Twenty-second lunar day

Twenty-second lunar day

General description

Called “Elephant Ganesha with a Dividing Cavity,” “The Cue (Book),” and “The Golden Key”. This is the day of wisdom and secret knowledge. Practices are related to this. A magic day is a day of divination, but divination is to be carried out through meditation on symbols, pictures, letters of the alphabet, yantras, horoscope, and those objects that can give non-verbal, secret, and beyond knowledge. Any such subject can give way to secret knowledge.
It is possible to envy and in the “Book of Change”, which is based on throwing bones, or random numbers. These numbers are also symbols of meditation. Any image, various ornaments also carry information at a subconscious level. All the things that surround us affect us.
It is no coincidence that the ancestors decorated the room with bright ornaments. In fact, they depicted symbols that contributed to this or that practice. In temples you can also see images of crosses, circles.
Pay attention to your wallpapers and those paintings that hang in the house. Many contemporary paintings carry negative information, since artists often introduce themselves into non-harmonic states with the help of drugs, and then write paintings. On the 22nd day we are particularly sensitive to images. Certain images on wallpaper, paintings can even cause disease. The characters on the wallpapers should not be destructive, they should not contain a sign of a goat – an inverted pentagonal star. Better wallpaper to replace. You can choose wallpaper for a favorable rhythm for yourself. For example, if your number is Mars, it is better to choose leaves with three petals.
On the 22nd day of the month you can feel good and bad for you. You need to convey the experience that you have accumulated and use the wisdom we will buy this day. On this day, energy is accumulated and with food, so it is not recommended to starve and fast. It is very good to show generosity.
If you do not have the energy, then on the 22nd month of the day it is dangerous to draw characters without knowing what you are drawing. Such practices should be avoided better.
It is especially bad to draw closed circles, circles, squares that restrict us. These symbols can affect us according to our will. If you are drawing, it is better to erase and not consider them on this day.
It is not recommended on the 22nd day of the month to make sharp movements, especially in the lower back. From this day, the chandelier is linked to the Kundalini, the pelvic belt, the sacrum, the cervix, the lower part of the spine.
Misuse of energy of the day can lead to lower back pain, radiculitis and muscle ailments. Skin joints may be affected.
People born on the 22 nd lunar day, initially retain traditions, wisdom, secret knowledge. If a person does not develop, he may become a “terrible conservative” because he is confident that he knows everything. She does not want to take anything new.
Developing people can realize wisdom and pass it on to others.


Since Ganesha is a god removing obstacles, all the images of dreams of the twenty-second day of the month indicate obstacles and obstacles that are on the way of life.
With the correct interpretation of a dream, a person can finally solve many of his problems, eliminate energy blocks and find out what actually constrains the realization of his divine essence in it.
The main thing – when interpreting the characters do not get caught in his “his” bucket and do not replace the truth desired. And of course Ganesha, as the patron saint of the sacred knowledge, often sends revelation to people in twenty-two hours a day.


The most vulnerable during this period are hip joints, thighs, buttocks and lower parts of the spine. It should be very careful not to injure them. For example, if you are doing weight lifting, then try not to perform exercises today, which are heavily loaded in these areas, it is better to work on other muscle groups.
At twenty-second month day it is recommended to start a cycle of treatment, a new health program. It is also a favorable period for theoretical studies, for studying the psychological and physiological foundations of a particular sport or health system.


This is the only day in the entire lunar cycle, when the use of sweet is desirable and fully welcomed, because Ganesha, the deity of the twenty-second month of the month, is a great salmon. About how strong his love for sweet tells such a legend.
One day, the gods, having seen Parvati, playing with their two sons – Ganesha and Kartikeiyu, brought her a sweet cake from the heavenly nectar. Everyone who inhaled his fragrance immediately found immortality, and whoever tasted – became the lucky owner of the knowledge of all scriptures and the master of possession of any kind of weapon, and in addition, he became a great artist and poet, and, of course, he received the ability of omniscience. Turning to his sons and holding in front of them this strange cake, Parvati said:
– The one who surpasses his brother in righteous behavior will receive this heavenly sweetness.
Kartikeya immediately went to visit all the holy places of the earth, and Ganesha, slowly and calmly rose from the place, respectfully walked around her mother and said:
– There is nothing more comforting and righteous than the respect of his mother.
So Ganesha deserved this wonderful gift and since then very much likes cakes and other sweets.
In addition to sweet it is very useful to include in my menu more vegetable salads, stewed vegetables and casseroles.
It is also good to make milk and dishes from whole grains in the diet.
Overeating in this period can not be feared, because it is unlikely to come, since the lunar day and your stomach today are just as insatiable and bottomless as the belly of the elephant god Hannapati. Incidentally, the ability of Hannapath to eat a lot of food speaks and one of his names – Lambardar, which in translation means – a hanging, large protruding stomach “.
In “brahma-puran” it tells how once, in childhood, Parvati was fed to him, and although Ganesha was already fed to the dump, he still continued to drink milk from the chest of his mother for so long that his brother Kartikeyu did not get at all maternal milk, and Ganapati all drank and drank.
Naturally, it is not necessary to abusive unlimited food intake. But in principle, you can eat as much as you like. But if you feel that your limit of saturation has come, you do not have to overcome it, good such violence will not end.


The twenty-second month’s day is the best time for businessmen, since Ganesha is not only a deity of elimination of obstacles, but also a deity of wealth. Ganesh’s elephant will be properly mended, so he will give man wealth, luxury, success and fame.
During this period, it is very useful to visit your mentor, a person who has authority for you and listen to his opinion about your pressing problems. You will definitely learn something new, you will see some nuance that has not been noticed before, but which is a brake on your path to success. It will be indispensable to work with books and other information carriers, to disassemble the archive, correspondence, check bookkeeping and so on. Any activity with text today will give positive results.
It should also be remembered that during this period, affairs related to charity, bring fantastic results. The more you donate today to the needs of the spiritual communities and communities, the more you will come back to you later. The main thing is that your contribution is sincere and devoid of selfish goals.
Indian astrological school believes that this day is very beneficial for trade, so the most important trade operations are better to do precisely during this period.


In the twenty-second month of the month, the most successful are divination, relating to the receipt of wealth, the glory of success, and so on, that is, the oracle should put those issues that are directly related to the social sphere of life.
But remember that any forecast is just a forecast, and not a once and for all established fact. You can always change something. Therefore, if your question during divination will be an unfavorable answer, do not despair, with due diligence you can always change everything. The present one takes its origins in the present, do everything right today, tomorrow your life will be better than now.
Devotees with 9 buttons
For divination you will need 5 big buttons, preferably one size, as well as 4 buttons of medium size.
Take the buttons in the right arm and throw a sharp movement through the left shoulder.
If you are:
– more middle-sized buttons – in the near future you are waiting for troubles and anxieties that have arisen in the family difficulties will not give rest and at work;
– big buttons that lie close to the left leg – luck in all things, a wealth of abundance and family joy. In the future, everything will be fine;
– The big buttons are closer to the right foot – lucky people who are commerce. Business will be successful, all commercial operations will bring incredible income;
– the same number of big and small buttons – soon you will all be evenly – a little joy, a little pity.


Almost all mystical schools devote twenty-two months to the study of sacred writings, since Ghashena is the patron saint of wise men, poets and all sacred texts. One of the widely known Indian legends indicates that the great epic Mahabharata was composed by the sage Vyasa and recorded by Ganesh, who used his own tusks as a feather. The case was as follows:
After the sage of Vyas has already compiled his poem, he wondered how to pass it on to his disciples. After thinking, he came to the conclusion that there is no one on earth who would be worthy to do it without distorting any single word. Then Brahma appeared before him and advised the sage to turn to the figured figure of Ganesha. Vyasa did it. Ganesha agreed to the proposal to write a poem written by Vyas, but for his part put forward one indispensable condition, which consists in the following – he will write dictation only in the event that the sage does not break into the statement for a second; otherwise Ganesha will rise and go . After a little thought, Vyas agreed, but he also set a condition before God that he should not write anything without understanding the meaning of what he is writing. On that they have decried. Has boiled work. The sage of Vyasa had to invent many turns of the epic story “Mahabharati”, making his presentation very mysterious and incomprehensible, so that the speed of the pen Ganesha declined, and Vyas had time to contemplate the continuation of the story.
The twenty-second month day is the day of wisdom and knowledge. It is useful to hold him in reflection, as well as this most desirable period in order to begin the study of astrology.