People whose lunar birthday is Taurus love comfort, permanence, stability and reliability. Taurus is a female, earthly sign.

During his lunar influence, our patience increases markedly. We become more responsive in dealing with others, at least until the end of our endurance. But it’s worth moving over the edge, and we explode like a supernova, and the primitive instincts take over us. The Moon in Taurus increases the will of the will; This time contributes to the completion of the earlier projects, but new initiatives at this time will be difficult.

At certain phases of the moon and other circumstances, the influence of the Moon in Taurus can be perceived as negative. Possible energy recessions. Taurus is the first earthly sign that passes the moon. It promotes earthing, makes it possible to fasten and let deep roots, like the old tree. There may be a desire to move away from everything that is happening, not to interfere in anything; just have fun at the time. But when we capture the positive influence of the Moon in Taurus, our energy grows significantly and becomes harmonious.

The energies of the Moon in Taurus are very beneficial for some people: they give them vigor and vigor.

The time of the lunar influence of the Taurus does not contribute to much change. Changing the route is risky; it is unlikely to be of any use, unless very serious motives will move you. Better to choose stability and consistency, which will increase your inner strength and sense of happiness.

Such a position of the Moon does not tune people to altruism. Both the moon and sun signs of the Taurus are characterized by materialistic qualities. And during the stay of the Moon in Taurus, we feel these qualities. If we borrow something from others, it is worth taking these things very carefully.
The Moon Period in Taurus is very suitable for solving financial issues.

Business qualities are increasing at this time, and monetary affairs cease to appear confusing and incomprehensible. When the Moon is in terrestrial characters, especially in Taurus, learn to save, because at this time the desire to raise money increases.

The materialist influence of this sign will also be reflected in the fact that there will be a desire to buy things, without which you would be able to do without everything else. Many, and especially women, at this time, feel such a temptation to make any purchase, which is difficult to overcome. The best compromise in this situation is to go shopping at a grocery store.

This monthly period increases the sense of security. But the Moon in Tiltse not only enhances the sense of confidence and patience, but also makes us more stubborn and belligerent. When you find what you need, you can put any money into it without thinking. Especially your persistence will be on the subject of your old desires, if it is attractive and beautiful outside.

Inner power and Bull’s stubbornness, combined with its practical nature, will help you achieve any goal, provided that the process has been started in advance. The Moon in Taurus most often allows two variants of the development of events: just sitting and waiting for what will happen by itself, or the completion is already started. Usually, new initiatives in this period will simply be impossible.

The Moon in Taurus will inspire you to support and care for others. You will even be able to characterize it as sensitive nature. The interaction of the Transits of the Moon in Taurus with your planets in the opposite sign of Scorpio, as well as the interaction of the Moon in Taurus with your planets in the sign of Cancer, will reveal your romance. It is not recommended to start new love or friendly relations in this position of the moon, but promise to develop the existing relations promise to be successful.