Thirtieth lunar day

Thirtieth lunar day

General description

This is the “Golden Swan” day. It must be used. This is a day of summing up, forgiveness and love. It is necessary to analyze what happened last month and repent before oneself, to take away all sins. The thirtieth day of the month is like a little eclipse. At this day, we have the opportunity to get rid of what we no longer need. It is necessary to complete the affairs and pay off debts.
On the 30th day of the month, it is very good to clean the house and make talismans in the house. It is especially good to hang a horseshoe from the inside of the apartment near the front door. Also, stones are placed under the threshold. They strengthen and strengthen the house, family. It is good to put dark granite with blue intersperses between the doors. Put it so that it does not attract attention. The threshold is not cleaned. At the threshold are the guard signs in the form of a cross or a star.
On the 30th lunar day, light meals are recommended. Do not be aggressive. It is very bad this day to get burned. One needs to beware of bad signs.
Chakra of the day – Anahata, organ – heart. If on the 30th day of the month you feel sorrow and anguish, then it is very bad. This means that you do not summarize, do not get rid of the unnecessary, do not draw conclusions.
On the physical plane, such irregular actions may appear as an allergy to odors. Breaking a dog on this day will also say that you made a mistake.
The 30th lunar day is not every month and is very small. Born on the 30th day of the month is a very great reward for a person, for a family. Such people have already passed the circle of incarnation and came here to bring love and forgiveness into the world. They carry in themselves what we have to produce in our day.
As a rule, such people are single-minded and follow their ideal life to the end. They possess the ability to higher cosmic love and spread this cosmic love to those around them. They give people joy. Bad people born on the 30th day of the month do not happen. We all have to share joy and cultivate a sense of joy and cosmic love in the 30th month of the month. It is a day of love and forgiveness.


The dream of the thirtieth day of the month can be called the resulting. They seem to pose a risk under the work of the subconscious during the whole month of the month. With the correct interpretation you can find out what tasks karma you have to solve in the next month cycle.


This day it is useful to have a massage or take a grassy bath, in the extreme case, just sit in silence and relax. It is not recommended to strain in the thirtieth month day. On training it is better to conduct a theoretical occupation or to reduce the load to a minimum.



Prefer easy food. Everything is heavy and grossly contraindicated. In the diet of the day you should have more vegetables and sour sweet fruits, you can have some sweets.


For business, the thirtieth day of the month is not productive, because it is short, it is better to devote it entirely to rest from work.


In this period, you can ask the oracle for any topic. But especially good at divination on vegetables or fruits, since the thirtieth day of the month is associated with the earth and fertility, because in some sense it is the harvest time of the harvest, a person collects what sat in the first months of the month and has been growing for the whole month.
Divination for married life
Give newlyweds an apple and ask them to clean them.
– the skin is cut with one ribbon, has no breaks – life will be equal, without take-offs and falls;
– Cleaning is a bundle of small skins – life will be simple, full of petty troubles.
Dedication on apples in the bride’s hat
Select a few apples, but they all need to be different: one is good, ripe, the other – with a wormhole, the third – flabby.
Put the apples in a hat and give the husband or wife to pull any of them, but with their eyes closed.
If you pull an apple out:
– good – the life of the young will be good;
– worst – life will not be formed;
– Flabby – life will be equal, without much shocks.


This time, when it is necessary to offer gifts to his gurus or teacher, time to distribute alms, donate money to charity. It is also recommended to go to the church or visit the temple.
Astrologers, Tibet, are advised today to perform rituals aimed at achieving longevity and getting health.