Tenth lunar day

Tenth lunar day

General description

The symbols are “Fountain”, “Mushroom”, “Source”, “Falos”.
This day is the inclusion of memory, karma, and all occurring events should be considered from this point of view. And if you do not know your roots, then this day, through self-deepening, you can go to your traditions.
Practices in the 10th month of the month should be aimed at strengthening their own home as a continuation of the tradition. Good day talking about parents and ancestors on this day. If the 10th lunar day falls on a family holiday, and you mark it with the whole family – this will be a continuation of the traditions. On this day, it is necessary to improve family relationships, solve family or family problems and seek mutual understanding. It is good, for example, to tell the case of a child from her childhood, which she does not remember, or from her childhood.
This day is still called “Domostro”. Man is gaining energy in the family. But it is necessary to spend this energy only on a family, a house. It is good on the 10th day of the month to meditate on the portraits of the ancestors, to consider them, to find with each other, the common features of attitude, behavior. This day is also good for relaxation. Very well, if he fell down even to Friday. In this case, you will not spend the energy of the day, but, on the contrary, will charge it. You weaken family members, and strong family members will share energy with you. There is a cycle of energy, and everyone in this process gets energy.
This day, wash well in the bath and clean the liquids, if the moon at this time will not be in watermarks. On the 10th day of the month it is desirable to drink a lot of liquids, family tea will be useful. Liquid is a symbol of the source of traditions, which you have in common. It is shown to start building a house or build something for home.
In the 10th month of the month, you can not show negative emotions, there should be no conflicts at home. With the energy of the 10th day of the month, the Swadhistkhana chakra is connected. This is exactly the level to which the name “Phalos” corresponds. A man passes his tradition, and a woman keeps her.
Body of the day – bone chest. They are associated with the sign of Cancer, it is also a source of traditions.
If a person improperly uses energy, then it leads to a violation of the immune system and to oncology. Mostly, there is oncology of genital organs, oncology of the prostate gland in men, since the source and bearer of traditions is nevertheless a man.
People born on the 10th day of the month, from birth, have access to this source, they have access to traditions. These people themselves are the source of energy for other people. And other people must accept them.
But if a person does not develop on the 10th day of the month then he becomes merciless. She has a lot of energy and people perceive her as a source, so she can use her charm and power for mercenary purposes, can become mercenary, giving people some advice. As a rule, the advice is correct, since the source is not cloudy. Another thing is that the unwillingness to develop leads such people to oncology, and the source can simply be sandwiched.


The images of dreams of this period are directly related to the family, as well as your own husband (wife) and children, and with all the family as a whole (from your ancestors to the “astral” ancestors).
In the tenth day of the month in your dream a guardian spirit of your kind may appear to you. You need to try to remember everything he says or shows – this is very important information for you, which, if correctly interpreted, will bring a lot of useful things.


Astrologers in the European school strongly recommend that during this period, start health programs, which should eventually become entrenched in the habit.
It is best to dedicate this day to family-owned physical education classes, trekking in the woods, on the river, joint marathons and so on. All health-improving family events in the tenth month will bring a fantastic effect and will promote the strengthening of family and family relationships.
In families where everyone is engaged in sports or some kind of health programs, as a rule, nobody practically never gets sick.



У цей місячний день головне не що ви їсте, а — з ким. У меню можна включити практично всі продукти, але постарайтеся в цей період хоч би провести обід всією сім’єю, зібравшись за загальним столом. Звичайно, потрібно дотримуватись норми — не переїдати і не вживати зайву норму алкоголю. Дуже корисні зараз трав’яний чай і натуральні соки, а також овочеві супи і рагу.


The tenth lunar day is a good time for family business, All businesses, projects and ideas started this period with the whole family, simply “doomed” to success.
It is highly recommended to dedicate this time to strengthening the traditions and prestige of your organization, especially if it has a really long history. It is useful to distribute small prizes, incentive awards and so on. All this will become a peculiar sacrifice to the spirit of the keeper of your company, which, enthusiastically, thus takes care that your organization goes deeper into the business, so that it, like a mighty tree, rises higher and higher, “overshadowing” the rest of its branch branches companies.
Good on the tenth month of the day to get acquainted with the experience of their predecessors, those whose successor you believe. Talk to those who have authority for you – and you can take a lot of new and useful things for yourself.
Remember, the deeper and more powerful the roots of trees, so it is more stable. Do not be lazy to devote all this period to strengthening your financial roots.


The tallest in the tenth month will be family divination, that is, those in which the whole family is involved. Naturally, only the questions concerning the past of your kind or the future should be asked. Even if the question asked by the oracle touches you personally, you will still receive the answer based on understanding of you as part of a whole family, a small part of any tradition. Banana Welfare for Family Well-being:
Put 2 bananas on the tray and cover with a linen cloth. Then the husband and wife should simultaneously push their hands under a napkin and take a banana.
If you:
– seized for the same banana – your couple will be happy, children will love you;
– pulled out by banana – most quickly, your marriage will end in divorce or you will live a life in suffering, in eternal images, quarrels and reproaches, children will not listen to you and will bring a lot of trouble and problems.
The coconut revenge for family well-being
Choose 2 fragments of coconut shell. Each of those who are jealous must notice their fragment. Put the fragments under a linen napkin and, at the same time, push your hands to take a chunk.
– you have pulled out a slice with your label – there is little in common with you, your union will not deliver mutual joy;
– Everyone has pulled a stranger’s part – you have become so close to the soul that you can not leave for a long time and leave each other.


Astrologers, Tibet, believe that on the tenth lunar day it is good to go to pilgrimage, visit their teacher. It is not for nothing that in Tibet this time is celebrated as the day of the Guru Padmasambhava (translated from Sanskrit, “the one who came from the lotus”), the founder of the ancient Buddhist school of Tibet Hienam).
In the tenth month day there is often a transfer of knowledge of a whole mystical tradition, given dedication in line, continuity of one or another esoteric school.