Twentieth lunar day

Twentieth lunar day

General description

The symbols are “Eagle-Stroke” and “Eagle with a Rabbit’s Tail”.
After we cleanse the soul, thoughts, the process of conversion is under way. On this day, man can acquire clairvoyance and know the cosmic law. This is a very difficult day. If a person has not worked with the previous lunar days, it is better not to touch the 20th day of the month. You can simply do business and family.
Practices should be conducted under the direction of the Teacher. Good fast and fast. You can not eat animal food. You do not need to strain your eyesight, subjugate yourself to extrasensory treatment and treat yourself. Since this is a day of transformation, it is unknown what the results may be. It all depends on the level of the healer and on your level, so it’s best not to take risks.
This day can not be proud and arrogance, anger and disgust – it also inhibits transformation. It is better not to start any business, if you do not have the energies of the day, otherwise your starting business may get out of control. You do not have to start a business, when you are not confident in your strength, it can turn into completely different.
From this day, the anachata chakra, the shoulder blades, the upper part of the back, the abdominal cavity are connected. If a person does not live properly, then the sign of this may be numbness of the neck and the backbone of the spine. This is a very important day, he is not in vain named throughout life. This is suitable for almost all power links.
Misuse of these energies can lead to loss of consciousness and to increased pressure, maybe numbness of hands and pain in the shoulder blades. There may be an unpleasant sensation: as if someone is sitting on you or you carry a stone on the back.
People born on the 20th day of the month are also different. If a person realizes his life, then he is able to become a devotee, to sacrifice everything for the sake of the cause he serves. She lives in anticipation of the feat, like people of the 14th month of the month, living in anticipation of their hour. They are able to know the cosmic law, and, feeling this potency, all life prepares for something great.
If a person does not develop spiritually, it can become a dictator because of the confidence that everyone knows. He may carry a false idiom, blindly believing in it and worshiping himself, that is to become a pseudo teacher.


Dream of the twentieth day of the month shows to man that threading thread, which unites its past, present and future into a single whole. That is, the images of dreams make it possible to take a look at your hidden life from the height of the bird’s flight, to cast a single sight of all subconscious activity.


The most vulnerable part of the body on this lunar day is the upper back. Those who are heavily engaged in bodybuilding, athletics or martial arts, are advised to refrain from heavy workload in this area. It is better to work with other muscle groups. The most useful today are the exercises performed with the partner, and ideally, the more people participate – the better. For the same reason it is recommended to engage in collective sports games – football, basketball, volleyball and so on.
Some astrological schools are advised to carry out cleansing procedures, especially toning up massages, and in particular, back massage.



A very productive day, especially for teamwork. And for solitary actions, it is very harmful, because the same person runs the risk of spending too much power, undermining health and, eventually, lowering productivity. Those who manage to organize collective work will achieve high results. It is very important during this period to observe the golden mean – do not hurry, do not bustle, do not rush violently from side to side, but do not show passivity. You need to be guided by circumstances and be adequate to emerging situations.
The perfect option this lunar day is to analyze all the events in your business in the last few days, look at everything from “the height of the eagle flight.”
Remember that breaking any business relationship or contract in the twentieth month of the month is not recommended, it can lead to undesirable consequences that go far.
This is a good time to start new affairs, conclude contracts, sign contracts, open new affiliates, hire new employees, and so on.


All questions asked by divination in the twentieth month of the month should relate mainly to the social sphere. You can ask the oracle about the relationship between people. But you need to remember – the answer is limited only to the time frame of the current lunar month. Asking for a longer term is useless, since the answer will still be inaccurate, as the relationship between people changes very quickly, and every time to clarify the situation, you need to ask the oracle anew.
Enthusiasm as a result of a planned enterprise
Take stones of two colors, and their number should be equal: for example, 10 white and 10 black. Mix the stones close your eyes and scoop up a palm of any number.
– white stones turned out to be bigger – your company is waiting for success;
– black stones prevail – the company is waiting for a complete collapse;
– stones equal amount – it all depends on you: if you show perseverance and perseverance – everything will come out, lazy – you will fail.
Dedication about the material condition
Put the pine cones in the center of the oak bark, so that they will climb over the bark over the mountain.
Take a ray or a piece of paper and set fire to the bumps. Wait until the fire burns out and watch.
If the fire covers:
– only part of the oak bark – cash receipts will be one-time and different in quantity, then there will be very many, then very little;
– all the bark immediately – you will soon find a constant source of income, which for a long time will be your hope and support.


This is the period of spiritual rebirth, the transition to a new level, therefore, in many esoteric schools on the twentieth day of the month dedication was spent.
This is the time when the student of the mystical school of the common sense discovered the knowledge about the relationship between the phenomena of the universe said that everything in the world is interconnected and all the creatures inhabiting the earth – the essence of one. Therefore, with every act of enlightenment, the entire universe is enlightened, not one individual. And perfection is not the perfection of the mind, but the heart.
In addition, during this period, collective spiritual exercises, meditations, joint recite of mantras, singing zikra or spiritual songs, work with energies, and so on were carried out.
Modern healers use the twentieth month to conduct healing sessions with the participation of several people, as well as for collective therapy.