Twenty eighth lunar day

Twenty eighth lunar day

General description

The symbols are “Karma” and “Lotus”. This day, we are given the opportunity to know and find the purpose of life. There is a process of alchemy of the soul and spiritual enlightenment. On the 28th day of the month you can work with chakras, because the chakras are revealed this day. But before we work, we must be clean, so we recommend all practices for purifying the body, emotions and thoughts.
The 28th month day is a day of work with dreams. It is in a dream that man can get spiritual insight and understand the meaning of life. This process occurs every month of the month, regardless of whether we understand it or not. To work with dreams, we need to realize that we are in a dream. But to act knowingly in a dream, as a rule, we can not. When we try to do something, we usually wake up. In order to be conscious in a dream, one must try, at the first stage, to see their hands in a dream. Look at both of your hands before going to sleep, then close your eyes and sprinkle with confidence that you will be aware of sleep.
As a result, you have to see your hands clearly in the dream and not wake up after that. You still need to have contact with your index finger of the right hand, because through it we can always go back to our body. If you are very enthusiastic about the life of your energetic dream body, then you can stay there, and on the physical plane you will look absent, dead.
But there should not be any fear: if you do not want to leave, then nobody will let you go in advance. Must be to this only an interest. When you’re asleep in a dream, it’s physically solving a lot of problems. As a rule, a person in this case is at a high energy level. This is an indicator of how much the person has thin plans.
The process that is taking place on this day can be strengthened by our inspiration, so we must try to be in an upright mood and wait for this insight. There are special chakras for this day.
On the 28th day of the month it is not recommended to look at a bright light source and to heavily load the sight, it is not advisable to tear and give flowers, as well as to cut the trees. Favorably to buy land, real estate, something to repair and plant.
From the 28th day of the month Muladhara is connected, eyes and brain. It is very beneficial to do cleaning procedures for the eyes. Good next exercise: you stand on one leg, and the fifth you want to hit yourself in Muladhara, that is, at the bottom of the spine. Even one such exercise is useful this day, especially if it happens during Pluto or Saturn. It is necessary to hit a happy foot: the woman is left, and the husband is right. Non-use of the energy of the day leads to a disruption of blood pressure.
The people of high enough level, born on this day, carry goodness and light that they know from birth. People who do not develop, born on the 28th day of the month, are characterized by a lack of emotions and attachments.


The images of a dream on the twenty-eighth day of the month are associated with the heart’s affections of man, with the sphere of subconscious, responsible for the carnal, sensual and emotional experience.
When interpreting dreams in this period, it should be remembered that in fact, a person wants only one – love, love, in the broadest sense of the word, and the images of dreams indicate the ways of solving this need.


During this period, the human body is positively charged and capable of many things, but it must be remembered that the first thing is internal work, and not the external, that is, pay more attention to meditative, breath and energy exercises than physical ones. Large loads are acceptable, but not recommended.
In the twenty-eighth month a different cleaning complexes can be performed. Useful water treatments – from swimming to bathing in the hole. Well take a herbal bath.



In the diet of the twenty-eighth day of the month you can include almost everything, but only within reasonable limits. No need to eat, overeat.
Many astrological schools are advised in this period to consecrate each dish with a thanksgiving prayer.
At this time, as much as possible use vegetables and fruits, nuts and greens (celery, parsnip of basil, parsley, dill, leaf lettuce, and so on).


Today, previously concluded contracts can bring the first results. You only need to get the right from them, and this, in fact, is not so simple as it seems at first glance. Do not arrange an instant presentation of your success, on the contrary, keep your first success secret and trust them only the closest and most faithful people. In the other, one should adhere to the three rules that were specified above.
It is very good in the twenty-eighth month of the month to show charity in relation to spiritual people and organizations – to transfer a certain sum to the account of any church, temple or spiritual center. Naturally, such an act should not be carried out with a mercantile purpose, with the calculation, which will eventually all “turn a hundredths”. Only sincerity and a real impulse of the soul will add a similar color to this event.


Asking the oracle in the twenty eight month day is worth the topics related to travel, travel, business trips, pilgrimages, and so on. All the same, the rest of the questions will be inaccurate and vague.
Fortune-telling for the future
Take three pineapples and put them on the table. Then close your eyes. Standing with blind eyes, take a knife in your left hand, and pineapples on the right. After that, quickly cut off from each pineapple the slices of the same size. It is important to note which pineapple is cut first, which – the second and which – the third.
– all three pieces of pineapple have an equal size, and the cut line is neat and smooth – the road will be successful;
– the first piece of pineapple significantly exceeds the size of the other two – the first third of the path will be full of events, meetings and pleasant moments, but in general, the trip will not be very effective. The same can be said if the second or third slice of pineapple turns out to be great;
– two pieces of pineapple are bigger, and one is noticeably different from them – for most of the road all failures and troubles will fall, but then everything will be fine;
– the second in the account the chip will be less than the others – you have a chance to succeed and get out of the situation that has been created, the winner, the main thing – not to be lost;
– the smallest chunk has been cut off from the third pineapple, be extremely careful – most likely, all your hopes will not be justified, and the road will only disappoint;
– the cut is even and the knot does not leave any traces and cuts – this is a good sign: the positive forecast is increasing, and the negative is somewhat gentle;
– The cutting line is uneven, the steps, or it has many cuts and scratches – this speaks of the presence of secret enemies and obstacles that will be difficult to get around. The more scratches and steps, the more enemies and unpleasant adventures waiting for a person who is jealous of the future path;
– on one of the pieces of wormhole – be ready to strike, from which you can not be saved, in your power only to soften it.


Many mystical schools now prefer to initiate some kind of secret doctrine. This day is very good for carrying out great prayer practices, exercising puja, reading mantras, singing zikra and so on.
It is useful to study sacred texts, apply for their interpretation to knowledgeable people. Astrologers of all directions advise to dedicate this day exclusively to meditation and spiritual exercises.