9th lunar day

9th lunar day

General description

The symbols of the day are the Milky Way, the Bat, the Mother’s Milk, and the Netopyr. On this day, one is tested for what one has done in the first circle of lunar harmony.
The 9th lunar day is a day of provocations; we can be tempted and deceived. If a person is clean, has done purification practices, then this day is not scary for him or her. People have the opportunity to see what they are being bribed, deceived, and what they are wrong about. This day encourages us to be attentive to everything. The 9th lunar day is considered satanic.
On the 9th lunar day, a person must learn to distinguish what is temptation. It is necessary to recall the tradition that comes through the mother, to recall the life of the mother, her testaments, to recall the maternal grandmother, and so on. It is necessary to plunge into the maternal roots. On this day, you need to clean the room, do mental cleansing and remember everyone who has offended us. On the 9th lunar day, astral protection should be created, since the 9th lunar day is the day of casting and removing the evil eye.
Removing the evil eye.
We all have a weak astral defense, and therefore we are often exposed to negative influences from the people around us. There are two ways to strengthen your astral field.
Method I. This method is also a check to see if there is a spoilage or not. You need to take a live, not dietary, chicken egg with an embryo and a 0.2- to 0.3-liter glass jar with a lid, half-filled with water. Break the egg into it carefully so as not to damage the yolk. Take this jar and hold it above your head with your right hand. Then bring it to all the energy centers along the anterior channel and hold it near each chakra until your hand trembles, then move it to the next one. After that, wrap the jar in cellophane and place it under the pillow or in the headboard under the bed in the headboard. In the morning, see what happens to this egg. By the way it is deformed, you will be able to judge how strong the evil eye is.
If the egg has changed a lot, you will need outside help. On the next 9th lunar day, you need to find another person whom you trust and who will perform another procedure. You need to break the egg into water in the same way, but the jar will be held by that person, who will hold it above your head and carry you around with this jar counterclockwise, removing dirty energy from the egg at the level of each chakra. First, the egg is carried around at the level of the Sahasrara chakra (above the crown of the head), then at the level of the forehead, neck, chest, stomach, pubis, and finally at the level of the tailbone, i.e. at the level of the 7 classical chakras. You can circle it a different number of times, but at least 3 times and a maximum of 9 times. Then put this jar under the bed or under the pillow. In the morning, all its contents are poured into the toilet, and the jar itself is sterilized or thrown away. This is how a one-time procedure is done
But you can start a large cycle of removing the evil eye on the 9th lunar day. Then one egg is taken for each week. The first time this procedure is done by wrapping it around the person counterclockwise. Then the jar with the egg is put in the refrigerator for the day, and at night – under the pillow or under the bed This is repeated for a week. Whatever form this egg takes, you collect evil spirits on it all week. After a week, everything is poured into the toilet, the jar is sterilized, fresh water is poured, and a new egg is broken. Do the same for the second week, then the third, fourth, and so on until the egg stops deforming.
Severe damage sometimes requires up to 9 eggs. All this time, the jar with the egg is placed in the refrigerator so that it does not spoil. The second time, the person can already go around the chakras. The most important thing is that the process has begun. You don’t have to do it every day.
If a person is not feeling well, then there is no need to wait for the 9th lunar day. If you started this cycle before the 9th lunar day, then on the 9th lunar day you need to do the whole procedure again. You can change the egg on the 9th lunar day, but the cycle is still counted from the day you started. But, as a rule, the cycle of great purification begins after the check on the 9th lunar day.
The second method. This is a salt foot bath. The water temperature is made to be pleasant for you. Standing in a basin of water that reaches the ankle of your feet, throw a handful of salt with your left hand: as much as you can take in your hand. You should stay in the basin for no more than 9-10 minutes. At this time, it is good to imagine a vertical stream that washes everything off you, and everything goes into this water. It is not recommended to stand for more than 10 minutes, because then the process is reversed. This is also the procedure of the 9th lunar day. It can also be done when you just don’t feel well.
On the 9th lunar day, you should not eat mushrooms and foods that bear a phallic symbol, i.e. sausage, carrots, etc. It is very harmful to show pride on this day, to oppress other people. Since the 9th lunar day is also called “Mother’s Milk,” it is bad to spill milk on this day. This will mean that you are squandering the traditions that come through your mother, not appreciating them. It is also bad to break a mirror. On the 9th lunar day, it is better not to look in the mirror at all, especially in full growth, so as not to be tempted at your own expense. The breast and the Anahata chakra are associated with this day. If you violate traditions, then on the 9th lunar day, the bones of the breast can hurt, and you will feel a feeling of pressure, which can develop into neuralgia, or even an attack of angina pectoris.
People born on the 9th lunar day need to constantly cleanse themselves because they are born sinful. You need to clean your house, apartment. You can take out the garbage only during daylight hours.
Information on lunar days is given as a reference, but you need to work with it. It is not necessary to live all your life by the lunar days. Sometimes 3-6 months is enough to master these energies and lower the information into the subconscious. Then motives will be formed on an intuitive level in accordance with these energies. All the information on harmonization is intended to make life easier, but it will work for you only if it is worked out by you. So be active on Tuesdays and rest on Fridays, and recharge your batteries on Sundays. All this will allow you, by combining different energies, to live in less tension and to be more aware of certain life situations, reacting to them correctly.


Dream images of the ninth lunar day show a person what conflicts exist at the level of their subconscious mind, i.e., they indicate an internal hidden conflict and its nature.
In dreams of this period, images usually appear that refer to problems deeply hidden in the subconscious. Therefore, you should study and interpret dreams of the ninth lunar day especially carefully. Everything that appears to you in a dream is related to your karma and all this requires immediate resolution. Nightmares are also common at this time. But all of them, upon careful analysis, are interpreted as unresolved problems of an emotional nature.


On the ninth lunar day, chronic illnesses can worsen. This is due to the fact that chronic diseases are karmic in nature, that is, they arise only when a problem has not been resolved for a long time on the psychophysical level and subsequently moves to the physical level. Unexpectedly, organs that you thought you had healed long ago can suddenly become ill. But in fact, this is not true – only the symptom is eliminated, but the disease itself, that is, its energy matrix, is not removed from the aura. That is, as mentioned above, the unresolved problem has not disappeared, but has gone into the deeper layers of the subconscious.
On the ninth lunar day, any ailments, diseases, exacerbation of any processes – all these are SOS signals – the body is trying to shout to the mind that you should do something.
On the ninth lunar day, it is useful to carry out all kinds of cleansing practices, especially intestinal cleansing.


On the ninth lunar day, it is recommended to abstain from sexual relations.
Women should be very careful, as there is a very high probability of being raped, as men are quite prone to aggression and unbridled sexual desires at this time.


During this lunar period, you should avoid eating mushrooms, as they are a controversial food, and even perfectly edible mushrooms can cause poisoning.
You should not try any unknown foods for the first time at this time, no matter how tempted you are to try them. The body is now overreacting to any innovations. For the same reason, it is better to give up eating meat and fish.
Overeating is very dangerous during this period.
Food on the ninth lunar day should be as simple as possible. Even long-familiar foods can sometimes cause undesirable reactions in the body.
For this period, exclude any complex dishes from the menu, as well as products of artificial origin – various drinks (Coca-Cola, Fanta, etc.), cakes, and so on. It is best to opt for whole grain cereals.


It is advisable to cancel serious business on this day. If you are planning to sign contracts or conclude agreements, if possible, postpone them for at least one day, otherwise things may not work out as planned. At the very last moment, the transaction may fail or there may be some misunderstandings.
The ninth lunar day is not the best time for business, so it’s best to take a break, step away from business for a while and devote it to your inner world.
During this period, the likelihood of robberies is also high, so security should be tightened at all warehouses and valuable jewelry should be monitored especially carefully.
In communication, at work, you need to be restrained and tolerant of other people’s shortcomings. It is better to refrain from any criticism and not to make comments to anyone, because people are very nervous and sensitive now. Even an innocent, accidentally thrown word can lead to a scandal or a serious conflict, which is very difficult to resolve later.
Try not to show aggression. During this period, even the best of your endeavors can be misinterpreted. If someone offers you a “favorable” deal or contract on the ninth lunar day, refuse it, as you are probably being slipped a “pig”. As mentioned above, this is a period of temptation and “unclean” deeds. Do not take part in any adventurous activities: they usually end in serious trouble, up to and including imprisonment, if started on the ninth lunar day.
If possible, do not leave the house during this time and do not attend any presentations or entertainment events. Many astrological schools argue that this period is dangerous for attempts on people who own large sums of money.
The ideal occupation for a businessman on the ninth lunar day is his hobby. For example, if you like to draw, devote all this time to painting. You will get a long-awaited mental rest, recuperate and refresh your mind.


If possible, it is better to refrain from divination on the ninth lunar day. But if you do turn to the oracle, it is only with questions concerning your “shadow” side of your personality and only if you feel strong enough to follow the predictions no matter what.
As a rule, during this period, the fortune teller learns only the “bitter truth that cuts the eyes”. But if you still have the courage and strength to find out your secret and about the problems that you once did not solve, then do not leave them in the same state again, be sure to implement them. Otherwise, the situation will only get worse.
As the saying goes, if you are afraid of the road, then it is better not to set out. But if you’re already on the road, go all the way.
“Everything that is half kills the whole!” (F. Nietzsche)
Bread fortune telling for character
Bake a round bread from yeast dough without filling.
If the bread turns out
– fluffy and light – the person who made it has a light and happy hand, and will do many things in life easily and playfully, as if by themselves;
– tasty but heavy – the bread was made by a kind and wise person, who, however, has a difficult fate. He will suffer a lot because of the people around him;
– fluffy, but bland and tasteless – it was made by a lazy and greedy person who likes to take advantage of others;
– overcooked or undercooked – a person will experience difficulties in situations where it will be necessary to show logical thinking and ingenuity;
– squat and ugly – there is evil spirits in the house or someone in the household is under a spell;
– burnt – indicates a vindictive and quarrelsome character; such a person will suffer in life solely because of himself;
– very crumbly – a person will experience many changes in his life, he will part with many friends and acquaintances, his social circle is unstable, life is subject to sudden changes; there will be many problems, but also many successes;
– with deep cracks – a very difficult, quarrelsome and senseless disposition.


As a rule, all esoteric schools devote the ninth lunar day exclusively to procedures and rituals for purifying karma.
One of the options for getting rid of karmic “roots” can be initiation into a secret teaching, since during initiation, a person’s past is completely erased and his or her life begins anew, as they say, from scratch. No wonder Christian mystics believe that Jesus Christ was baptized on this lunar day.