Lunar calendar for April 26, 2024

  • Events of the lunar calendar for 04/26/2024
  • 00:00 - the 18th lunar day, which started yesterday, continues
  • 00:00 - as yesterday, the moon is in the sign Scorpio
  • 05:36 - the moon moves into a sign Archer
  • 23:34 - the beginning of the 19th lunar day

The influence of the 18th lunar day on human activity - a classical interpretation

The sphere of life Action of the month
monetary transactionsbadly
communication with superiors, taxesnorm
change of place of worknorm
real estate (purchase, sale, exchange)badly
studies (exams)norm
a feastnorm
disputes, clarification of relationsterribly
personal relationshipsbadly
physical activitygood
household chores (repair, cleaning)norm
haircut, hair coloringnorm

18th lunar day

This day is considered not very good. People become passive and can be influenced by others. The symbol of the day is the Monkey, and people become somewhat like this animal.
Everything that happens to us on this day is a mirror image of our attitude to the world. On this day, the world around us shows us who we really are. Accordingly, if you are being pelted with lumps, it means that you are doing something wrong and you need to think about it. If you are praised on this day, you can be happy – it’s true.

You shouldn’t plan important things.

You should try to resist the urge to be passive on this day. It is better to sleep less and give yourself some moderate physical activity.

It is advisable to refuse medical procedures, because the course of treatment on the 18th lunar day can be unpredictable.

On this day, it is better to give up alcohol.

Cutting your hair will lead to loss of property, theft, and your pets may get sick (they sense the dangers that threaten you and worry about you). According to Tibetan traditions, this is a burning day, and a haircut will bring you a serious deterioration in your health.

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Moon in the sign Scorpio

The most fitting word to describe the influence of this lunar sign is “intensity.” Intensity will increase in everything, but especially in interactions with people. When the Moon enters Scorpio, a person’s psychic and intuitive abilities significantly increase. It will be much easier for us to perceive the state of other people now.

The Moon in Scorpio is a Moon in a water sign. Therefore, our emotional reaction is heightened, and emotional needs increase significantly. It’s better if we refrain from explosive displays of emotions, especially those that may have negative implications, as all feelings are heightened during this period, and even slight irritation can lead to anger.

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