Twenty-seventh lunar day

Twenty-seventh lunar day

General description

The symbols of the day are Trident, Rod, Ship. With a trident, the neptune is connected. The number 27 in the sum of figures gives 9 – neptune. This day is the process of obtaining secret, secret knowledge through the Neptune line. The 27th month day is the day of hope and search. Before a person has the task of finding himself and passing on what he has to other people. The result of the inner work will be the improvement of the world. It is the awareness of this on the 27th day of the month and will help to engage in secrets, secret knowledge. Everything we do in life, we do not for ourselves. This is based on many spiritual practices.
When a person asks for help for yourself, it will get a little, and when she asks for others, then it will flow energy. In Christian prayers, too, there is a request for the whole world. A pure man with a pure field helps cleanse others.
In the 27th lunar day we should get rid of illusions and realize their responsibility for every action, especially if the day falls on a Sunday.
This is a great day for meditation, in which it is possible to get secret, secret knowledge and practice. But one can not consciously expose himself to hypnotic influence. One of the most common ways of unconscious action when turning on radio or television, and we are doing our business. At this moment, we can inspire everything. Since everything heard remains in the head without a critical evaluation. Therefore, on the 27th day of the month, it is not recommended to do anything with the source of information included, and if turned on, then listen carefully. It is unfavorably submerged in trance from alcohol and stuffy substances. Since this day is a secret knowledge, we must not sleep in the full sense of the word. It is not recommended to sleep long, so as not to miss the revelation. You should not listen to music that works on the lower centers, especially heavy rock. It’s better to listen to music that will put you in the tiniest state. Music acts on energy centers very much. Spasms of modern music are usually felt on the lower chakras, in Muladhara. Spiritual music cleans and opens the chakras Anahatu and Vishudhu.
It is very unfavorable to consider myself in the mirror this day: you can identify with your twin and go to another world. Days containing the nine (9, 18, 27) in this respect are dangerous. It is not necessary to take blood on this day. It is better not to face fire.
On the 27th day of the month it is bad to overeat. You should not eat potatoes or citrus. Do not get started: they usually do not bring results. If you want to overdo it, you can start it on the 27th day.
From the 27th day of the month, chakras are connected by Vishudh and Muladhara. Diseases – thrombophlebitis and leukemia.
People born in the 27th lunar day, are the hidden, secret knowledge, but use them differently. Often they are in a state of fluctuation, anxiety, therefore, they say little, and often do not realize their own potencies. People who got the highest development path may be higher healers and know love because “9” – is the highest hypostasis Venus is the highest love and harmony. People born on this day can become verbal mages, that is to act in the world and on other people through word, prayer. Non-developing people born on this day may become alcoholics, drug addicts.


The dream of the twenty-seventh month of the month speaks of how much a person can exist in harmonious relations with the surrounding syndrome, insofar as it is able to maintain a balance between the world’s spiritual and material world.
To interpret the dream of this period should only one who is well acquainted with the basics of deep psychology, otherwise all the interpretations will be inaccurate, because it is very easy to subdue this day or extreme mysticism (to perceive everything as a manifestation of a fatus), or to extreme practicalism and utilitarianism (to perceive a dream as a set of chaotic elements of the subconscious).
Some schools believe that today people are given revelation in their dreams.


Astrologers warn: the use of chemicals in twenty-seventh month a day can cause an unpredictable reaction of the body, various complications. Therefore, it is desirable to abstain from the use of drugs in this period (of course, if it is not a question of life and death).
The lymphatic system is particularly vulnerable now. It takes a little less to stay, and most importantly – to avoid dampness. Staying near water during this lunar period can easily lead to respiratory diseases. Stay away from reservoirs and pools.
Cold water in the twenty-seventh month is very dangerous. Try not to swim today, especially for large water bodies – seas, oceans, lakes.



In the twenty-seventh month day, meat is only possible if it was prepared as a ritual dish and consecrated with prayer. You can drink a little red wine, but it is desirable to refrain from the rest of the alcoholic beverages. A large proportion of the current diet should be food with a lot of spices and seasonings. Very useful turmeric, cardamom, cloves and pepper. For lunch today must be prepared light soup.


In the business plan, this period is favorable only for charity, yet the rest of the transactions with monetary signs is doomed to failure. Therefore, it is desirable to devote twenty-seventh day exclusively to sponsorship. It is believed that attachments aimed at charity create good karma and eventually bring wealth – both spiritual and material.


In this period it is best to marry on water or milk. You can ask the oracle for anything, most importantly, that you really need a response.
The twenty-seventh month of the month is very closely connected with water, because it is not for nothing that one of his symbols is the god of the Neptune Sea Emptiness. According to scientific and mythological notions, water is the first principle of life. Many legends have been preserved that the first piece of land was taken from the bottom of the oceans.
Water and milk – the most common ritual offerings, and sprinkling with water – is an indispensable part of many sacred practices, ranging from Orthodox ministry to pagan rituals, including hostile ones.
Water fortune is considered one of the most ancient. Looking carefully at the mirrored stroke of the water, the soothsayer learned the secrets of the future. It can be argued that the vessel with water was the first magic mirror to be used long before the appearance of mirrors of polished metals.
Frightening this moonlight for curiosity is not recommended.
The astral matters that are responsible for the predictions may, in a sense, offend you for such a disrespectful attitude, and you will never get the correct and accurate answer to your question, which meaning it does not represent for you.
Guessing on a moonlit night
On a moonlit night put a cup of clean spring water to show the moon in it. Watch, without breaking, on the image in the water.
If the image of the moon is:
– is located in a cup at the handle – you are waiting for a new novel, which can grow into deep enough feelings;
– is located on the opposite side of the cup handle – this year you are threatened with separation with your beloved person;
– At the bottom of the cup – you will have an advantageous trip;
– covered with clouds or streams – there may be problems;
– very fuzzy – assumes a large number of problems, small quarrels and image;
– clear – in the near future whatever you do, you will be accompanied by success and luck.
Domination of milk for the future
For this divination, milk is used, which is first tired after the calf.
In the evening on Wednesday, boil the milk and cool it until a foam appears.
Place the chilled milk powder on the table and blow on the foam. If the foam:
– it is bloated from milk only for the third time – there will always be plenty in the house;
– for a long time does not leave the edge – children do not leave their home soon;
– the foam will split up into several parts – a business trip must take place shortly;
– Dense and wide edges – the intercession of a rich friend will come in a difficult moment.


Twenty-seventh month day – one of the most favorable periods for pilgrimages. European esoteric schools have dedicated this day to magical rituals and ceremonies, especially those in which the mighty spirits of the Light Forces were called.