Twenty-ninth lunar day

Twenty-ninth lunar day

General description

The symbols are “Maya”, “Sprut” and “Hydra”. This is Satan’s Day. Here is going to “darkness” all the month of the month before being burned at the moment of the young man. This day is created and protection from Satanism. Day of struggle against evil. When evil is gathered into a heap, it can easily be destroyed. We need to be very careful and keep track of what’s going on. If the day is successful, successful, it means that you are rewarded for some not very bright actions. Difficulties on the 29th day of the month should be considered good, because it is a sign that you are not a slave of darkness, so they show our problems, which we must work on. Humility and repentance are recommended. We must obediently accept punishment, because they are the result of what we did.
On the 29th day of the month it is necessary to drive negative thoughts from itself. It is good in the morning to give yourself a setup so that nothing bad can not think: no doubt, anxiety, no torment. Fasting and restraint is recommended on this day.
There is a practice to clean up from the negative of this day. If the moon is not in watermarks, it is recommended for the feet water procedures in salty cold water. It is necessary to stand in a basin no more than 10 minutes. In 10 minutes, all of the “black” energy will come down from you. If you stand longer, good energy will start to go down. In this way, we are cleared of our eyes. Do the water temperature so as not to feel discomfort. When you stand, you have to imagine all the bad things going to the water all the time. If it’s very bad this day, then you can take a candle in your left hand. This candle can not be extinguished. She must burn everything. You can cut off as much as you need to burn it beforehand. Do not smoke on fire. It is better to extinguish the candle with the fingers of the right hand. It is better to fill the earth with the riches. You can flutter.
It is recommended to clean the house on this day, to smoke it well with baguette or juniper. Baghno must smother, not burn, so that smoke goes. You can also smoke incense. Well cleans the chaga, it smells well. Smoke cleanses and throws out evil on this day.
On the 29th day of the month, you need to be attentive to what you are offering. If on the fifteenth day we are tempted, then on the 29th day of the month we get absolutely everything. That is, the gifts on the 29th day of the month are a sign that you were awarded a bad one.
Avoid muddy water and do not throw away any fog that can enter into evil. Dark loves the boundary states. In this regard, there is a dangerous moment when a person falls asleep and wakes up, and it is very dangerous to rush to take food. Many household rituals are related to the table, because this is a place where violations of our integrity often occur. When we eat, we break the state of harmony, and with food we bring something new to the body. Therefore read prayers before eating. And they say: “When I eat them – I am deaf and dumb.” There is nothing wrong with talking about food, we must try to make the food process conscious. Food should be clean. We can make magic circles 3-7 times clockwise with the idea that we clean it or cross it.
On the 29th lunar day, all food needs cleaning. Water is cleaned in the same way, all of which requires conscious attention, especially at 9, 15, 29-th month days. It should be remembered that a person is what she eats. All the products that we introduce are changing our structure. This is not only the chemical process of digestion, but it is energy. In the same way, any glass of water can become a source of energy if you clean it with your hand, and then drink slow sips with the thought that every sip gives you energy. In the same way as we do before the eclipse, when we begin to decay before we begin to purify the liquid, and then, after the collapse, strengthens us in that new state, which was received after the collapse.
If you do any business sensibly, then it will have completely different consequences for you than the mechanical actions that we carry out.
On the 29th day of the month, it is impossible to do butts in the buttocks, no procedures with the rectum. You can not open the buttocks to the east, that is, to stand “sharp” to the east unfavorably. When you get dressed in the morning, get better face to the east.
From the 29th day of the month, the rectum and anus, the chakra Muladhara are connected. The aggravated hemorrhoids of this day also shows that you have poor protection, and the negative will go to the rectum.
People born on the 29th day of the month have severe karma. They have a dark force in themselves, but besides, they have internal forces to deal with it, so they behave as if they are constantly struggling with this power.
Every person born on the 29th day of the month can not explain his reactions to life. It can be expressed in small and large. In a way, it’s like the goats-all of the zodiac.
As a rule, they are given a long life for the development of karma. It is especially difficult if a person was born into the darkness. Her life is difficult, but she must not avoid difficulties, and must defeat evil. The energy to win it is. We must realize the spirit of contradiction in ourselves, fill the cones and go our own way.
This day can not be avoided, everything must be completed. As a rule, people born on the 29th day of the month have karma matches with their family members. Often, they are practicing not their karma, but the karma of their relatives. Most often grandparents. Father and mother are rarely. People in such families appear not by chance. They are very uncomfortable for cohabitation. It is difficult to live with them. They need to help, but you can only help with love. This person should meet with you attention and help. Often for them, this life may be the last.


The dream of the twenty-ninth day of the month tells a man about the processes that take place in her subconscious, this is the so-called “shadow” side of our person, which also requires attention. Images of the dream of this period should be thoroughly analyzed and with all diligence to work. These images point to the problems you are trying to turn away from. Unauthorized, they only accumulate and create in your subconscious the constant tension. For the same reason, treat them with due respect. Work on the images of your dream with a psychoanalyst or a good interpreter of dreams.


In this period, the entire human body is exposed to negative energies. Therefore it is recommended to load as much as possible yourself. Avoid drafts and wet rooms. Be careful during the training – the day is dangerous to a large number of injuries, which often end with extraordinary complications. On the twenty-ninth day of the month, you can again tell yourself about the diseases that you already forgot about. This is the true signal that you actually eliminated the symptom, and not the disease itself, the “Matrix” of the disease is still in your body and needs to be removed immediately, otherwise the illness will be returned to you every time until it goes into chronic form, and then do not turn into pathology.



On this lunar day it is recommended to abandon categorically meat, alcohol and cigarettes. Beware of any questionable products, do not try new exotic dishes. The day is dangerous poisoning.
More vegetarian dishes today. You can starve.


Businessmen today need to be extremely cautious, because their business, expressed in modern language today, can “ride”, and anyone from the tax inspection to the river. Therefore, if there is a possibility, it is desirable for this period to close its institution, company or enterprise in general. Of course, the same tax inspection may come on another day, but today their arrival at ninety-nine percent and ninety-nine will end in a tragic way for you.
It is recommended that all trade measures in the twenty-ninth month of the month be discontinued. No buy or sell goods is required. The signing of contracts, the conclusion of contracts, the establishment of new business ties, the conclusions of operations, and the like are also doomed to failure, or things will go in such a way that you will not only regret the fact that at all it started.
It is not recommended today to organize meetings, five-minute meetings and meetings, besides scandals, conflicts, quarrels and mutual “deadly” image there will be nothing. Any compatible actions today are destructive.
Chiefs need to remember that now the team needs peace keeping and order, but not at the expense of aggressive and expansive actions.
All that one way or another resembles dictates and authoritarianism, will only cause a negative reaction, a process of resistance and rejection. For this reason, you should not now sign statements, issue new orders, launch directives, introduce new rules, and so on.
But remember that giving awards and rewards on the twenty-ninth day of the month will also not give a proper result. People will still be dissatisfied, as they say “neither in the tin nor in the gate.”
It is best to announce the weekend in this period, so you will give your staff a rest, and insure yourself from the troubles.


It is strictly forbidden to insult in the twenty-ninth month of the month. Not only that all the answers given by the oracle will be incorrect and, as a rule, the exact opposite, so with the help of divination you will bring in your life unwanted “astral guests”, which you will not be able to get rid of yourself. You will have to contact a specialist.
It is precisely today that black magic spoils through hostile practices. Many astrological schools warn that spiritual sessions on the twenty-ninth day of the month are literally deadly.


In the esoteric tradition, Tibet, in this period, usually, rituals were conducted to constrict local angry spirits. Yes, and in other mystical schools, it was decided to devote twenty-ninth month a day to various purification practices, both of the person himself, and of any locality.
In pagan schools, during this period, the hearths or candles were lit and burned until the end of the lunar day. After the fire was extinguished, its ash was buried deeply into the ground, because it was thought that in the flame a lot of evil spirits and harmful creatures were burnt out, whose dust should be buryed, so that they would not be void again.