Twenty-third lunar day

Twenty-third lunar day

General description

The symbol is “Crocodile Maccara,” a bloodthirsty half-crocodile, half-fat, half-swollen, who swallows you, grabs, devours. Another symbol is Cerberus, close to this image of Chimera and Ehidna.
A very difficult day, a day of seduction, a runaway of bloodsuckers and vampires. It is harmful to doubt your choice of your way, it is better to think about these issues on another day. We must convince ourselves of the right path, practice repentance, forgiveness, self-sacrifice.
Sexual restraint is shown on the 23rd day of the month, it’s the second day of the ban, like the 15th, and the other days have limitations, but not so severe.
Dairy food is recommended and best of all – cheese with nuts.
The 23rd day is also the day of cleaning the home, making sacred objects in the house. It can be cleaned with fire, or holy water, or smoke with a fennel. It is very good to put a black flint on the threshold.
The correct use of energy on the 23rd day reveals the healer’s ability in a person. Cleaning, sanitation and preventive procedures should be performed on this day.
You can not overeat and get angry, do not cut hair and nails, and do surgical operations. Any separation of parts of our body is this day’s food for vampires. Often, vampires are sucked to the legs. If you have bones or bake on this day (the back of the leg belongs to the vodka) from the outside, then the vampire was sucking. We can get rid of him if we concentrate and in thought we will tear him away like a blow.
If on the next day you feel the heat or the severity in this area, do the same and you will feel immediate relief. Vampires, blood suckers are usually sucked into the stones or around the neck (this is another day).
This day you can not lead a sedentary way of life, we must try to move as much as possible. All events that occur with us this day must be checked for seduction and not subject to provocations that can cause negative emotions. Revenge is especially dangerous. If you take revenge on someone, it can turn against you.
From the 23rd day of the month, the spine is connected. Recommended practice with spine and manual therapy. It is advisable to make mutual “crackers” (one sits on the back and jumps). Thus, blood is purified in the spine. You can also jump over the curved back of another person. Man bends and gives a load on the spine, even the vertebra can be adjusted. With this day, the Chakra Muladhara is tied.
If a person improperly uses the energy of the day, then it may show boils on the body, and they indicate the place where the vampire has eaten. The appearance of a boil and even a small sore in a day about this and talk.
People born on the 23rd month of the month also come in different ways. Those who live under the high program are heavenly protectors and real monks. Non-developing people have a very strong grip, they also have these energies, are able to approach and tempt a person.
People born on this day should not doubt their choice of path and should always go to the end.
All people on the 23rd day of the month need to practice confidence and perseverance, then do not become a victim of vampires.


The twenty-third month of the month brings dreams related to social problems, they suggest ways out of internal conflict situations, from the state of rejection of oneself.
Dreams of this period, as a rule, painful, restless, are filled with a huge amount of unpleasant images and symbols for us. But if they are correctly interpreted, you can discover a lot of useful things for yourself. True, such an interpretation can only be carried out by a specialist. If you are not – refer to the dream simply as a dream and no more.


Today’s health should be taken care of with great care, because a powerful surge of opposing energy can cause exacerbations of chronic diseases or lead to various traumatic situations. Very high degree of fractures, bumps and so on. Therefore, today it is recommended to cancel all training, even the most mild, because it is very difficult to predict what can lead to unwanted consequences. Even an innocent stretching of the muscles can cause unbearable pain.



In the twenty third day of the month all sour-milk products are useful, but it is advisable to refrain from meat food, because meat increases aggressiveness. It is also better to refuse from coffee and alcoholic beverages. From an alcoholic man during this period not so much drunk as “animalize”, even from a small dose. There may also be a pathological insanity. Try not to get caught on her fishing rod. Overeating in this period will only lead to serious diseases of the digestive system.


Twenty-third time for businessmen – a positive period, it is possible to get things done most importantly, to solve the problems that solved before this did not work out. For example, if you have long been trying to sign a contract or get a loan, today you have every chance and opportunity to do it. All that you need is active action and the maximum concentration on the desired.
In this period, it must be kept in mind that the probability of conflicts is very high, so you should keep maximum exposure and not take everything close to the heart. In communicating with both the bosses and the subordinates it is necessary to maintain neutrality and try to be friendly with everyone, because “grudge” can be expected from anyone and whenever. Even, it would seem, the oldest and most reliable friends of the day are able to betray you or bring a lot of trouble.
Try not to take part in parchment and gossip, do more and speak less. Remember, everything you say now may be reversed against you.


It is desirable to refrain from divination. This is a day of instability in energy flows, so you will not get an accurate and clear answer to any questions put to you by the oracle – everything will be foggy and, as a rule, do not correspond to the truth.
In the twenty-third month a harmful astral entity becomes active, which often interfere with mantle (hostile) practices.


This is the period of solving nodes, karma, a day when you have the opportunity to free yourself from the past. Today it is recommended to perform cleansing practices, dynamic meditations, for example, combining Pranayama and walking.