Lunar calendar for April 21, 2024

  • Events of the lunar calendar for 04/21/2024
  • 00:00 - the 13th lunar day, which started yesterday, continues
  • 00:00 - as yesterday, the moon is in the sign Virgo
  • 07:07 - the moon moves into a sign Libra
  • 17:26 - the beginning of the 14th lunar day

The influence of the 13th lunar day on human activity - a classical interpretation

The sphere of life Action of the month
monetary transactionsgood
communication with superiors, taxesgood
change of place of workterribly
real estate (purchase, sale, exchange)norm
studies (exams)perfectly
a feastgood
disputes, clarification of relationsterribly
personal relationshipsgood
physical activitygood
household chores (repair, cleaning)terribly
haircut, hair coloringgood

13th lunar day

The thirteenth lunar day is a day of learning, accumulating information and rejuvenating the body. It is good for correcting the past, finding harmony, correcting fate and working with time. It is good to make amulets and talismans on this day.
It is not advisable to start anything. It is better not to rush forward, but to look back. You shouldn’t finish things either. New acquaintances are unfavourable. But this is the best time to make adjustments to your work and business.

The thirteenth day is a day of food, as well as the fifth day.

The day of rejuvenation and cosmetic procedures.

– It is advisable to go to the hairdresser, because a haircut on this day will bring happiness and benefit, a beautiful appearance.

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Moon in the sign Virgo

When the Moon passes through the constellation of Virgo, it brings a sense of unwavering earthly stability and tunes us into careful analysis of what’s happening. While we won’t be as apathetic as during the Moon in Taurus, Virgo can somewhat slow down the unfolding of events. The inclination towards analysis will manifest not only regarding external situations and people but also towards our own emotions and actions.

The influence of the Moon in Virgo turns us into excellent critics. And if someone is already quite critical, it’s better for their friends and acquaintances to keep their distance. The Moon in Virgo will help us criticize everything and everyone. Our analytical abilities, enhanced by the Moon in Virgo, can negatively impact others. This might even lead to relationship ruptures.

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