Twenty-fifth lunar day

Twenty-fifth lunar day

General description

The symbols of the day are “Tortoise”, “Sheath”, “The urn with ashes” and “Two vessels with live and dead water”. This day is also associated with a diary. There is a translation of the astral to the physical plane, and astral images can be seen. This day is a magical day, as well as a 22-month day. A person includes siddhi (superstitions). This is the day when wisdom comes and when all become to some extent prophets. If we work with the energies of this day, then the 25th month day will give us the opportunity to get that wisdom. But in order not to be harmed from this, man must be clean. And the first practice of this day is cleaning up. The fast also promotes spiritual cleansing.
On this day it is necessary to get rid of various slags: physical, astral, mental. It is useful to clean the body depending on the position of the moon. Each month there will be different cleaning. It is necessary to get rid of negative emotions, by means of breathing exercises to throw them in Manipur, where they burn naturally. Useful spiritual cleansing with prayers.
Every person has his own inner voice. This is how our guardian angel speaks with us. On the 25th day of the month, you must listen to your inner voice. You need to test yourself, check your level. This day you need to be especially attentive to the information. Today, with any insignificant, at first glance, information may come to you wisdom. Everything may be familiar.
Do not rush this day. It is not recommended to drink a lot of liquids and eat rude food. Cheese is the best food of this day. It is better not to take any medication.
On the 25th day of the lunar month, it is necessary to keep the ears, they can not be punctured, because the ears and goose are connected with the day. The urethra and goose are energy centers. In the shape of a goat, you can determine if a person receives energy from outer space or from other people. If the gooseber is straining directly, then the person gets energy from the Cosmos, and if he is pressed to the ear, then the energy comes with the contacts. This does not mean that a vampire man is just one of the signs of how a person gets energy.
On the 25th day of the month, you can become more egalitarian: telepathy, clarity, and you have to be ready to do this, but it should not be encouraged because the abilities are the result of your previous work.
If you did not do the cleaning, did not work consciously before, then the 25th month day is a day of caution to not do what you do not know how and what you do not own. The spontaneous inclusion of these energies may end badly (the “roof” will go).
Improper use of these energies can cause ear illness. Even a pimple on the ear is also a sign.
People born on the 25th day of the month are wise. They are slow, their dreams tend to be prominent. Since this day is visually astral image, then all of this can happen unconsciously. People, born on the 25th day of the month, can be consciously conscious in the astral – in a dream to receive information and transfer it to the physical plane. In the childhood they are mature and have a good idea of ​​everything.
On this day everyone needs to be very careful and cautious about their emotions and thoughts, since the thoughts generated by this day can live independently, charged with its energy. And with your negative emotions you can create a monster.


Due to the fact that the twenty-fifth month is connected with water, it is also connected with the depths of the subconscious. For this reason, virtually all astrological schools converge on the fact that dreams of this period are of a fortune-telling nature, that is, a person is usually now faced with prominent dreams.
Most of the dreams of the twenty-fifth lunar day does not even require an allegorical interpretation, all the characters are completely determined and specific. If the images remain incomprehensible, then listen to your intuition – it will tell you the correct interpretation. Do not try to spread the dreams on the shelves, do not try to necessarily “logically disassemble”, today only true intuition is trusting, trust it.


With health in the twenty-fifth month of the day nothing happens, if you are ill, then your well-being will remain the same, the pain will not increase, but it will not pass.
Although, I must say, for non-traditional healing practices it is the most successful and most favorable time, especially those who actively use water, for example, hydrotherapy.
It’s very healthy for people to bathe in the river, the lake, the sea or the pond this lunar month. If there is no such opportunity, be sure to take a bath and preferably with herbs.
Some astrological schools warn about not starting this day to take new medications.



On the twenty-fifth month of the day, any rough food, as well as melon and mushrooms, is contraindicated.
It is very useful today to drink as much water as possible, but from juices it is desirable a little less. The more you drink the water, the better. Water will help your body free from slags naturally and without unpleasant consequences.
Today, it is also possible to conduct a shank-prakshalan.
In the menu of the twenty-fifth lunar day, it is necessary to include milk, but in small quantities.


The twenty-fifth day of the month is favorable for trade operations, and in any area – from the sale of cars to the purchase of colored pencils for the office.
The problems that arise in this month’s time should be solved not so much by reason and by logical thinking as trusting intuition. This is especially true of money, because, according to esoteric studies, the money is connected with the element of water.
If you fail in this period, for example, an operation will break off or “flow out” finances – do not worry. Just your sphere naturally gets rid of “material slag”, preparing a place for new revenues. As a rule, what went today returns doubled, and even triple. But only if you take it easy.


The best and most accurate in the twenty-fifth month of the month will be divination with the use of water – whether the water is poured into a glass, rain or flow of the river.
Many astrological schools converge on the fact that the most effective and unmistakable in this period are divination on the shells, shells.
Enormous sea shell sacrifice:
Stir the sand on the frying pan for 1-2 minutes. Spread on white paper and scrape it with sandpaper on the table. Then take the shell with two fingers (indicative and large), bring to your lips and whisper to say a desire in the cavity of the shell. Then throw the shell on the sand. Carefully remove it and see what traces left the shell.
If the sand was printed: shell – straight strips – the desire will be executed very easily and quickly;
– various inequalities and broken lines – desire will be fulfilled only if you make a lot of effort, work and time for this. How many broken lines, so much difficulty should be overcome before you are rewarded;
– circles – desire will be fulfilled with a high degree of probability, but be prepared for the serious life changes that they will entail;
– Various animals – desire to come to life through the help of relatives or friends;
– the crosses are not conceived by you, no matter how you try.


In the esoteric Christian tradition, on the twenty-fifth month day, as a rule, baptism is performed. In the rest of the schools, too, this very day, the neophytes are ordinarily dedicated to various sacraments with the help of water. In some schools, Syung-do, in the twenty-fifth month of the month, practiced standing under the waterfall, and yogis performed various cleaning procedures, both with the use of water, and actually in water.
According to the astrological school, Tibet, at this time, female energy (in the Indian tradition – Shakti) reaches its climax. Therefore, in Tibet this day is celebrated as the day of Dakini (keepers of doctrines). It is believed that today it spreads its blessing on all living beings.