Sixteenth lunar day

Sixteenth lunar day

General description

It is called “Butterfly” or “Pigeon”. This is the day of balance between the physical and the astral body.
This day it is useful to perform physical exercises that promote harmony. The easiest way is: on half inclined legs, spaced wider than shoulders, swing from right to left. This way you balance your central power axis. In that leg, where there will be more load, and there will be an excess of energy. Thus, by moving the body from one leg to another with a straight back and a relaxed spine, we establish a state of equilibrium.
On the 16th day of the month, one has to engage in peacekeeping, ritual fun, especially if the Moon is in Aquarius.
Ritual washing
Ritual washing is carried out by consecrated water, that is to wash it not under the shower, but from the pelvis. You need to pour water in the basin and consecrate it with a cross, or circles in a clockwise direction (open the right palm of your circle over water 3-10 times, you can and more). The water temperature is roomy. Then start ritual washing. Usually washed from top to bottom. Ritual washing is carried out on the contrary. Wash off the legs and carry a washcloth from the bottom to the top, starting from the leg (the woman – the left, and the man from the right). We move constantly from top to bottom. Then we wash the second leg, then before and after. Just wash your hands, starting with your fingertips.
After that you can wash cleanly, hygienically, as usual. This process requires attention, and, as a rule, is a bit annoying, since it is unnatural for us to move. But one must remember that every movement as if removes from us a layer of dirt, a negative, is the purification of the physical and astral body. If the water is dirty, it can be changed.
Then we wash our head in other water and in another basin, because our body belongs to the earth, and the head to the divine world. After this, if you wish, you can wash the shower, and then you need to do ritual rinsing. You pour water into a basin again, bless it and pour it on your head. You can then pour on the head the holy water that you took in the temple.
This is an amazing ritual, you will immediately feel the result. If you pour out the holy water for ritual washing, then your problems are limited to a lot of small problems.
This day you can not scream and behave unceremoniously. You need to be calm and not to violate harmony that would not happen to you this day. That is, you must try as much as possible to be in a state of harmony and balance, even if someone has offended you.
Violation of the harmony of this day (jealousy, aggression, anger) leads to a fall, if even in the previous month you were cleansed. This can put an end to all previous practices. The sex of this day is contraindicated, but not as strictly as in the 15th month of the month.
You can not eat mushrooms and animal food. It is not worth anything to negotiate on this day, to eat products bearing phallic symbols, for example, carrots. It is unfavorable to feed the birds this day, although this is the day of the pigeon.
The butterfly undergoes a very strong transformation. First he’s a caterpillar, then a puppet, and then a butterfly. The life of the butterfly lasts only 9 days.
This day is for us to be the final of the previous 15 days, the practice of updating, cleaning. It is good to meditate on those symbols that are called the days. This will help concentrate and reach the level of those processes that occur on each lunar day. That’s why it’s a good day to look at the butterfly, read about butterflies, about pigeons.
There is a zodiac, each degree of which corresponds to any animal. The planets that are in this degree will be manifested through the specific behavior of this animal. If you were born on the Day of the Tour (23 “Taurus) and read about the Tour, then at some day you will be able to understand your problems. Likewise, if we think about the symbols associated with the moonlight, our problems will be illuminated in a different light, and we will see what was previously hidden.
From the 16th lunar day, the spleen is tied. It is necessary to clean it. Manipur’s Chakra responds to this day.
Misuse of this day’s energy, cry, anger will lead to a bloody illness. If clothing was polluted this day, then it is also a sign of spiritual impurity. Butterfly is like a result of a temporary process. Therefore, people born on this day can work over time and can make unconscious correction of the past. In non-developing people, there is a feeling that they are limited. And often their lives go hand in hand with these limitations. Such people should understand that all these restrictions are illusory and in fact they are the freest people. Such people are given the opportunity to achieve a very high goal, because their souls are free – they were born in a full moon in opposition, the Moon to the Sun. They usually have problems between spirit and soul, but they are given enormous energy to use this freedom. People of the highest spiritual level, who are aware of these spiritual heights, are, as a rule, very gracious and do not condemn others. Born on the 16th month of the month, one must strive for this. We have no right to judge other people, and we can only make our own conclusions in terms of reaction to our own lives. High-level people born on this day love to dress in bright clothes and possess one unique ability – they can unknowingly build a phantom, their mental models often live independently. Suppose, if they see someone in a strong defender, their thought thus charges the person, and will act on the astral-mental plane. But for everything we get for merit, including for the created phantom – a reward or punishment. Therefore, people on the 16th day of the month should follow their thoughts and remember that they may not be able to cope with their models. If you are caught in a bad mind, you should immediately get rid of it. As? It all depends on the element that prevails in you. But we must always strive not to develop bad opinion.


By and large, the images of the dreams of this lunar day do not carry any important information, but if you have a disturbing dream, this is a signal – you did not relax. You must learn to relax your muscles and your psyche. Inside, you are very tense and are constantly in trouble because of the trifle. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately engage in any sedative practice.
The execution of one of the yogic poses – shavasana may be perfect. As a rule, dreams of this lunar period contain simply chaotic layers of different impressions, therefore it is not necessary to give them special significance and try to interpret them. This is due to the fact that, in a sense, in the sixteenth day of the month, not only the physical body of a person is cleansed, but also its subconsciousness, that is, outwardly, “psychological” slags are deduced. So do not worry about the events or images that you have dreamed of, be calm. It is not necessary for them to sharpen their attention so much, because on the sixteenth day of the month, as a rule, the strange dreams are usually performed, which are usually amazed or even fear, which makes people begin to feverishly interpret what they have seen, and seek the meaning of dreams in various interpreters and dreamers. Do not turn into thoughtless fatalists. There is simply a process of purification and nothing else, and if you get stuck in it, then your fears really come true. So, sleep calmly whatever you do not dream of.


The sixteenth day of the month is very beneficial for cleansing procedures, washing, herbal baths, aromatherapy sessions and similar procedures.
It should be remembered that this time is not intended for active but passive recreation. It is best to spend the sixteenth day of the month not in the kayaking, but in calm communication with nature.
Of course, this does not mean that you need to sit all day long with your hands and watch the TV. No. But it is also not necessary to overexertion. You need to give the body time to relax and accumulate new forces after the previous active lunar days.
All types of cleansing practices will be very useful and successful. They will help the body to free itself from accumulated slimes and stresses, thus giving the opportunity to enter the new moon phase updated and ready for new achievements.
The hemorrhizal procedures are especially useful at the sixteenth day of the month. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you eat more turmeric.
Workouts that require partner participation, as well as steam yoga or massage, will be successful.



In the sixteenth month of the month, it is not recommended to starve, because in the previous days the body lost many forces that need to be restored by all possible forces. Food should be nourishing, but overeating should not be. From overeating, the body does not receive more calories, but, on the contrary, spends more energy on digestion of the food itself. That is, you will achieve the opposite effect.
It is best to refuse from fish and meat at this time to give the body an opportunity to regain its strength and prevent it from self-cleaning. Any rough food will only interfere with the purging process, thus creating new problems.
Moreover, at that time, the meat simply can not be properly assimilated by the body, because all the forces of the body are aimed at getting rid of the slags. Associated only with food, full of positive vibrations. And meat, as you know, does not carry positive energy in itself.
As mentioned above, the sixteenth day of the month is the time to renew the blood, so it is very useful to eat dishes, seasoned with turmeric or drink milk, infused with turmeric and fennel. Try to make the most of your menu consists of fruits and vegetables, as well as simple soups and porridges of whole grains.
It is strictly forbidden on this day alcoholic beverages and products of synthetic origin, non-natural sweets. It is also desirable to refrain from mushrooms, as they can cause unwanted effects.


In the views of the sixteenth day of the month from the point of view of business astrological schools disagree. Some argue that during this period should be avoided fuss and noise, and better dedicate it to establishing comfort in the work team.
Other astrologers say that on this lunar day all things work in the business plan, especially what is connected with the partnership. He is good for exchanges, contracts, the creation of unions and firms. It is difficult to establish who is right, but both of them and others agree that in the sixteenth day of the month in all situations it is necessary to be calm and balanced, in no case do not get caught up and do not show aggressive emotions as all this can disrupt harmony. and lead to undesirable consequences.


At this time, you can ask questions related to advancement, career, political projections.
The most accurate forecasts for this month will be those related to social activity, and inaccuracies may arise with the spiritual and inner world.
By the way, I must say that some astrological schools advise still on the sixteenth day of the month to refrain from any kind of divination, explaining that the day is reserved exclusively for rest.
Fortune-telling wealth is about a career
It is necessary to frighten the evening pores in pine forest or oak grove, in complete silence. In open space, make the material for the fire so that there are pine cones in the center and oak bark around.
Gently fire the bonfire, concentrate, formulate and triple your alert’s secret desire, then wait time and watch the bonfire.
– the flame is flaring fast, wide and fun – the career will be rapid, bright, and most importantly, stable, neither gossip nor envious can change anything;
– the flame flares slowly, with a thin bend – the path to the peaks will be thorny, but do not despair, show persistence, and fortune will turn to face you;
– the oak bark flares slowly, with a slight fire, but as the flame approaches the pine cones, the fire is getting stronger and stronger – you will achieve a certain height in your career in adulthood, and the start of a career will not be marked by any special events;
– the oak bark will have a strong flame, but as the approach to the coals fire will fade – the peak of the career will be at the earliest stages of labor activity, and closer to the elderly career growth will cease.


Almost all mystical schools spend cleaning procedures during this lunar period. In general, the whole day is intended for meditation. Ritual or magical ceremonies are not recommended, and in some traditions they are strictly forbidden.
The esoteric school of Tibet, offers in the sixteenth month of the month to perform paired spiritual exercises related to the harmonization of women’s and men’s energy. For example, perform a pair of yoga or joint tantric meditations. On this day, choral retentions of mantras or reading sacred texts are very welcome.