Third lunar day

Third lunar day

General description

The symbol is “Bars” or “Leopard”. Day of Astral Struggle. In the 1 st and 2 nd lunar days, the soul and body were purified, and now it’s time to clear the astral.
On this day, a person can estimate his astral energy by concentrating on it. It is necessary to perform cleaning exercises for the astral, as well as practices for the accumulation of astral energy.
In each joint, we have an energy center as an exit to one of the levels of the astral body, so it is good to do physical exercises. Need to knead fingers. move your shoulders, do good exercises to improve the mobility of the joints. If the joints are not okay, there is a stagnation of astral energy. This day, well, work with energy fields, that is, with a biofield. Astral body represents not only our energy framework, but also emotions. Therefore, on the 3rd lunar day, you must get rid of negative emotions, be attentive to your reactions, with contacts.
On the 3rd lunar day, we can determine where we accumulate negative energy, transfer it to Manipur and burn it.
As a rule, it is a day of provocations, you need to remember this and try not to transfer negative energies to any other kinds of energy, give hands to the will. The spilled oil of this day is a sign that you do not have the astral energy.
This day is not recommended to cast the metal, silver things and sharpen the knives. It is beneficial to massage the ears and head and carry out procedures for these organs. You can put a mustard on the back of the head.
From the 3rd lunar day, the chakra of Vishuddha is connected – the throat center. If you are suffocating, this is also a bad sign. We need to concentrate on Vishwady and do cleansing exercises for this chakra.
Violation of the requirements of the 3rd lunar day leads to the fact that the person becomes available for an astral attack, and it can cause breakdowns at the level of the astral body (larvae, spoils and a step). Man becomes revengeful and evil. If you catch yourself on the 3rd lunar day on this and do not interfere with yourself, bronchial asthma or asthma may occur.
A man born on the third day of the month must learn to possess the astral energy and to consciously associate with them. Otherwise, it can be dangerous for her, because, having the ability to influence people in the astral plane, a person can cause them damage and years. This is due to emotional reactions. If a person allows himself not to be restrained, he shows vengeance, thus he enhances his own karma.


The images of dreams in the third month of the month show how well we use the energy provided by the cosmos, that is, how adequately we respond to our energy potential, to what extent we actualize the potential that was laid in us.
Dreams during this period are prompted to a person where there is a “energy” hole through which “energy” is constantly flowing and where it is necessary to increase the energy potential in order to get out of the situation and to raise the energy level necessary for new cases.
Carefully look at the dreams of this lunar day, they can quite accurately show how to solve the problem facing you and remove the obstacles in the way of lunar energy.
All the dreams of the third month of the month are to be interpreted only in the light of the motion of energy.


The most useful for health this month will be active physical exercises, skiing, kayaking, running on marathon distances, and the like. The main thing is more action. In the end, life is a movement, and therefore you should not restrict yourself to movement.
The physical loads in the third month of the month are useful in that they can give out the energy of accumulation, outside. The essence of all energy practices is not so much in order to accumulate as much energy as possible, but to “pump” it through itself. The more the energy passes through the person, the healthier it becomes, because in this case, the energy is saturated and “washed” by each cell of the body, after which the health is not a period of absence of diseases, but a standard of life in which any malaise is practically excluded.
Unused energy in the third day of the month can undermine health, because without finding an exit to the periphery, it will be directed at itself, that is, on the destruction of the organism.
The one who ignores these tips and instead of active actions will succumb to laziness, and even enliven the entire period, may unexpectedly discover for himself that after waking up, he feels himself tired, as if he was beaten all the night by sticks. This suggests that the energy simply did not pass through the energy channels and did not wash them with their healing nectar, but on the contrary, as if it “froze” in the body, causing a lot of stagnant phenomena, both in the blood and in the digestive tract. So be careful, it’s better to go one day a hundred meters on a walks in the woods than a kilometer later on the hospital corridors. The choice always remains for the person.
The third lunar day, as an active period, is associated with the body responsible for coordinating our actions – the cerebellum located in the occipital part of the head. If your body is slashed, then in the third month of the day you can feel pain in the back. If such phenomena are observed, it is necessary to immediately address the removal of the body from the slag and, especially, during this period, when the lunar energy is very active. This is a very good period for participation in competitions, because the energy capabilities of a person are very high. In many magic traditions, this is a day of warrior, therefore, the martial arts lessons that will allow you to spend more efficiently will be welcomed.



In this lunar day, eat dishes with a lot of hot spices (chili, black pepper, ginger, cloves, mustard, horseradish, garlic, asafetida, basil, cinnamon and the like), and you can also include it in your a diet of meat dishes. Moreover, the meat is mostly “active” animals, for example, sheep, but in any case not beef (meat “slow” animals).
With poultry meat in the third month of the day, the situation is as follows: if you feel it is in need – eat, and if not – it is wiser to refrain from it.
Due to the fact that this lunar period is a time of active action, it is strictly forbidden to carry out any purification practices, since for their execution the organism must be in a certain sedative condition, while in that period it is, on the contrary, excessive (in some sense, even hysterically), active.
Execution of cleansing procedures in the third month of the month can lead to very significant painful sensations, up to fatal cases.


The third month of the month is very productive for those who do business. Now it is very good to carry out some “breakthrough” measures in your business, to go to a new level, in a sense, you can even risk, but very cautiously.
In terms of business, the third lunar day should be filled with active action, because during this period, money comes only to who “conquers” them, who do not just dream of material welfare, but does everything possible to fulfill their dream.


It is not necessary to be frightened, since during this lunar day energetic flows are very active, and therefore, astral planes may exhibit very strong distortions, which may lead to large inaccuracies in divination and prophecy.


From the point of view of esotericism, in the third month of the year, passivity, indecision and inaction can draw from the space a whole number of different astral entities, which are called in some mystical traditions in one word – “settlers”.
“Plutonians” – astral creatures parasitizing on the energy body of a person, sucking from it vitality juices, that is, it destroys all its energy layers, and which eventually leads to human death. These creatures knew all the witch traditions throughout the globe and the only, most reliable means of combating them, there was always only one thing – an active and healthy way of life, in which a huge amount of energy passes through a man who “wipes away” his powerful wave of “settlers” as if pushing them beyond the aura. The same “black” holes in the human energy field, which they have time to do, are “patched” under constant energy practice. Therefore, it is so important, in the third month of the day, to show maximum activity – it is an amazing prophylactic against similar astral entities. The third month of the month is perfect for the production of ritual weapons.
In some mystical schools, the third lunar day was considered the day of combat magic. At this time, rituals and ceremonies were often carried out, related to military magic art, or magic competitions began.