Thirteenth lunar day

Thirteenth lunar day

General description

The day is called “Wheel” and “Pryadka”. This day is the transmutation of reason. On the 12th day of the month the man acquired it, and now she has the opportunity to receive revelation. There is alchemy of the spirit and the process of flow of astral energy through channels increases. This energy is called prana or qi.
On the 13th day it is necessary to engage in canal cleaning, respiratory exercises, as well as cleansing mentality, in order to promote the process of alchemy of thought, transmutation of mind and spirit. The 13th lunar day contributes to the accumulation of information. Therefore, it is good to set training cycles, especially if it falls on Wednesday and over a week.
This day is also associated with karma, because the wheel is our life, and the strand draws life threads. We must think about our karma, what we are doing at this stage of life, we wrap karma on the spin of our lives, and loaded on this wheel for all past years. This will be facilitated by the practice of threads – any blooming, unwinding and so on.
Favorable to be in contacts, group. The thirteenth day is the day of food, as well as the fifth day. It will be good to load the stomach, especially with the second quarter. In the second quarter of the moon, it is good to eat a lot, and especially on the 13th lunar day, because the transformation of the spirit is due to the food we eat. Thirteenth day – this is the day of beginning rejuvenation practices. And the perfect remedy for rejuvenation is a mask of wiped beet and sour cream. Drugs are well absorbed on this day. Favorably bake bread, pies, cheesecakes. Bread scares away evil spirits. You can not starve and fast, because then we are deprived of the opportunity for transformation. You can not act aggressively.
This information is indicative. All have their own karma experience, and everyone must bear in mind that for him the 13th month of the month will depend on the moon’s birthday. For people born on the 15th day of lunch, the 13th day will be 29th. Therefore, you are creatively related to this information. From the 13th lunar day, the pancreas and the chariot of Jara are connected, which is located on two fingers below the navel. Very important chakra, this is our astral navel. Two threads of our life come out of it: one clockwise, the other is counterclockwise. These are the two energies we receive from Cosmos and Earth and pass through ourselves. Therefore, the chariot of Jara is connected with a spinning wheel, with our karma. We need to focus on this day in Hari. If you do something wrong on this day, the cavern will be a sign.
People born on the 13th day of the month are potential contactors: they can come into contact with other worlds, and can work over time. The strand through the threads is tied to other worlds. Ideal students are born on this day; they easily master information and learn with pleasure.
Space energy enters us through the same, and through the feet – earthly energy. Depending on the type of energy, our subtle plans revolve in different directions. The navel comes out with a double helix, the same as a DNA molecule. Space – clockwise, earthly – counterclockwise. People born on the 13th day, if they do not develop and do not use the potential that they put in, will be very fussy. As a rule, they are twisted in the water trough, like a protein in the wheel, unable to escape from it and do not belong to yourself.


The images of the dreams of the thirteenth day of the month, with their correct interpretation, show people the way, after which she will finally be able to escape from the roar of problems, as they say, cease attacking the same rake. The symbols of the dreams of this period carry the key to the deep subconscious processes associated with the ability to be open to the new one. And if this ability is blocked, if there is any obstacle at the level of the subconscious – a man is doomed to a gradual extinction.
For example, all esoteric schools claim that a person will live as long as she has something interesting, as long as she seeks to receive and realize new knowledge. If a person decides that it is enough for her to learn that she is not interested in this, and this, she thereby gives the body the set-up to roll off all vital processes and prepare for death. This is largely due to such an early mortality of a modern person. The older the person becomes, the more she needs to know, the more active it is to strive towards a new discovery. No wonder a well-known philosopher and psychologist Eric Fromm noted that people who constantly recall the past and who live only in its realities are not anyone else necrophiles.
The dreams of the thirteenth month are lifted from the depths of the subconscious images, resting on which, a person can identify the reason why it ceased to develop, why limited its capabilities and world perception narrow limits of everyday life, forcing her to abandon knowledge of the world and turn back life processes back, that is, what event has launched in the body a self-destruct program.


In the health plan thirteenth month day – period of correction. You can improve and adapt to you those health programs that started in the second month of the day. You can make changes, some of the exercises replace with others, increase or shorten the execution time of the entire complex and so on.
This period is favorable for the treatment, prophylaxis and prosthetics of teeth, as well as for cosmetic and plastic surgery and treatment of cellulite.
Very useful in the thirteenth day of the month massages and water treatments. In the warm season, it’s good to stay fresh outdoors all day in the bosom of nature.



A large proportion of the diet of this lunar period should consist of light food – fruits, vegetables, juices, cereals of whole grains and the like. Useful seafood.
The thirteenth month of the month is the perfect time to try unknown foods and dishes. It’s time for culinary exploration and discoveries. You can try everything, but a little bit. It is strictly forbidden to clean the body.


This is the best time to make adjustments to your work and business, to open a new way of doing business with new areas of your influence and strength, to contract with new partners, sign agreements to expand the boundaries of business, and so on.
The thirteenth day of the month is favorable for the recruitment of new employees, the transition to a new post, the introduction of new rhythms, the implementation of new concepts and projects in business, the time of implementation in the production of innovative proposals, and the like.
If you do not now make something new in the business, and leave everything as before, then the astral matrix of the enterprise or organization will not receive a fresh energy inflow, and instead of receiving it, will begin to use the one that is left. Thus, the effect of “standing water”, that is energy “swamp”, is formed. And as a result, the astral matrix will start to work as a self-destruction mode and therefore you will soon face an inevitable collapse or bankruptcy.


It’s almost pointless to frustrate now, because the future is only scheduled as a result of the transition to a new level of energy and human consciousness.


The esoteric tradition of Hinduism, on the thirteenth day of the month, is to conduct Shiva-puja.
European mystical schools believe that this is the most favorable period for the production of amulets and talismans, especially those of a round shape.
In this period, it was decided to give dedication, to initiate students in different sacraments, to pass mystical knowledge and to move the adherents to a new level of development.