Twenty-sixth lunar day

Twenty-sixth lunar day

General description

Has the names “Frog” and “Swamp”. This day is the process of seduction with its own achievements. A very dangerous day for us. You need to be very attentive to the contacts and communicate only on the domestic sympathies. This day, as a rule, lose energy in conversations, so it is not recommended to talk a lot.
On the 26th day of the month, restraint, fasting and rest are shown. You can not tear your teeth. To start some business of this day is useless, everything is dirty, like in a swamp. Useful bath, massage. A sweat is followed by strong purification. We must try to avoid smoke, which can distort our perceptions of ourselves, and illusions also hinder ourselves to appreciate ourselves.
The 26th month of the day is dangerous to robbery, and not only on the physical plane, it may be a “robbery” of thoughts and emotions. So you do not have to bustle, show pride and pride.
On the 26th day of the month you should not eat round vegetables (cabbage, turnip, and so on). From the food of this day, the best will be potatoes, fish and herbs.
On the 26th month of the month, we have a way out to Teachers, which is why we have to be selective in the contacts. This is the person who, at the right time, will say that it is necessary. On the 26th day of the month, you must be careful about who praises you and who makes you deceive. It is better to accept a person who has a bow and say that you have no ration.
It is very beneficial to see a man with full buckets or full bags on this day, especially when you leave the house for the first time. There are special practices for leaving the house. Being at home, you are thus protected, and based on it, you must knowingly lock the door behind you. Moving over the threshold, you need to mentally understand that you have protection in another world. Any protective words will fit in the moment when you cross the threshold. The threshold is a clearing place. If he has worked, he will not miss the enemies.
But from the apartment, we often come out just like that. Be sure to look in the mirror, take a twin with you. If a person has forgotten something and returned, then it is necessary, at the exit, to look twice in the mirror for the second time. You can look at your nails. The fingers of the hands and nails are the outputs of the energy channels. If you combine all four fingers, attach a large one to them, look at both hands and say: “Naked nails, eyes naked people”, this will be protection from the grandmothers for the whole day, then spit three times over the left shoulder. You can repeat this three times. On the left side we have a demon, and on the right is the guardian angel. Always, when you hear the bad ones, do not take it for yourself, many people want to get us drunk. Better to say: “Tzur me”.
With the 26th day the chandelier is linked to Kundalini. We can track the wrong self-esteem by the way people of this day belong to us. If a person is very tempted at his own expense, that day he will be mocked by trifles, and “by the present”. Very good practice: not to be identified, that is, to take everything and to perceive everything as a matter of fact, especially if the 26th month day still falls on Monday. Imagine being a stone on a road around which some events take place. This is a Monday practice, and it is very useful to practice on the 26th day of the month. We must not be identified with anything, but take what happens, as in the play.
People born on the 26th month of the day, live a very difficult, difficult life, because they have a constant process of internal self-esteem. It is better for them to remain silent, because they will lose energy in conversations. Usually, such people intuitively feel it and keep silent. One way to raise his spiritual level for people born on the 26th day of the month is to fulfill their promises. This will help realize the energy they have. It’s hard, but necessary. Generally, people born to the fourth phase of the moon have a very large experience. They have already become much tempted and therefore understand how to live properly.


Images of dreams of this period reflect the “shadow” side of the human person, in particular, the region of the subconscious, associated with harmful habits and passions. Dreams show the person whom it will become if it can not transform its negative features into positive ones.


Those who are engaged in sports today are advised to arrange a holiday or at least double the load. Health is now very vulnerable, enough for the slightest reason to cause an exacerbation of already existing illness or injury.
Today, useful massage and cosmetology procedures, work with acupuncture points.



In the twenty-sixth month the meat, fish, eggs, seafood and mushrooms are strictly forbidden. The easier the dish is this day, the better. Those who practice periodic fasting can starve or purify.


For business, twenty-six months is a dangerous period. If possible, it’s best to postpone any financial transaction, refrain from concluding contracts, transactions and any trading operations. It is believed that all business related businesses are doomed to this day, even if at first it seems that everything is going well. In the team at this time, there may be serious and extraordinary scandals, quarrels and conflicts. It is recommended to arrange for all working holidays or to make work of this day easy and does not require excessive stresses of forces.
On the twenty-sixth day of the month, you can thrive in your ambitions, there are disputes about the authorities that have all the chances to go on finding out the relationship. Be careful not to be arrogant on your part, you can lose a lot of it.


It is desirable to restrain from any kind of divination this lunar day, because, as many astrological and mystical schools count, in the course of divination during this period, a harmful astral essence can enter into our world, which will bring a lot of trouble.


The twenty-sixth month of the Tibetan astrological school thinks it is beneficial to visit its spiritual mentor, teacher, gurus or to visit the church and temple. A good period to do offerings, sacrifice, conduct guru-puja (worship of the teacher) and so on.