Twenty-fourth lunar day

Twenty-fourth lunar day

General description

The symbols of the day are “Bear”, “Shiva”. This day is associated with male sexual energy, as the 17th lunar day is associated with the female. The process of destroying the old and creating a new one. This day, working on people can bring awakening of enormous forces and become a day of enlightenment.

Fighting with hopelessness is a must. On the 24th lunar day, generic curse is often realized, so one must be very careful about what’s going on. It is impossible to allow this day a person to feel the sense of hopelessness. The person must see the thread that she continues and which will continue after her. There is always a way out, there is an opportunity to be cleansed, even at the very last moment, it is never too late to take a step towards getting rid of sins.

The 24th lunar day is a dangerous reverse process, that is, things started this day may roll over and the result may turn out to be the opposite. And it depends on what the person himself contains.

This energy needs to be realized, but since energy is enormous, special practices are needed. This day requires physical activity and special physical exercises. The 24th lunar day is very beneficial for the treatment of various diseases by various methods, including extrasensory ones. Well cook your medicine.

The main strength of this day is the power of sexual man’s energy, it’s a day of sex and conception, when men’s energy is transformed into a female one. It is impossible to ignore the sexual energy of this day. It is possible to sublimate it in creativity.

In the 24th month of the month it is useful to drink a broth of chamomile and chew millet. It is very useful to recharge from the pine, stand up to her back. The 24th lunar day is shown for working with the forces of nature, very favorable for laying the foundation and building the house.

It is not advisable to be in a large crowd of people. Sexual energy is associated with Pluto – a collective energy, so you can not cope with it. It is not recommended to go to rallies. It is dangerous to show cruelty and sadism.

From the 24th lunar day, the anus and the chakra are “mortal gates”. This chakra is located between the anus and the sexual organs. This is a very important center in Chinese medicine called TI: it is lower than svadhisthanu and is the point of entry for earth energy. About this point we must know and remember. Unrealized sexual energy of this day can be made from a person of an unconscious sexual vampire.

Sexual vampirism can appear anywhere: in transport, at work, everywhere, where resonant people are gathered.

Man does not realize what is happening, but follow: you talk to someone and suddenly your legs are falling, you feel that the bottom of the discharged, a very specific sensation.

Unrealized energy can block the entrance of earth’s energy, and a person will lose orientation in life. This is a special case. But in any case, a person will only receive the upper energy, and since this chakra is related to Neptune, manifestations will depend on the quality of your Neptune.

It can also be expressed in an involuntary rebellion. Unrealized energy can cause rectal disease.

People born on the 24th day of the month, from birth, bear this enormous potential of energy, may be unusual mages, share energy with people at all levels. This happens unconsciously, but such people feel the need to share with those who surround them with this energy.

If a person born on the 24th lunar day does not develop, then she does not live, but as if sleeping on the move, inadequately responds to the world.
Enormous energy is blocked by it, hence the inhibition. How to sublimate this energy? A simple way of subliming energy is the natural change in body position. Ideal – it is steady on the head. If you can not do this, then you need to do the following exercises to raise your hips above the head: the same “birch”. Thus, energy flows into the upper centers. Immediately feel the beneficial effect. The second way is a strong physical activity of this day. Then this energy will not stagnate either.


The images of the dream that visited you during this period speak about the potential creative forces that require realization. The dream of the twenty-fourth day of the month, if properly interpreted, will tell you the ways in which creative energy should be directed to achieve harmony and well-being.
Some astrologers argue that the images of dreams today reveal to man the mystery of his past lives. This is due to the fact that one of the symbols of the lunar day – the bear, representing the genus, tradition, previous generations.


This lunar day can be held as active workouts with a large number of different exercises, including joint work of all muscle groups, and meditative exercises, such as yoga. It all depends on you how well you feel.
In the twenty-fourth month of the month, there are rarely any health problems, and if they happen, they tend to be minor and quickly pass.
The harmful factors for your body of this day – smoking and alcohol.



The diet in this lunar day should be diverse and nutritious. It is strictly prohibited to starve. You can use some dry wine. Useful grapes, milk and dairy products.


That you do not do today – everything will be successful, except, of course, immoral deeds. Any measure – repairing an office, concluding a contract, hiring a new employee – everything will go as badly as possible, but to do this you need to keep the cheerful spirit and in no case do not put pressure on the situation. If you suddenly feel that what you have done, as they say “do not go”, it’s better to leave it, now is not the time to implement your idea.
But most of all in the twenty-fourth month of the month, operations in the intellectual sphere – scheduling, calculations, accounting operations, work with archives, generation of new ideas, creation of projects and so on. It is useful to conduct advanced training courses, training of work personnel with new methods and methods of work.


Asking the oracle in the twenty-fifth month of the year is best for topics that relate to the fate of those or other projects. This day, we are jealous of the success in construction or on novoslyli. Well do divination with the use of fire.
Dominion for bread for new homes
On the first evening in the new house to bake bread.
If the bread is out:
– delicious, lush, fragrant, without harsh bulges and depressions – you will have a good health, abundance, understanding and support of loved ones. You will be able to achieve a lot in life, relying on the help and support of friends;
– delicious, lush, but not very uniform, consisting as if from separate vertices – lack of consent in the family, loss of contacts with relatives and friends. The projected period will be restless;
– broke up, but lush and tasty – unpleasant upcoming events, a possible split of a family or a break with friends, but health and strength will suffice to overcome the crisis; expected good financial condition;
– it broke in the process of baking on several parts, with one of the parts noticeably less than others, dried and slightly burned up – death or severe illness of some of the relatives;
– broke up, and part of the bread was boiling in such a way that it created a small separate bun – wait for replenishment;
– dry-dried – indicates bad health and financial losses; learn to be economical, sometimes to reconcile with destiny, not squandering forces in pursuit of impracticable;
– Burnt – tears and anguish often visit the person who is jealous, however, if at the same time the bread is still delicious and lush, this will not prevent the achievement of material success;
– written, but tasteless – it’s time to take up his own appearance and health, solve his problems without interfering in someone else’s life. Get started and start a new life.


Some Shiwai (Shiwai) schools spend this day Shiva-puja and perform various religious practices related to the worship of Shiva.
Often this day is used for acquisitions, disciples, receiving initiations and blessings from the saints and gurus.