Twelfth lunar day

Twelfth lunar day

General description

The symbols “Bowl” and “Heart”. On this day, after the transformation of the main vitality, the energy of cosmic love is included. And Man can know that there is cosmic love. On the 12th lunar day, the process of winning wisdom over reason and feelings, and as a result – calming and strengthening the spirit. It is necessary to involve in the process consciously and clear the mind, concentrating on the water. It’s a day of solitude, prayers and attention to yourself. It is necessary to plan it so that at least one can stay alone and turn to the corresponding energies, concentrating on the center of the 12th day – Anahata.
Immersed in this center of love, you need to try to see your flower. Someone is exposed, someone is wrinkled, someone with spiny bunnies, with a flame – like stamens are shining. Everyone should discover the flower of wisdom.
This is a day of gifts, mercy. On the 12th day of the month, you have to give presents, and you must fulfill all the requests that are addressed to you. Then your requests to the guardian angel will also be fulfilled. The twelfth day is also the day of prayers, as well as the seventh. You can turn to the angel with your request, but your request should not harm others. We need to restore our relationship with people. This is the most favorable day for a reciprocal reaction to your counter-step, because all people unknowingly experience these energies.
A good deed, as a rule, does not repulse. You too must go for reconciliation if another person has taken a step in your direction. This day is called “Heart”. Cordial relationships are based on mutual understanding and maturity. This day is also called the “Bowl”, in association with the Grail Cup, that is, the wisdom that a man draws from it.
What can not be done this day? You can not relax crying and angry. Do not load your heart with physical exercises. The body associated with the lunar day is always in need of protection. There are practices to clean heart muscle that need to be performed this day.
The danger that awaits us on this day is a pity. Pity must be effective. Yes, it’s a day of mercy, but we should not let it parasitize itself. Often, people do not want to change anything in their situation, but they are waiting to be regretted, so they feed themselves with the energy of those who listen to them. That’s why we should be careful this day.
If a person tells you his or her negative situation on the 12th day of the month, you must necessarily offer her something to change this situation and see how the person responds to your advice. If she does not listen to you, you must interrupt the contact and go. Of course, one needs to help a person in a critical situation, but then she has to work herself.
It should be remembered that pity does not lead to anything good, because we can not appreciate the path of another person. There is such a parable: “A man walked along the road and saw a snail. He thought that someone else could crush him. The man took the snail and threw it at the roadside. ” But the snail all day past to the place from which it was thrown, and the snail was needed in the opposite direction. Thus, a pity person did not allow the snail to move its way. That’s what you need to learn to distinguish. In general, you need to help only when you are asked about it. Every person must work on his own destiny.
The 12th day gives wisdom in order to rise above feelings, over pity and to strengthen spiritually. An alien problem should be dealt with when a person really needs to show his path, but nothing should be done for him. Otherwise, you take on the part of this person’s karma, because this is your choice.
If, after communicating with a person, you have a heart attack on that day, then you should leave it so that it solves its problems by itself. The pain may be in the skull. The skull is a bowl of anger.
If you are crying, angry and angry on this day, your head will grow sick. The bowl can be filled with anger or grace. If you are ill at all on the 12th month of the month, then this is a sign that you are wasting wisdom and using it incorrectly.
It is recommended to take a broth of golden thousand, which helps to assimilate these energies. It is good to eat nuts and grains, but not before darkening. Heart and lung cleansing procedures should be performed. Well to drink for prophylaxis of expectorant grass: divosil, mother-and-stepmother, sage, violet tricolor. This will help clean up the upper respiratory tract. Day Chakra – Anahata.
People born on the 12th day are rarely bad. They live consciously, develop spiritually and may be Healers.
On the 12th day there are often dreams of revelation.


To interpret the dream of the twelfth month’s day is necessary only from the point of view of spirituality. The images of your dreams in this period show what is most valuable to you. If you dream of this period, you will see more of the material values ​​of this world – you are too enthralled by social life to the detriment of the spiritual. Conversely, if you dreams only about spiritual images – lotus, gods, temples – it is also an alarming sign: it means that you are too far removed from the sinful earth and simply “wander in the clouds.”
The true spirituality is to understand: everything in the world is spiritual – both an icon and an ordinary dishwasher. In all there must be a golden mean. The essence of spiritual development is the ability to live in this world, but to be “not from this world”, that is, to spiritualize materiality. Salvation can only be achieved in the world, not somewhere high in the mountains or monasteries. Those who devote themselves entirely to spiritual practices today are revelations in their sleep.


It is very useful at this time to do hatha yoga and other psychophysical practices of eastern esoteric systems.
Much attention should be paid to the work of the heart. In the twelfth month of the month it should not be overloaded with heavy workouts, but should be protected from stress and nerve erosion. It is best to have a meditation session. During this period it is desirable to have a soft massage.



It is strictly contraindicated in the twelfth month of the day meat, nicotine and alcohol. At this time, they are practically deadly and cause your body irreparable damage. For example, one can cite the following fact: one hundred grams of vodka completely destroy the results of lunar meditation. That is, all the information received by the cells during the spiritual exercises will be completely erased and you will have to start over again. On the same lunar day, this phenomenon only intensifies.
In this short time you should refrain from coarse food, as well as eggs and fish. Very useful nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, oils and fruit juices. Starving in the twelfth month is not recommended.


Financial transactions of this day can be successful only if a certain part of income goes to charity, sponsorship of spiritual events – the offering of the temple, the construction of a church, in support of any spiritual movement, and so on.
All “left” operations with money, all actions with the “black PR” are now doomed to failure.
Money today should work only on spirituality, charity and nothing else.
Sponsoring hospitals, elderly homes, boarding schools and so on will be very useful for business. The more money you donate to charity, the better your business will go. But only if money is raised from a pure heart, and not just hoping for a future piece. The sincerity will not bring the expected result.


It is possible to frighten this lunar day, but not recommended. It must be understood that the person who appeals to the oracle actually in fact reveals his distrust to the Lord. Meaning, she does not trust him, thinking that the Lord could prepare her for something that would be evil for her. That is, the person who is hostile is not ready to accept what God gives him. He is just afraid, but as you know from all the sacred writings, only the Strength of the Spirit will enter into the Kingdom of God! For this reason, it is better for all believers to refrain from divination.
If you still want to turn to the oracle, then you need to put only questions that have a high degree of importance. They should be clearly articulated and ambiguous.
Guilty on the outcome of the intended cause
Throw coconut in a bucket of cold water. If coconut
– remains to lie on the bottom – the planned will not be realized or bring great trouble. It is better to beware and do not hurry with action. Thoroughly consider everything, weigh all “for and against” and only after that act;
– pops up on the surface – you have all decided correctly and you must make sure you are conceived. The main thing – do not panic and not be afraid to take a chance. More pressure and enthusiasm. Do not stop half-way, bring it to the end, otherwise your desire will turn against you.