The most successful word for describing the effect of this lunar sign is “intensity.” Intensity will increase in everything, but especially – in relationships with people. When the Moon enters the sign of Scorpio, the psychic and intuitive abilities of man grow significantly. Now it will be much easier for us to perceive the condition of other people.

The moon in Scorpio is the Moon, in the watermark. Therefore, our emotional reaction is aggravated, and emotional needs are rising enormously. It will be better if we refrain from violent manifestations of our emotions, especially those that may be negative. Since during this period all feelings are aggravated, even the slightest irritation can lead to fury.

A common sense, which usually controls emotions, will be weakened during this period, and people may be distracted. And this inaccuracy, in turn, can provoke long-term aggravation of relations.
The moon in Scorpio strongly raises sexual desire. We are just insurmountable and very sensual. Understanding the causes of your increased sexual desire in these few days will help you keep your fervor and make informed decisions.

During the Moon’s stay in Scorpio, our mental process is also activated by enhancing intuitive abilities. When it comes to solving a problem or conducting a study, we will have more insight. This sign does not give us analytical capabilities like Virgo, but we can “just know” the answer or at least understand where to look for it.

Intellectual self-discipline will reach its climax. Determined and purposeful, we can pursue any goal and achieve it. But it must always be desirable, because we are now moving the very interests of our feelings.

The problem with this period may be increased secrecy. Probably we do not want to disclose any information about ourselves unless it requires our sexual interests or something else that has touched our feelings. At the same time, we will ask very specific and focused questions about any subject, even about sex, to many people, especially to the closest friends. But even when discussing the topics of intimate relationships, we will not be completely open. After all, the Moon in Scorpio can not publish all its secrets.