Sixth lunar day

Sixth lunar day

General description

The symbol is “Zhuravel”. This day is the process of absorption and assimilation of cosmic energy with the word. It is recommended to perform mental cleansing, meditate and breathing exercises.
Enjoy smells, freshen up spices. If you’ve heard a bell or caught your ears, this is a very good sign, so you’re coping with the flow of energy going. On this day it is good to do rejuvenation procedures. Especially if it coincides with the position of the Moon in Ribah or Virgo – it will be a perfect day. Well engage in sound therapy, because it clears and energizes the organs. On the 6th day of the month, cosmic energy comes with a word, so it’s good to pronounce sounds that are useful to you. And in order to get rid of excess weight, it is necessary that this day coincides with the position of the Moon in the Scales.
There are no special contraindications, just be careful.
From the 6th lunar day, another unconventional energy center is connected – emotional. He is between the chest and throat, where he usually hangs a cross.
From this day, the upper respiratory tract and plasma are bound. Favorable procedures for cleaning the respiratory tract. If you misuse the energy of the 6th month of the day, it can lead to a violation of the blood formula and to asthma.
People born on the 6th month of the day, as a rule, are the native conductors of cosmic energy in the word. They also need to be careful about what they say.


On the dream of the sixth lunar day speak – “a dream in the hand”. All that you dream of during this period, even seemingly the most abstract or senseless images, should be considered as a direct prognosis or revelation sent from above.
Most importantly, the images of dreams of the sixth month of the month should be correctly interpreted. But do not try to unambiguously interpret the symbols of your dreams, listen more to the mind, but to the feeling that remains after you sleep.
If during this lunar period you put a certain issue on the Supreme Power before going to sleep, then you will definitely come up with symbolic answers. But remember, the question must be concrete and not vague, such as that which implies the exact answer, and secondly, after awakening, be sure to write down the dream, because the prophetic dreams are very quickly forgotten, and the forgotten person subconsciously substitutes fictitious or desirable and, of course, diverts it away from the truth.


Particular attention is now required by the bodies associated with the element of water and air. It is dangerous on the sixth month of the day to overload the vocal cords, that is, to “tear off” the voice. Therefore, to all who, one way or another, have to speak a lot of official duty, it is better to refrain from speaking long at this time. It is necessary to try to do as much as possible silence, because astrologers warn that overexertion of vocal cords or the occurrence of cough may begin inflammation in the upper respiratory tract.
Naturally, at this time, one should refrain from using cold drinks, even if in the yard is summer – the respiratory tract and throat are very weak, and they need to be protected.
Careful attention should be paid to such a “water” organ as a kidney. Keep them warm and avoid drafts.
Those who are actively engaged in pranayama or any kind of breathing gymnastics, on the sixth month of the month, are advised to reduce the burden slightly, or at least not to increase them to avoid, the occurrence of unwanted complications, which can end very poorly, up to chronic illness.
It is good at this period to carry out programs designed to rejuvenate the body. It will be very useful to massage, and limit yourself to choosing a massage method is not worth it, you can use both traditional European and exotic, for example, Thai, Vedic or point.
If you can not get a massage from a professional masseuse, complete at least one session of self-massage. This will bring you significant benefits. Massages with aromatic oils, as well as aromatherapy sessions, will be very useful.



Now you should exclude from your menu milk and dairy products, since this day the active elements of water and they can lead to excessive mucus formation.
It is strongly recommended to refrain from drinking beer, because the kidneys are very weak in this moonlight, and beer consumption can cause negative reactions, which usually lead to serious kidney diseases.
During this period it is impossible to overdo it with a liquid, but it is not necessary to reduce the consumption of water, it is now enough in the body. Excessive water in the sixth month of the day can cause large edema. Food in this period should be as easy as possible.
It is desirable to refuse cleaning procedures this day.


In the business sector in this lunar period it is necessary to show a certain percentage of passivity. It is very dangerous to strain on work. It will only harm your health and your business.
It is undesirable, in the sixth month of the month, to “put pressure” on events occurring in the financial sphere, on the contrary, it is better to slow down them somewhat, to freeze them.
It should be understood that the sixth month’s day is a calm, clear mountain lake, and if its waters are ruined, the consequences will be very sad: you will not notice what is meant personally for you, as Carlos Castaneda spoke: “You will miss your cubic centimeter of success “. Stay as calm as possible.
The ideal solution will now be to relax and reflect on what is happening, to try, to analyze the circumstances, to look into the future. And since in the sixth month of the year all people have the ability to foresee, then from this you can dig a lot of useful.
If on the sixth month day you will have to conduct financial transactions, please note that during this period it is unwilling to sell anything, it is better to acquire. It is believed that today’s sale leads to significant losses, the money, as they say, “flows” and you can find yourself in the “days”, that is, to go bankrupt. It is undesirable now and to pay off debts, to return collateral, etc.


Throughout the Lunar Month, this is the best day for divination. Almost all astrological traditions are believed that in the sixth month of the year man opens the ability to clairvoyance, prognosis and prophecy. It is not for nothing that the Celtic priests – the Druids – especially distinguished this day from the entire Moon’s Moon, carrying out their magical rituals and, of course, performing mantle (hostile) practices.
To be in this period, you can ask anything for anything, ask an oracle on any topic, because the future of those who are hostile lies in the palm, the main thing – to be able to see and correctly interpret it. Also, at this time, you can use the abusive technique of any tradition, from the traditional Slavic holy fortune tellers, to the most exotic – divination on fish scales or coconuts. It is very good on the runes in the sixth month of the year.
The Druid’s Fortune
This is an ancient divination, which was used for predictions by the Celtic priests – the Druids. As you know, the Celts attached particular importance to the trees. For example, every letter of the ohmic alphabet, passed from mouth to mouth, a generation of druids for many centuries, corresponds to a tree or bush. It is argued that in later times the letters of Ogam were used only for the fortune teller.
By the described method of divination in ancient times, even the Kings, resorted to the priests with questions that required wise and exhaustive advice.
For divination, one shoots birch, mountain ash, alder, river willow, ash, hawthorn, ostrich hysteros, horsetail or rascinia, apple, grapevine, ivy, reeds, thorns, elk, fir, reed, heather, poplar and yew.
Each stick should be noticed so that you can immediately determine the breed of wood. Place them in a linen or a leather bag, mix, then put a question and pull out one of the sticks. Identifying the breed of wood to look at the interpretation.
If you can not prepare sticks from these species of trees and shrubs, use a simplified version of divination: on separate sheets of dense paper write the texts of the prophecies of each tree and asking a question to pull at random a piece of text.
Prophecy of noble birch

     There was nothing to create the world.
     But beware of mistakes
     Because emptiness is the same completeness.
     Those who own everything - do not own anything
     Because there is nothing that you can possess ...
     Because there is nothing.
     At first there was nothing
     And it was all. Unit.
     And to manage all things
     And to create harmony from chaos
     The unit gave birth to a deuce;
     And the deuce next to it shines with the fact that it is not.
     But two always generate the third one
     Where the monad is ruled
     A shining triad, this order -
     The beginning of all things.
     For he created the only mind
     That everything is divided into three.
     And so, according to the command of reason, everything is shared.
     And there was wisdom, dignity
     And the Great Truth appeared
     So the prototype of the triad was created
     Lying in the base of all things.
     And the fiery tree that shone first was shining
     White and Gold
     Illuminates the emptiness of the world
     Stretching your noble beams down.

The prophecy of the mysterious mountain ash

     Always seek the way of the soul
      And follow him altogether, no matter how he was conditioned
      Its basics
      And he shines with your sacred tongues and deeds.
      There are no other paths leading to this source
      In addition to strengthening the "ship" of the soul
      With mysterious rituals
      Trees know that the soul must be cleansed
      Stones, grasses and waters
      And she will ripen for harvest.

The Prophecy of Courageous Aries

     The burning soul is immortal.
      Carrying out a heroic deed.
      The soul that forcibly leaves the body
      Feels right away to this life
      She hates communication with the body
      And gladly goes to the higher kingdoms.
      But the souls of those who left this life
      (their bodies melted under the onslaught of years and diseases)
      They are complaining about their love for the body.
      Therefore, study in the brave alder, the first in the battle!

The prophecy of the river willow

     Our wisdom teaches the depths of the soul
     Believe in three forces.
     Here are the invisible hymns
     Rising soul, hymn of the river traveler.
     Earth, moon, sun ... go upstairs.
     The law of the universe only here
     On climbing stairs.
     Let's leave this world of water
     -This is a fleeting ...
     Let's reach the real goal ...
     Let's wake up to the experienced ...
     Let's follow the call ...
     Let's go from cold
     And head to the place where it is hot.
     Turn into fire!
     Let's go through the sunshine!
     A fan of simple forms
     The law of the universe will guide you through the paths of fire.
     Let's not follow the humble stream of oblivion ...

The prophecy of cruel ash

     Accept reality with an infinite flame of boundless will.
      What arose with the fire of imagination
      Destroy the wall with the power of magic
      Splits the piles into pieces
      Separates into seven parts.
      Speaks the words of the master - words of knowledge!
      Believe that you can be more than a body.
      Never fall so low to be in the herd
      Gnane to meet fate.

The prophecy of chaste hawde

     In this body there will be creatures of the earth - plexus pins.
      This vessel is a complex mixture of the soul.
      Bestii - forces, wandering through the earth.
      Our life is full of passions
      And it will be full of them
      Because their passion leads to delight, causes them to life.
      And for this reason they are prone to passions
      With enthusiasm, they will merge with them
      Because they always attract similar ones.

The Oak Guardian’s Prophecy

On the other side of the heavenly lights
In the eternally shining steadfast flame –
Sources of life, world order of all things –
Getting Started!
She knows herself.
It can not be contained in anything.
It did not appear in the corporeal world
And it is from him that tiny sparkles get out
What generates everything.
Nothing can escape from this presence.
There is a huge bottomless ocean of flames in infinity!
But the heart should not be afraid of approaching
To this sacred fire
Do not be afraid of his touch.
This is a benevolent flame
Will never destroy that
Whose soft, even heat, helps unity
Harmony and the existence of peace.
Do not try to find out more about it
Because it’s beyond your capabilities.
And as for us, his messengers
We are only a small part of God.
The prophecy of the unshakable actor

For an unformed soul
All roads are connected with the tongues of the flame.
When you contemplate this sacred fire
Deprived form
What decisively shines through the depths of peace
Listen to the voice of this fire!
The prophecy of enchanted woodland

Many followers will say:
“Man is created in the image of God”
But we say: “God has no image.”
Yet the law of the universe entrenched in the soul symbols.
The Creator has shown the magic characters of its essence
In the depths of the essence of man.
And not only souls
But all higher laws grow out of this family.
The material in the amphora is shapeless and individual
And in the material world, other signs –
Outside of it lie indescribable properties
Much more beautiful than the characters themselves.
The prophecy of the blessed apple

Do not try to cover the earth with the mind
For the tree of knowledge does not grow on earth.
And do not try to understand the mind with the sun
Gather together some prophecies:
They are cited by the movement of the eternal will of the law of the universe
Not for you
How not to know him the quick movement of the Moon:
He is always flying on the order of necessity.
And not for the sake of a man born the stars.
The eternal large-scale fly of crows is always holistic!
Inner section, sacrifice –
All these toys are expensive time consuming. Run from that
If you want to reach the blessed apple orchards
Where the spirit favors virtue, wisdom and truth.
The Prophecy of a Grove vine

If you often talk to me
You will understand clearly what I am talking about
For the world is always full of unshakable leaders.
Us, the oracles, are called “pillars”
We hold the whole world for us
Fixed in its own power
We stand in the guard of the constancy of worlds.
We turn away human souls from low things
We never let the souls get drunk in dependencies.
The Moon’s Light is closed from us
The earth has become restless – everything tells the thunder!
The Prophecy of a Wise Ivy

Never change wild names.
All nations have names
Transmitted to them by the inhabitants of the other world.
They have an incredible power in sacred rituals
And their change makes rituals barren.
The prophecy of a calm reed

About man, the mechanism of the most prudent nature
Created by God with unspeakable art!
This oracle appeals to Him.
Busy with beautiful things
He calculates the path of the stars
Penetrating the essence of supernatural forces
Contemplating even that which lies outside the celestial orbits
And thinking about the law of the universe.
These aspirations of mind are generated by his brave nature:
No reproof of courage
Awareness of rapid development
of all nature.
Prophecy of bitter thorns

The body is the root of all evil
As mind is the root of virtue.
Virtue flourishes for souls in the celestial sphere
And evil always comes from the material world.
Leaving evil in the material world
Used in human nature
The soul can escalate under any circumstances.
The human body is part of what is born
Sphere of time and feelings
But mind and body are not one and the same:
The soul stands alone and able to act
Not obeying the authority of the body
But still, the soul can not conquer all generated
So far, the essence of matter is not weakened.
So leave unnecessary hatred and jealousy
In the material world, from where their soul was pulled out.
Material things feed on matter!
Do not keep yourself restrained
Do not fill the spirit again with that which has fired from the inside.
The passions are hidden in the souls
Lay the spirit and fill it with Bitterless lifelessness …
Prophecy of sad elder

Do not fall very low, because there is an abyss under the ground –
Terrible depths are tightening
Driving down the stairs of seven steps
Under which the throne is inevitable.
Stairs of seven degrees reflect the orbits of seven planets
Therefore, if the unhappy soul is neglected
She returns to the ground through seven orbits –
Again waiting for the hands of the suffering earthly world.


This time is ideal for performing magical rituals, especially those related to the active use of magical properties of plants.
Some eastern astrological traditions on the sixth month of the day performed rituals aimed at achieving immortality or prolonging life.
Virtually all magic schools converge on the fact that during this period a channel of direct communication with the Higher Space Forces is opened. Man gets an opportunity to perceive thin streams of cosmic energy, information from other dimensions. For this reason, it is believed that the sixth month is the time to receive revelations, as well as teachings from spiritual mentors from other plans of being.
In separate spiritual schools it was decided on the sixth month of the day to go to the teacher for special teachings, for special instructions in spiritual practice.
In the witom tradition, this particular day of the month was made special Magic extracts, and in school, Druism carried out a mysterious ceremony of cutting branches of mistletoe.