Twenty-first lunar day

Twenty-first lunar day

General description

Symbols of the day – “Horse”, “Tabun horses”, “Chariot”. There is a process of transforming the internal structure of a person, obtaining the energy of a very large movement. This is the day of the Astral Knights. There will be a process of self-evidentness, a person can even change his physical nature.
It is very favorable this day to walk in the snow and mowed grass. It will give you energy. We must try to be as fresh as possible in the fresh air. We can be charged with wind energy, so it is good to be in the wind, to bathe in cold water. It also contributes to the transformation of the internal structure. Favorably this day wear clothes of white or golden color, red: cranberries, cranberries, pomegranates, mountain ash, beets. Since this is a day of movement, you can switch to another job and start travel, travel.
It is advisable to do business related to debt, the obligation and responsibility, to assume responsibility. Have a good conversation with friends and give an oath of allegiance. It is not recommended to be alone and stay alone. It is necessary to realize this energy in a herd. This day must do what is necessary for the future.
From the 21st day of the month, the Chakra of the Sahasrara (located on the cadillac) is tied in, or a thousandth anthrax lotus. Favorable concentration on Sahasarri and reflections on the fact that through this center we receive information from the Space. This is the center of communication with the Cosmos.
With this day, the liver and the hematopoietic function of the body are connected. If a person does not work on himself, does not change internally, it leads to a violation of the liver, to hepatitis and to a violation of the formula of blood. From the 21st day of the month, the opportunity to become better and show their knight’s qualities.
People born on the 21st day of the month are from the beginning pure knights and advocates of justice.
People of this day, which do not develop, can be unbridled villains and go to the goal of corpses.


The dreams of this lunar period reflect how much a person realizes himself in a creative aspect. Since the very nature of man, his Divine Essence is nothing more than a creative spark (we recall that the Lord himself is God – the Creator), it is very important for a person to correctly update his creative potential.
If this does not happen, it appears, figuratively speaking, mental impotence that does not allow a person to fully live in the universe.
Images of dreams of the twenty-first day of the month, with their correct interpretation, can show to a man where he has a “castle” on the path of creative flow.
Remember, all children are creators, they love to draw, sing, dance, invent, and so on. But over time, adults explain to them that they are “not Pushkin”, “not Rubens” and “in general, all the time you need to think about money.”
Such an approach creates an energy block for a child, which, afterwards, already in adulthood, brings her constant psychological and physical problems, in particular, in sexual life. The fact is that the basis of creative energy is sexuality, and if it is blocked, blocked – sexual life becomes gray and uninteresting.
According to the latest scientific data, when suffering from impotence or sexual infertility, they suggested that, in spite of nothing completely devoting themselves to the kind of creativity they were engaged in in childhood, the results showed that many of them simply revived before the eyes, the problem did not happen.


Today at workouts you can increase the load, it will only benefit. It is also good to run a marathon distance or make some marching with a lot of obstacles. All overloads will have a beneficial effect on health. The body is now not only able to withstand heavy stress, but also wants to test itself in extreme conditions.
True, with the liver need to be careful, in no case do not drink alcohol and refrain from smoking. Today even their dose was almost deadly.
Astrologers highly recommend this day to ride horse sports or just ride a horse.



It is very useful on the twenty-first day of the month to include in your diet carrots, beets, pomegranate and cranberries. In general, you can eat everything, but be careful not to strain your liver, do not overdo it with sweet dishes, and also try to eat a little less alcoholic beverages.


For business it is a period of active, rapid action, which, if you stay in the “saddle”, will certainly bring positive results. The main thing – “do not let go of the corners” and trust their “racquet”, that is, the energy of the moon.
Extremely effective will be actions that involve as many people as possible. Therefore, it is useful to gather all employees and direct their efforts to perform one particular task. This is the most effective time for brainstorming.
If you work in the sports industry, the gambling business, especially horses, is the day’s best for your business. But do not get involved with the meaningless competition, do not be foolish “weakly?” – all this is the twenty-first lunar day can carry only disappointment. You will not bring anything to anyone, but you will surely lose what you have.


Asking the oracle is desirable only on topics related to creativity, art, or the rest of the spheres of human activity, the oracles will not give an accurate answer, especially this applies to social and material plans.
Some forerunners argue that on the twenty-first day oracles answer questions related to winnings in races and lotteries. For divination, they recommend using all the tools of gambling – a domino card, lotto and so on.
Fortune-telling fortune
Each of those who envoy turns one bag out of the bag and calculates which of the nine variants of values ​​he fell.
Doing so. As you know, in the lotto there are only 90 barrels. Having obtained the barrel, the forgame must consistently draw the figures shown on the butcher’s ends until he receives an unambiguous number. For example, there was a number 73.
Initially, numbers 7 and 3 are formed, the output is 10. Now numbers 1 and 0 are summed, leaving 1. This is the required number. However, among the barrels there is a lotto of 14, which is special for divination. These are the drums with numbers 1.7, 8, 11, 19, 21, 40, 44, 50, 60, 69, 77, 80, 88 and 90. Figures on them do not need to be stacked, they have a separate meaning.
Before each stretch of the barrel, the contents of the bag are thoroughly shaken or stirred.
If a boom with a number:
1 – the near future does not promise either great joy or sorrow;
2 – you need to decide on the goal that you would like to achieve in the near future. This also applies to your personal life and career;
3 – Be careful, you are awaiting serious trouble. To avoid them, it is worth paying more attention to people around you, especially the little-known;
4 – time is coming, it is very favorable for new changes, you will be successful, new acquisitions will be very useful;
5 – there are serious changes. Try to survive them as calmly as possible, and then they will not be so devastating;
6 – a short trip to unfamiliar places awaits you. Do not be upset, the trip will not seem tedious to you, you will have time to do a lot;
7 – It’s worth a bit of relaxing and relaxing. All your business is in perfect order and the situation is quite stable. Returning to the deal with new forces, you can achieve great results.
8 – Serious quarrel with relatives will take you out of the way for a long time: in order to resolve the conflict more quickly, you will have to go to actions and reconciliation yourself, no matter how you rely on it. If you insist on your own, a long-lasting conflict can turn out to you where more serious troubles;
9 – Pay attention to health – in this way of life it can bring in the near future. Is not it time to put an end to some harmful habits?
I (“circles”) – awaits you a big scandal and quarrels. Be tolerant of shortcomings and mistakes of loved ones;
7 (“Kotsuba”) – and in the near future, the material situation improves significantly due to some successful change. You can test your success in gambling;
8 (“wicker”) – you are waiting for an unexpected journey, which will be useful for both business and family. However, collecting on the road, do not leave unsolved problems at home – upon returning they will remind themselves of double strength, and then solve and will be much more complicated;
II (“drum sticks”) – ill-wishers will cause serious anxiety – their intrigues cause a lot of trouble. It is not recommended to show business activity – it will not bring results;
19 (“Xenia hunchback”) – you will soon have to part with a person who has solved a lot of things in your life;
21 (“point”) – good news and success are waiting for you, both in personal and public affairs. This period is ideal for any new developments. Do not be afraid to start a business that at first sight seems absolutely adventurous, more courage and everything will come out of you;
44 (“Viennese chairs”) – be cautious in matters related to material situation. Great probability of deception. It is possible that there will be a major debt. Try to spend less money, restrict your expenses for some time, save money;
50 (“half a piece”) – no changes or news is expected. This period is intended for you to conduct an audit of all your affairs;
60 (“pensioner”) – postpone your current affairs for a while and try to relax and disperse – it is necessary to maintain vitality;
69 (“back and forth”) – this barrel is a symbol of inconsistency. Troubles will persecute you both in your personal life and in the service. Do not give way to sorrow, keep cheerfulness of spirit and clarity of thought – the period will last for a short time;
77 (“Two Kats”) – it will be extraordinary to carry on financial affairs. The appropriate time for future investments;
80 (“grandmother”) – there comes a period when you have to make every effort to keep what you have already achieved. If you keep the situation under control, your business will go downhill.
88 (“twigs”) – there should be a very long and hard journey, and not on your initiative. There will be few benefits to it, but there are many inconveniences. Returning home will be a very joyous and bright event that will be remembered for life;
90 (“grandfather”) – try to pay more attention to your personal life. You are very focused on social life, and your inner world suffers from this. Go to the theater on the day off. Get closer to art.


The twenty-first month of the day is the time of the most extreme practices, such as standing under the waterfall, which are practiced in the schools of Syugene-do.
Some mystical schools claim that the charitable acts carried out on the twenty-first day of the month increase the positive karma several times and help to get rid of the negative, creating the best conditions for the next rebirth.
Usually during this period, shamanic rituals and practices are conducted, as well as those exercises that are associated with the movement between subtle spheres of being.
On this day, the mage is able to move between parallel worlds without interruption, since the face separating one space from another is thin.
But the lovers of such actions are not recommended – because of inexperience they can get “not there” and without proper guidance they will not be able to find a way home.
Be careful. Calling spirits and conducting spiritual sessions for the same reason is also not worth it.