During the influence of the Moon in Aquarius, people become friendly with everyone. The energy of this sign makes people responsive, sociable and gifted with a rich imagination. With these qualities we will be able to help our neighbors in life’s difficulties, giving them moral support.

Most likely, you now feel the idealist influence of the moon, you will not want to be separated from others a few days ago, you will feel the need to discuss your thoughts and experiences with anyone who is ready to listen to you. Not excessive straightforwardness on your part is possible, which can frighten interlocutors. But your shock effect does not frighten your own words, rather the contrary – the more shock your words, the more it will entertain you.

In this period, you have to bet on your attractiveness. You can perfectly inspire others around with their enthusiasm or the brightness of their imagination. But the influence that you will create on the public will only come from your external manifestation, because emotions will remain fairly restrained.

In an emotional attitude, at this time, people tend to loneliness. The distance between you and the rest of the world will not allow the strangers to enter into their emotional life. It will strengthen the feelings that you do not allow them to get close to yourself or that you hide from them for external sensitivity and spontaneity.

The will of people in these few days may become paramount, which fully corresponds to the feeling of emotional exclusion, separation from all. And when someone tries to provoke us to a more intimate relationship, we will feel as if we are tied by chains. It is necessary to convey at that time a friendly initiative to friends and family members and, together with them, to build common plans for rest or work, and let everyone take an active part in it. With this approach, we will feel free and at the same time meet the need for communication.

Avoid situations in which you may fall into someone else’s influence. During the Moon’s Aquarius, it will be very difficult for you to be under someone’s influence or follow someone else’s directions. At this time, try to work on your own projects. You will feel more relaxed and happier if you take control of your life in your own hands.