the Moon in Cancer will allow a person to determine what they really want from life. And then, sticking to the chosen course, we can start to achieve our goals and fulfill our desires. Although the time of the Moon in Cancer can be considered quite tense, it can be very beneficial for everyone.